Jambu Mata Band

Band of Brothers Hearts of Beauty 1.0 FastAPPZ 

The Band of Brothers Bootcamps are not an event about the seven things a man ought to do to be a nicer guy. It is a four-day quest into the recovery of a mans masculine soul, the release of a mans heart his passions, and his true nature all of which has been given him by God. Its an invitation to rush the fields at Bannockburn, to go West, to leap. Freeware download of Band of Brothers Hearts of Beauty 1.0, size 27.47 Mb.


Band Codes 1.1 Nemesis Code 

Do you want to quickly find and learn the 4-letter codes which bird banders use to record each species? Do you need a quick reference to look up band sizes used for each species?

The Band Codes app gives you quick access to the shorthand codes for the species names, as well as additional information such as band sizes and important notes. Free download of Band Codes 1.1, size 3.36 Mb.

Band Ensemble 1.0.1 delphi qin 

** If you like band, you will love this. **

- This is a fantastic application, to support a person with one hand while playing five kinds of musical instruments. Please believe that I. Freeware download of Band Ensemble 1.0.1, size 22.23 Mb.

Band In 4 Pics 1 Otter Studios Limited 

Test your music knowledge! Each puzzle contains four pictures such as band members and album covers - can you get them all?

Featuring famous bands across the world from the 60s to the modern day and two game modes to test both the casual and fanatical music fan!

If you get stuck you can reveal letters, remove letters from the. Freeware download of Band In 4 Pics 1, size 35.86 Mb.

Band-In-A-Box For iPad 1.0.12 PG Music Inc. 

Band-in-a-Box for iPad is a program that works as a client to your existing copy of Band-in-a-Box 2011 or higher for Windows, allowing you to play, generate and transfer your songs to/from the iPad.

Important: You need to also have Band-in-a-Box 2011 or higher for Windows or Mac to use this program at all.. Freeware download of Band-In-A-Box For iPad 1.0.12, size 8.81 Mb.

Band In A Hand 1.4.3 Imvesta Sagl 

Band In A Hand is a pattern based auto accompaniment tool that allows you to:

Make Music In 3 Steps

If you want to try out various chord progression, simply
1. Enter the chords
2. Select pattern templates
3. Record your vocal melody

Or alternatively, if you get an idea for a melody:
1. Record. Free download of Band In A Hand 1.4.3, size 6.92 Mb.

Band Land 1.0.2 Undercoders 

How many bands can you name?

Find it out in the most comprehensive music bands trivia game in the app store!

Write the name of the pictured band to clear a level. Do it as fast as you can and earn high scores and earn Band land coins!

Stuck in a band you can't name? Use the coins to get valuable hints or ask your. Freeware download of Band Land 1.0.2, size 16.88 Mb.

Band Life 1.0 David Torosian 

Ready to take on the game that Knowyourmobile calls the best game weve played on iPhone? With Band Life youll get the mobile gaming experience that has literally blown the opposition out of the water (AppSpy.com). The biggest music videogame franchise ever created is now available for the first time on your iPhone or iPod Touch! Its your chance to. Free download of Band Life 1.0, size 6.61 Mb.

Bandm8 - Song, Band & Gig Manager 3.1 Doug Currie 

Bandm8 - Song, Band & Gig Manager is the essential all-in-one band, gig, song, set and rehearsal organiser for professional musicians.

Do you have trouble keeping track of what gigs you have lined up? Who's playing each gig? The sets you are going to play? How that tricky middle-8 goes? Have the other members learnt that new. Free download of Bandm8 - Song, Band & Gig Manager 3.1, size 8.70 Mb.

Band & Me For Metalcore Fans 2.0.1 BandAndMe Inc. 

Keeping up with all your favorite bands content from across the web is a lot of work! Band & Me for Metalcore Fans lets you discover, consume and share all your favorite bands content in just one click. Use the Whats New Feed to view an up-to-date list of everything new for all your bands social media, videos, music and news.. Freeware download of Band & Me For Metalcore Fans 2.0.1, size 13.42 Mb.

