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Quota for iPad 2.0 SouthFreo Software 

The number 1 App for the iPhone is now available for the iPad, monitor your ISP, Mobile, BOM Weather, Currency, Stocks, Banks, News, Traffic Cameras from a single app.

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iTunes Rewind: Best Apps of 2010 winner
Now available on Mac App Store !
Sync your accounts accross all versions


QuotaLite 14.0 SouthFreo Software 

The only App on the store to allow Local Data, Mobile, Weather, ISP, Travel, Lotto, Twitter Stats, News, Banking information, Anything can be "Quoted"!

Want Push Notifications? Quota for OSX (see website) now available.

QuotaLite is the free version of the #1 selling usage app Quota. This version allows 99%. Freeware download of QuotaLite 14.0, size 5.35 Mb.

BroadbandChecker Craig Hawker 

Displays issues on the broadband network that affect most UK ADSL Broadband. Does not show information on the Virgin fibre network, nor ISP-specific outages.. Freeware download of BroadbandChecker, size 1.05 Mb.


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iiTRACKER dgaust 

An internet usage tracker for iiNet (Australian ISP) ADSL users.

Includes a background task to make sure you're always kept up to date, a live tile showing relevant details, and graphs to show your metered usage & daily trends.

Note: The trial version is fully featured but will expire after 14 days. Once expired no. Free download of iiTRACKER, size 1.05 Mb.

iSpeed Test Hagens Media 

This application is a modern ISP speed test to analyze your broadband Internet access. If you find that your Internet connection is too slow or you are just interested in how fast it really is, this is a fast way to check. Speed test free measures your Internet speed from our New York based data center. We test both your download and upload. All. Freeware download of iSpeed Test, size 2.10 Mb.

Internode Usage David Gardiner 

Display current usage statistics for the Australian ISP Internode's ADSL broadband customers.Quickly see how much quota you have remaining for the current month.. Freeware download of Internode Usage, size 1.05 Mb.

LGeoIPInfo sharechiwai 

1.0.1 update fixed the connection error.

LGeoIPInfo is an application which could be use to find out your outbound IP address, the website domain you are interested and show you the information about it.
E.g. Country, City, ISP carrier..etc.

* the Geo IP location is not 100% accurate, but it is quite accurate in city. Freeware download of LGeoIPInfo, size 1.05 Mb.

Show My IP vitormribeiro 

What is my IP? Find it using this application.
This application allows users to easily find the IP address of their mobile phone.
This address is used to connect to the mobile Internet. It's also possible to know which is the ISP
that's connected and their location.
It's possible to see what's your IP on Live Tile that is. Freeware download of Show My IP, size 1.05 Mb.


App, Big Brother, big data, CAD, cell phone, cloud, cyberspace, data mining, digital footprint, DVD, ISP, netiquette, QR code, smart phone, text message, to download, URL, zettabyte…you can learn how to say these modern and useful terms in Spanish, and many more like them, while enjoying an awesome game with fabulous music and fantastic. Free download of TECH TERMS IN SPANISH, size 12.58 Mb.

WP7Telemeter DepSoft 

WP7Telemeter allows you to retrieve your daily bandwidth usage from Telenet ( a Belgian ISP )
When you add your account credentials, WP7Telemeter will contact the Telenet webservice and download the monthly download information list and display it on a column chart, with a column per day.
The chart is selectable, if tapped it will show. Freeware download of WP7Telemeter, size 1.05 Mb.

Flexiblesoft Dialer XP Lite 4.6 FlexibleSoft Co. 

Flexiblesoft Dialer XP Lite adds convenience to your everyday dial-up networking. This multi-functional dialer allows you to connect to the Internet with one click from the system tray. The program will monitor your connection, and automatically redial multiple numbers if you're bumped off-line. Its skinnable toolbar-style interface displays the. Free download of Flexiblesoft Dialer XP Lite 4.6, size 3.29 Mb.

Flexiblesoft Dialer XP PRO 4.9 FlexibleSoft Co. 

Flexiblesoft develops Internet-related software. When developing Flexiblesoft Dialer XP PRO, the company sought to address typical dialup connectivity issues such as lost Internet connections, idle time "bumping" and monitoring of fluctuating connection speeds. Flexiblesoft Dialer XP PRO tackles these issues and provides users with other. Free download of Flexiblesoft Dialer XP PRO 4.9, size 2.21 Mb.

ModemTest 1.3 PassMark Software 

ModemTest is an easy to use Windows based application that allows users to test their dial up modem. ModemTest performs low level testing that is independent of your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and the TCP/IP settings on the computer. It allows the modem to be tested in addition to the phone line the modem is connected to. ModemTest provides a. Free download of ModemTest 1.3, size 601.09 Kb.

ITIC Dialer 2.4 ITIC Software 

ITIC dialer is the program of automatically connection to Internet.Support for multiply isp providers. Statistics (connecting duration, numbers of transmitted and received bytes).Minimal acceptable connection speed assignment.Inactivity time (the period of inactivity that you want to elapse before disconnect from the Internet).Besides, sounds to. Free download of ITIC Dialer 2.4, size 806.91 Kb.

Complete Mail Server 1.52 SoftFolder Inc 

Complete Mail Server is high-performance professional SMTP/POP3 server software engineered for corporations and ISPs to satisfy business needs in ultra fast, flexible and reliable mail server. It works along with any email program or mailer and offers a lot of security features and options to allow you to protect the server from the outside and. Free download of Complete Mail Server 1.52, size 1.80 Mb.

CTMailer 2.2 Cypress Technologies 

With CTMailer you can send a pre-written email message to a list of recipients. Html format, does not require access to ISP SMTP server and is multi-threaded for fast delivery. Simply the easiest way to send your personalized message to your customers and friends. Provides a built in DHTML editor for creating your email messages. This editor is. Free download of CTMailer 2.2, size 2.09 Mb.

direct mailer 1.08 Ipaopao software Inc 

1.Some ISP limit to send bulk email,With this Direct mailer, you simply need a modem, phone line and a computer. ANY ISP will work, such as A*L, M*N, Prodi*y, AT&*. 2.You don't need those unreliable blind relays anymore.Direct mailer sends out mails in MX mode and works like a mail server. Each mail is delivered instantly and the delivery. Free download of direct mailer 1.08, size 500.74 Kb.

VisNetic MailServer 8.3.5 

VisNetic Mail Server is a versatile multi-featured mail server for Windows operating systems. VisNetic Mail Server can be licensed for any size organization as well as ISP and ASP environments. VisNetic Mail Server combines a simple, easy-to-use administration console with unmatched mail server security, speed, and scalability. VisNetic Mail Server. Free download of VisNetic MailServer 8.3.5, size 26.38 Mb.

Easy SMTP Server 2.52 SoftFolder Inc 

Send e-mail messages easily and securely from your portable PC while you are traveling around the world! Every time you change your location connecting your PC to different Internet Service Providers (ISPs), you must reconfigure your e-mail program to be able to send messages via different SMTP servers you have to use. Easy SMTP Server is a simple. Free download of Easy SMTP Server 2.52, size 1.26 Mb.