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JADE Inter-Platform Mobility Service 3.7 Jipms 

Agent inter-platform mobility service for the well-known JADE agent platform. This service allows software agents to move from one execution platform to the next, carrying their own data and state, and resuming their execution upon arrival.

JADE Inter-Platform Mobility Service 3.7 License - GNU Library or Lesser General Public License. Freeware download of JADE Inter-Platform Mobility Service 3.7, size 615.10 Kb.


Distributed Inter-Process Comm 2.0.0 Dipc 

DIPC stands for Distributed Inter-Process Communication. It enables you to build and program clusters of Linux computers very easily. It provides, among other things, Transparent Distributed Shared Memory (DSM). No special hardware required

Distributed Inter-Process Comm 2.0.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of Distributed Inter-Process Comm 2.0.0, size 35.20 Kb.

Traylook Add-in for Outlook 1.5.0 Pergenex Software 

In busy office environments, where inter-office email is the primary source of collaboration, keeping up with and tending to the latest email can become very distracting.Microsoft's standard Outlook features provide notifications of new email by playing a sound and placing an icon in the system tray. Most users create rules to filter incoming email. Free download of Traylook Add-in for Outlook 1.5.0, size 1.13 Mb.

Actiheart 2 4 Mini Mitter Co., Inc. 

Actiheart is a compact, chest-worn device that records heart rate, inter-beat-interval (IBI), and physical activity. Actiheart digitizes the ECG signal and determines the IBI from the R-to-R interval. Through the use of a software program, the user configures the device for data recording. At the time of configuration, the user may determine which. Freeware download of Actiheart 2 4, size 30.57 Mb.

Oriana 3.0 Kovach Computing Services 

Oriana for Windows calculates the special forms of sample and inter-sample statistics required for circular data (e.g. angles or directions measured in degrees, time of day, day of week, month of year, etc.).

The analyses include basic statistics such as mean vector and confidence limits, single sample distribution tests like. Free download of Oriana 3.0, size 6.52 Mb.

Matrix CATV Equipment Control Program 6 5 Matrix Test Equipment, Inc. 

The CATV Test Equipment Control Software typically operates via an IEEE 488 interface to inter-operate with Matrix’s ASX-16, thru ASX-16C/D model generators, AFS-12 Filter selector, Matrix distortion analyzers, a variety of spectrum analyzers, power meters, and frequency counters for control of RF carriers in making distortion. Freeware download of Matrix CATV Equipment Control Program 6 5, size 5.60 Mb.

Multiple Choice Exam Maker 1 3 TAC Software 

The Multiple Choice Quiz Maker is an easy and timesaving authoring kit to produce tests and quizzes for the inter- or intranet. The software automatically creates HTML pages with many multimedia options that help you to personalize the learning experience and to make lessons more vivid and engaging. Your test creations can be incorporated into a. Free download of Multiple Choice Exam Maker 1 3, size 4.73 Mb.

BandAid 0.3 

Basic ANt Dependencies AIn't Difficult - adds basic inter-project dependency facilities to the Apache Ant build tool.. Freeware download of BandAid 0.3, size 5.67 Kb.

BrumTab b.1.4b 

BrumTab is a scoring and management system for Inter-Varsity British Parliamentary Debating Competitions (IVs). It allocates teams to debates (power-pairing), records scores, prints result sheets and all with a minimum of technical jargon.. Freeware download of BrumTab b.1.4b, size 501.28 Kb.

Cafeterra : an Open Source EAI project 01 

WEB interface for the design, process and monitor inter-application data flows.It’s a message queue EAI. Written in Perl, Tested systems : Linux and HP-UX, WinXP is plannedSupported Connectors : RDBMS, , LDAP, EDI, CSV, XML, HTML etc .... Freeware download of Cafeterra : an Open Source EAI project 01, size 10.69 Kb.

Component Framework / GINY Graph Library 1.1 

CSBI is a component based framework that allows for inter-component data sharing and access. GINY is an Open Source Graph Library.. Freeware download of Component Framework / GINY Graph Library 1.1, size 1.25 Mb.

Disa Adresaro (Distributed Addressbook) 1.0 

Konstrui solvon por interLtanAti, kunfandi kaj diserigi adresarojn inter amikoj (sur baze de XHTML, JSP, EJB k XML).Krom la bazaj funkcioj pri administrado de adresaro ni provos aldoni ankaLĀ­ tion, kio necesas por organizado de IJK.. Freeware download of Disa Adresaro (Distributed Addressbook) 1.0, size 44.81 Kb.

enumIAX 1.0 

enumIAX is an Inter Asterisk Exchange version 2 (IAX2) protocol username brute-force enumerator. enumIAX may operate in two distinct modes; Sequential Username Guessing or Dictionary Attack.. Freeware download of enumIAX 1.0, size 8.47 Kb.

Fedora Commons 3.5 

Fedora Commons provides open-source software to ensure durability and integrity of digital content, use semantics to contextualize and inter-relate content from many sources, and to enable the creation of innovative, collaborative information spaces.. Freeware download of Fedora Commons 3.5, size 116.94 Mb.

Garuda 0100 

Garuda is an open source web editor coded in visual basic to provide a free alternative to Adobe Dreamweaver, complete with FTP, live preview and a small inter-office chat program to exchange thoughts and files fast.. Freeware download of Garuda 0100, size 2.39 Mb.


The GOLEM (Global Object Learning Enterprise Mediator) is a multi-module system for identity management purposes in an inter- and intra-university context. It supports eLearning applications in a very broad sense, i.e. including wikis and other web tools. Freeware download of GOLEM IDMS 1.0, size 1.39 Mb.

Jaybird 1.0 

Jaybird is java-language based, source & xml & codebyte class inter-converting tool.You can write your Envolvable Code with it;You can make your computer write program itself;You can run program without compiling time;You can manage source as data. Freeware download of Jaybird 1.0, size 379.07 Kb.

Lockboxes 0.9.0 

Lockboxes are an experimental high performance inter-process communication (IPC) mechanism with access control. A lockbox can be used to share data, an open file handle, and state flags, with access control defining which users, groups or processes may ha. Freeware download of Lockboxes 0.9.0, size 69.92 Kb.

Matt's Player 1.0 

LARGE (10,000+ song) music library manager with: * Two player user interfaces * Desktop PC with wxWidgets GUI * Embedded system with speech feedback (no gui) * Inter-player synchronization via tcp/ip. Freeware download of Matt's Player 1.0, size 20.89 Mb.

Possession POS 3.0.4 

A POS (Point Of Sale) system for retailers based on OpenBravoPOS, with customizations for Australia and New Zealand: Rounding according to Australian and New Zealand retail standards, Configured for GST, Laybys, Purchase Orders and Inter-branch Transfers. Freeware download of Possession POS 3.0.4, size 17.64 Mb.