Band Name Generator 1.1 ZebraStrut 

Can't agree on a name for your band?
Use one of ours (after all, we have over 700 million of them).

This app generates band names at random, lets you edit them, or save them for later. It's great for brainstorming names, or seeing funny random names if you're bored.

-ZebraStrut. Freeware download of Band Name Generator 1.1, size 838.86 Kb.

Band Namer, The Free Random Band Name Generator 1.1.2 Media Punk Studios 

The Band Namer is an advanced random band name generator that helps you fight your creative slump by generating one of over 17 billion band names. Use this random band name generator as a brainstorming tool to jump start your band naming session.

"I was entranced for about 30 mins, just getting name after name WAY better than the. Freeware download of Band Namer, The Free Random Band Name Generator 1.1.2, size 3.04 Mb.

BandNamer (Rock Band Name Generator) 1.0 Handy Little Apps 

** iTunes Staff Favorite in April 2009 **

So you've got a great band, and you even have a gig lined up, but you still haven't decided on a name for your band? Or you want to start a band, but you need a great name first? Or maybe you just want a name for your Rock Band or Guitar Hero group! Well, Rock Band Name Generator can help! You. Free download of BandNamer (Rock Band Name Generator) 1.0, size 104.86 Kb.

Band Names 1.1 Riveting 

Sometimes the hardest part of forming a band is coming up with a good name. Let Band Names help you brainstorm. With millions of possible names to choose from, you are sure to find something you like - eventually.


* Generate a list of random names.
* Don't like any of the names in the generated list? Generate. Free download of Band Names 1.1, size 209.72 Kb.

Band of Birds: Tap - Flap - Race 1.0.0 Barking App Studio 

Join the band of birds. Race with your bird through different worlds.
Collect coins to unlock characters and worlds.

Multiple levels, variety of worlds and characters to chose from.
Tap the left side of the screen to jump and rise, drag to control some characters!

For Birdy: Tap the right side of the screen to attack. Freeware download of Band of Birds: Tap - Flap - Race 1.0.0, size 43.10 Mb.

Band of Buds 1.2 BKWLD 

2011 Band of Buds iPhone App
Developed by: Momentum Worldwide and BKWLD

For users 21 and older.

Budweiser is sponsoring this particular use of the application, which should only downloaded by those who are at least 21 years of age. This application is not to be shared with anyone under the age of 21.

This. Freeware download of Band of Buds 1.2, size 10.49 Mb.

Band of Heroes 1.1.3 Top Free Apps and Games 

***For a limited time: get USD 5 worth of Gold for Free!***

From the makers of Road Warrior, a Unity Awards Finalist that amazed 20.000.000 users!

Lead your heroes to victory! Band of Heroes is a competitive action RPG set in a medieval world full of castles to loot and conquer. Arm your heroes, level them up and invade. Freeware download of Band of Heroes 1.1.3, size 165.68 Mb.

Band on the Wall Guide to the World of Music 1.0 Spotlight Kid Ltd 

The Band on the Wall Guide to the World of Music is an expanding resource of information, music and video to guide you on an amazing musical journey across the globe. This application brings the music, history, people and places that have made our world the culturally rich and diverse place we enjoy today right to your fingertips. The app launches. Freeware download of Band on the Wall Guide to the World of Music 1.0, size 10.91 Mb.

Band Practice 1.1 Develop 

Imagine having your own practice room in the palm of your hand !!

Band practice offers a virtual Piano, Drums, Bass, Electric guitar, Classical guitar and a Metronome ---> All in a single app.

Whether you are playing alone or with as many as 3 more friends.. Band Practice is the rehearsal platform you always wanted.

Band Radios 5.1 Radio e TV Bandeirantes 

Band Radios: The Best Radios for iPhone and iPod Touch

The Radios of Grupo Bandeirantes de Comunicacao gathered in one application now refurbished. The best of information, entertainment and music across multiple platforms of content. Download the application and get your favorite radio stations on your mobile.

The radios. Freeware download of Band Radios 5.1, size 13.32 Mb.