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Reverse phone finder 1.0 Reverse phone finder 

Reverse phone finder
One of the most convenient ways to find out who an unknown caller is using the caller ID on the phone and performing a reverse phone finder look up which basically creates a phone number map to the door of the caller. There are many services available for anyone who wants to know where the unknown number leads. If it is. Freeware download of Reverse phone finder 1.0, size 1.37 Mb.


Reverse Phone Number Lookup Tool 1.0 Phone Number Reverse Lookup 

The Reverse Phone Number Lookup Tool allows you to search for the owner of any phone (even cell phones). You can get access to their full name, full address, and more. All searches are legal, and 100% confidential. Simply enter in the phone number you want to search for, then click "search now" and you can find the owner of the phone, as. Freeware download of Reverse Phone Number Lookup Tool 1.0, size 544.77 Kb.

Reverse Phone Lookup Bot Reverse Phone Lookup 

Finding out who's calling or leaving text messages has never been easier. Reverse Phone Lookup Bot allows you to reverse phone search any telephone number whether it's a cell phone, mobile phone, land line or unlisted telephone number. The search uses state of the art technology to search privately held databases for the most accurate data. Free download of Reverse Phone Lookup Bot, size 0 b.

Reverse Phone Lookup - Puzzle 1.0 Reverse Phone Lookup 

Reverse Phone Lookup; Reverse cell phone lookup services for locating free people finder and cell phone number search tools. Cell Phone reverse Lookup - Reverse Cell Phone Numbers - Find Cell Phone Numbers - Free cell phone lookup - Address lookup-Reverse
Mobile lookup.

Does any of the above sound familiar?.....

. Freeware download of Reverse Phone Lookup - Puzzle 1.0, size 700.42 Kb.

Reverse Phone Lookup Multiple Numbers 1.0 Sobolsoft 

Reverse Phone Lookup Multiple Numbers allows you to retrieve phone number details based on phone number. Also the program support search engine options make sure your search is comprehensive. The toll result may be saved in text format or exported to Excel.. Free download of Reverse Phone Lookup Multiple Numbers 1.0, size 2.97 Mb.

Radaris Reverse Phone Lookup 1.1.2 Radaris, LLC 

If you've received a phone call from a number you don't recognize, simply turn to Radaris to conduct a reverse phone lookup. Once you've provided us with the 10-digit number in question, we can unearth your mystery caller by revealing who the number is registered to. When a phone number is all you have on hand, reverse phone lookup is the only. Freeware download of Radaris Reverse Phone Lookup 1.1.2, size 314.57 Kb.

Phone Scan --- Search Info Any Number! 7.11 DollarPiles Inc. 

Reverse Phone Number Lookup Get instant information on any phone, mobile cell phone, business, pager, pay phone and even unlisted numbers. Are you able to search for E-Mail Addresses? At this time, we do not offer a reverse e-mail address search. What does "Available" mean? Available link means that we have gathered this information from. Freeware download of Phone Scan --- Search Info Any Number! 7.11, size 335.54 Kb.

Number Guru BeenVerified Inc. 

Free Unlimited Reverse Phone Lookups The NumberGuru is the biggest, baddest, and most handsome callerID and reverse phone service you've ever seen. Find out instantly who's calling you. Is it a spammer, is it a telemarketer or how about one of those pesky debt collectors? Maybe it's a long lost love or a job offer you've been waiting for. Never. Freeware download of Number Guru, size 1.05 Mb.

Bud Phone 1.0.1 FreePhoneLine 

Afree phone line with no additional fees or any other catch when it comes to making your free calls or using Bud Phone's free features! Enjoy Canada's new way to communicate so we have made it simple to use. This service is brought to you by Labatt breweries of Canada and is powered by
If you use a laptop computer. Freeware download of Bud Phone 1.0.1, size 2.52 Mb.

Horse International 1.2 BCM B.V. 

