Internet Time Watcher Free

Internet Time Update Doug Knox 

By default, the Windows XP and Vista systems will try to synchronize your computer's time with an Internet Time Server on a weekly basis.

The Internet Time Update application was designed to be a small utility that will allow you to change the interval (frequency) between Internet Time Updates.

You can choose from weekly,. Freeware download of Internet Time Update, size 440.40 Kb.


Time Watcher 2 1 BetterdoSoft, Inc. 

Time Watcher is the top software on PC time tracking & Analysis. It&'s designed for time & project management. Time Watcher can effectively help you, your kids or your staff to manage their work time and pleasure time on computer, saving time and money! Time Watcher has strong time analysis function, versatile tracking options, network. Free download of Time Watcher 2 1, size 2.28 Mb.

TrayDay 7.10 MJMSoft Design Ltd. 

TrayDay - date, calendar, week number and counter utility for the Windows tray, or Windows XP Notification area. TrayDay places an icon showing the date (day of the month) in the system tray. The icon resembles a page of a "tear-off" calendar. You can therefore see the date at a glance - often quicker and easier than resting your mouse. Free download of TrayDay 7.10, size 1.36 Mb.

WebYoda's Internet Time Machine 1 1 WebYoda, Inc. 

Learn the history of the Internet timeline by completing each level of WebYoda's Internet Time.The goal of this game is to collect all small diamonds items with your Player. Dangerous scorpions try to eat you so you should avoid them. The Power Balls will help you. When you collect one of those the scorpions temporarily become afraid and can be. Freeware download of WebYoda's Internet Time Machine 1 1, size 9.75 Mb.

iProtectYou Pro 7.1 SoftForYou 

Schedule Internet time, control which web sites can be visited, block e-mails and instant with inappropriate words. Set different levels of restrictions for every member of your family. Get detailed information about your child's online activity. Comes provided with a huge built-in database. Includes free database update subscription. Single PC and. Free download of iProtectYou Pro 7.1, size 2.70 Mb.

Ace Clock XP 2007.07.860 ECREW Developers 

AceClock is a skinable transparent desktop clock with organizer and stickers, skins support, atomic internet time synchronization, fully customizable see through display with tooltip and convenient interface, it is designed to suit any and all your needs. You will get voice time spelling in multiple languages, powerful alarms with templates,. Free download of Ace Clock XP 2007.07.860, size 1.63 Mb.

DoNotDisturb Seeplain Inc. 

"DoNotDisturb" automatically restricts internet time on addictive websites. It is the Only way currently available where you can automatically restrict internet time on addictive websites while allowing you to surf as usual on websites that are essential to you. Don't take our word for it see what what some leading software industry. Free download of DoNotDisturb, size 2.87 Mb.

Valid Time Heinrich Ulbricht 

How much time loses your mobile clock? Or is it too fast? This app displays the time difference between real time and phone time.

Comes with LIVE TILE! Pin the time lag to your home screen!

The app will be read from internet time servers, that's why it needs an internet connection.

** As much as I'd like to correct. Free download of Valid Time, size 1.05 Mb.

iTime 1.0.0 Skynergy 

Internet Time. No Time Zones - No Geographical Borders - Just your desktop... Internet time is a standard created by Swatch. How long is a Swatch .beat? In short, we have divided up the virtual and real day into 1000 .beats. One Swatch beat is the equivalent of 1 minute 26.4 seconds. That means that 12 noon in the old time system is the equivalent. Freeware download of iTime 1.0.0, size 256.00 Kb.

IBPTime 1.5 InBloom Products 

Implements the Internet Time Service (ITS) which allows users to synchronize their computer clocks via the Internet. The time information provided by the service is directly traceable to UTC. The service responds to time requests from an Internet client in several formats including the DAYTIME, TIME, and NTP protocols. Features include built in. Freeware download of IBPTime 1.5, size 1.22 Mb.

Ace Clock Pro 4.0 ECREW Developers 

Ace clock is a skinable transparent desktop clock with classic / digital mode, skins support, atomic internet time synchronization,, fully customizable "see through" display with tooltip and convenient interface, it is designed to suit any and all your needs. You will get voice time spelling in multiple languages, powerful alarms with. Free download of Ace Clock Pro 4.0, size 2.44 Mb.

AtomTime98 2.1b Bruce Adelsman 

AtomTime98 accurately synchronizes the time on your PC with that of an Atomic Clock Internet time server.You can configure AtomTime to run whenever you start Windows, or schedule it to run automatically. After updating your clock in the background, AtomTime can automatically exit. AtomTime can automatically connect to the Internet using Dial-Up. Free download of AtomTime98 2.1b, size 532.48 Kb.

NISTSync 1.0 beta Paul Kanevsky 

NISTSync is freeware to synchronize your PC clock to the Internet time servers. Intended use is where the precise time (to within /-10 milliseconds) is important. For Astronomical use, timing of occultations, search for extra-solar planets, and measuring precise position of objects are some of the tasks that may require this level of precision.. Freeware download of NISTSync 1.0 beta, size 1.18 Mb.

Desk Clock Software Maniacs, Inc. 

Desk Clock is a clock application with reminders, time zones, and ability to synchronize your system clock with an internet time server. Many customizeable options.

Main features:
-Three clock styles, choose from Analog, Digital or Text.
-Numerous options to control look and feel of the clock including the colors for frame,. Free download of Desk Clock, size 2.81 Mb.

CLOX 2000 7.2 MiRaGe Audio Visual Media 

Analog and digital clocks for the internet user of the 21st century, CLOX 2000 harnesses the power of the internet to bring the current time from all over the world to your desktop. It also works without an internet connection if you prefer. Features and free plugin accessories include analogue and digital clocks, world maps for setting time zones. Free download of CLOX 2000 7.2, size 2.57 Mb.

Work Time Tracking 4.20 Work Time Tracking 

Work Time Tracking is an automatic computer time tracking solution. It tracks applications, documents, games and Internet time. Work Time Tracking works in the background without interrupting your work. It also can track your time under different projects you work on. Comprehensive reports help you to analyze your time and bill your clients. More. Free download of Work Time Tracking 4.20, size 4.35 Mb.

cmxSyncTime 1.0 Clark Tisdale 

cmxSyncTime will synchronize your PC clock time using the NIST internet time servers. The NIST time is based on atomic oscillators in Boulder, CO. cmxSyncTime can schedule synchronization updates periodically to keep your PC clock accurate. This is a handy function since PC clocks tend to fade over time loosing or sometimes gaining seconds or. Freeware download of cmxSyncTime 1.0, size 566.23 Kb.

TTimeSync 1.5 TTimeSync 

TTimeSync 1.5 -----Get exact current time for your PC from Internet . Time deviation exists among computers. This program can help your computer get exact current time from Internet or Intranet. The most famous time servers can be chosen and used, for example, NIST(National Institute of Standards and Technology). Time servers can also be customed.. Free download of TTimeSync 1.5, size 567.30 Kb.

Sarbyx 2.7 SarbyxLabs 

Sarbyx is a small utility that offers to do many functions, including personal reminder notifications, scheduled tasks, internet time synchronization, application launching, password recovery and more. It also includes a personal database to organize notes, contacts and passwords with optional encryption. Furthermore, the program includes a variety. Free download of Sarbyx 2.7, size 4.15 Mb.

Tiny Ben David Taylor 

Really simple analog clock:

-no alarms
-no Internet time
-no Atomic time
-no calendar. Freeware download of Tiny Ben, size 283.12 Kb.