Interior Design Contract

Flip_Themes_Package_float_simple 1.0 

Sometimes, simple words, simple images would transfer more information than complex ones, such as Black and White are always classical and uneasy to go wrong. Float Simple theme package provides some simple mode templates for you. The templates designed with some common but beautiful images, like flowers, petals, count, wreath, etc. These pure and. Freeware download of Flip_Themes_Package_float_simple 1.0, size 5.05 Mb.


Star Trek Folders 1.0 The Iconfactory 

Star Trek Folders is a beautiful icon collection for all you Star Trek fans.. Freeware download of Star Trek Folders 1.0, size 346.03 Kb.

Design Sintez 10 Sintez Soft 

Design Sintez is software tool for automatization the work of furniture traders and producers. It creates 3D models of the constructed furniture; calculates their cost price on the based on the needed materials. It generates working plans,specifications and cutting maps. Allows the creation of 3D visualisation of entire and partial interior. Freeware download of Design Sintez 10, size 23.10 Kb.

Design By Contract for C/C++ 1.0 Dbcxx 

The Design By Contract framework for C++ allows developers to design software that accomplish the specification requirements. Obscure bugs in software are shown quickly due to its precond, postcond, class/loop invariants and new/delete runtime analysis.

Design By Contract for C/C++ 1.0 License - GNU Library or Lesser General Public. Freeware download of Design By Contract for C/C++ 1.0, size 0 b.

Color Style Studio (paint color schemes) 2.43 XVel Software 

If you're a professional involved with painting, decorating or color design, you need Color Style Studio!Color Style Studio enables you to select color schemes using photo of real objects such as house interior or exterior and more! Choose colors from California Paints, PPG, Colortrend, NCS, RAL, Sikkens, Symphony and 80 other available color sets. Free download of Color Style Studio (paint color schemes) 2.43, size 14.00 Mb.

PRO100 4 69 ECRU Software 

PRO100 is the most user friendly 3D interior and furniture design software. Pure woodworking and furniture software. Pure kitchen design software.

PRO100 is a completely independent application. Working with the program is like creating a real furniture - the user operates on furniture elements (pieces), arranging them in the virtual. Free download of PRO100 4 69, size 33.82 Mb.

AIA Contract Documents 4.4.103 American Institute of Architects 

For more than 120 years, AIA Contract Documents has been the mainstay of the construction industry featuring a comprehensive suite of contractual documents that address the full spectrum of design and construction projects, large and small.

Main features:

- Saves time and money
- Features fair and balanced. Free download of AIA Contract Documents 4.4.103, size 52.32 Mb.

TX-Win interior 2 8 Trilux 

Interior lighting design software featuring the latest TRILUX luminaire data.Use of spotlights with narrow-angle light distribution in the lighting calculation program TX-WIN.When using spotlights with narrow-angle light distribution, the calculation results are less precise than usually, due to the applied Fraunhofer region
photometry and. Freeware download of TX-Win interior 2 8, size 29.31 Mb.

Contract for Java 5.090 

Contract4J is a build and runtime tool that supports "Design by Contract" for Java 5. The tests are defined using annotations. At runtime, AspectJ aspects evaluate the test expressions and handle failures. Note: The code is maintained at http://git. Freeware download of Contract for Java 5.090, size 173.09 Kb.

3D Home Design by Livecad (free LiveCAD 

3D Home Design by LiveCAD® : the solution for easily designing plans in line with regulatory standards, whilst benefitting from a range of professional tools to design, display, present and realise all your building projects!


- 2D plans with quotations, grid, 2D/3D simultaneous views
- Import your. Freeware download of 3D Home Design by Livecad (free, size 199.75 Mb.

Navigram Planner 11 3 Navigram 

Navigram Planner is the professional and easy to use solution for online 3d interior planning, design and configuration.
Navigram Planner lets you create a 3d design in minutes rather then hours. Share designs with others over the web. Use thousands of 3d objects from leading manufacturers and designers available in your designs.

. Free download of Navigram Planner 11 3, size 33.55 Mb.

xCAD Interior Light ArCon Edition 1 2 xCAD Solutions GmbH 

xCAD Interior Light ArCon Edition is a module for ArCon Eleco architectural software for planning and visualizing of furnishings. To use this software you must install ArCon Visuelle Architektur on your PC.

Modern concepts and software technologies are used in order to enable a user friendly and efficient planning of furniture and. Free download of xCAD Interior Light ArCon Edition 1 2, size 65.15 Mb.

Barter - beyond design by contract 0.2.0 

A tool for increasing the quality of Java applications. It allows the programmer to use design by contract and define other development aspects right in the classes where they are relevant, as JavaDoc comments. It's a combination of AspectJ and xDoclet.. Freeware download of Barter - beyond design by contract 0.2.0, size 28.21 Kb.

C4J Eclipse Plugin 0.1.1 

This project aims at developing an Eclipse plugin for the Design by Contract library provided by the c4j project. It helps Eclipse developers to maintain their contracts together with their Java classes.. Freeware download of C4J Eclipse Plugin 0.1.1, size 306.61 Kb.

ContractChecker 0.4.5 

ContractChecker is a small tool to provide support for some design by contract features to standard Java code.Internally, it is composed of an Ant task, which invokes a doclet to generate AspectJ and the AjcTask itself in order to compile it.. Freeware download of ContractChecker 0.4.5, size 29.10 Kb.

ezContract 1.0 

ezContract contains a Java library and a Java bytecode instrumentor to support Design by Contract in the Java language.. Freeware download of ezContract 1.0, size 548.86 Kb.

Java Modeling Language (JML) 1.0 

The Java Modeling Language (JML) is a behavioral interface specification language that can be used to specify the behavior of Java modules (as in design by contract -- DBC). It has many tools to do assertion checking, unit testing, etc.. Freeware download of Java Modeling Language (JML) 1.0, size 9.87 Mb.

Java Argument Validation 1.0 

An easy way for checking the precondition(s) of (public) methods and constructors (design by contract). All arguments can be checked, before an IllegalArgumentException is thrown. Creating consistent messages for inconvenieneces in argument values.. Freeware download of Java Argument Validation 1.0, size 7.37 Mb.

Java Fine Print 1.0 

Java Fine Print is a Design by Contract (DbC) tool. Developers add @Invar, @Pre, and @Post annotations to their code. Java Fine Print uses these annotations to generate Java source code that tests for contract violations.. Freeware download of Java Fine Print 1.0, size 30.55 Kb.

jContractor 0.1 

jContractor is a tool to provide Design by Contract support to the Java programming language. Contracts are specified by writing methods that follow jContractor's naming convention.. Freeware download of jContractor 0.1, size 333.88 Kb.