Horse International, "The Professional's Choice"
Horse International offers an insider's view into the 3 Olympic disciplines jumping, dressage and eventing and carries the news of the FEI, IJRC, AJO, ISJC, WBFSH and many other organizations. Horse International is unbiased in its global coverage of international news and events,. Freeware download of Horse International 1.2, size 9.96 Mb.

Racold's Steam A Doodle 1.0 BC WEB WISE PRIVATE LIMITED 

Steam A Doodle is a fun doodle app. The steam appears on your
phone's screen and allows you a platform to doodle! Exciting?

- Foggy screen, dynamic water drops, blow to create steam and more
- Move your phone to let the drops drip
- Blow into the microphone to add back hot steam to the screen
- Allows. Freeware download of Racold's Steam A Doodle 1.0, size 7.86 Mb.

AloneAlarm DataMasta 

AloneAlarm™ is a Personal Alarm and Security System which provides both 'Man Down ' and 'Panic' modes of operation.

In 'Man Down' mode, it watches the phone's motion and, should it (and, presumably, the user) remain motionless for more than a user-defined period of time, it will forward an Alarm Notification in the form of an email. Free download of AloneAlarm, size 1.05 Mb.

Busted Phone Prank Ascend Media Group 

Prank your friends into thinking that they've broken your phone's screen! A touch to the screen will put a “crack” in the screen where they touched it and play a glass breaking sound. If the phone is dropped (from a safe distance, of course), the screen will “crack” as well.. Freeware download of Busted Phone Prank, size 3.15 Mb.

Location Notifier S_Dot_Hershey 

Have you ever been out in an unfamiliar area and wanted to invite some friends to come and meet you? Have you ever had your car break down and needed to get your location sent out to somebody ASAP?

With the Location Notifier, your phone's GPS is tapped to get your exact location coordinates - Those coordinates are then reverse geocoded. Freeware download of Location Notifier, size 1.05 Mb.

My Windows Phone! Aditya Kumar 

An application to test your phone's hardware, check the battery status and the time remaining and also use the flashlight in case of emergency.
Get the device info like firmware version, manufacturer, device name, plugged in power source, memory usage, total memory etc.. Freeware download of My Windows Phone!, size 1.05 Mb.

Phone Hardware Test Aman Bedi 

A simple application to test your phone's hardware. Simply choose what you need to test (for now device status, touch screen, accelerometer test are available).

Get the device info like firmware version, manufacturer, device name, plugged in power source, memory usage etc.

Test your device touchscreen's responsiveness in. Freeware download of Phone Hardware Test, size 1.05 Mb.

Pocket Explorer Vitor Cid 

The most professional File Explorer in the market! Take full control of your phone's files. Manage your Documents, Downloads, and other user folders. Integrate with your OneDrive account for a one-stop solution!

- Full-featured trial
- Professional and clean design
- Read, Copy, Move, Share, Pin any user files and folders

Test Your Phone ofsajd 

Test Your Phone is an app, which allows you to test your phone's CPU and GPU performance, check how fast it saves and loads data from files in storage and defines the speed of your phone's memory. If you use this app online, you can compare your results with other users' ones. Few fixes for statistics page. Adds. Freeware download of Test Your Phone, size 1.05 Mb.

CL Searcher 4.73 Thing2 

CL Searcher is free Excel app that scans Craigslist for emails, phone #'s and any specific text you may want to find.

CL Searcher is an Excel macro file written in VBA ... no software installation needed, just Excel

- it scans the entire post, including reply-to box and hidden text. Freeware download of CL Searcher 4.73, size 637.95 Kb.

Manage Your Contacts NorthStar Solutions 

Manage Your Contacts is a tried and true (award-winning) program that will help you easily store and manage contact information (names, addresses, phone #'s, etc.). It is so easy to use that you'll have virtually no learning curve, yet it sports a variety of powerful features to help you efficiently manage your contact list: * Search, filter, and. Freeware download of Manage Your Contacts, size 1.67 Mb.