Java Comm Api

Dwarf HTTP Server 1.3.3 Gnome Ltd 

Dwarf HTTP Server is a powerful tool with the Java Servlet API 2.2 and Java Server Pages 1.1 implementation. It can be used either standalone or embed in a larger hosting application, free of charge for the binary redistribution.

Since the server is based on the Dwarf framework, it shares its common design principles and features -. Freeware download of Dwarf HTTP Server 1.3.3, size 891.29 Kb.


classdoc 10 

classdoc is a Java reverse engineering API documentation generator based on the Java Doclet API.It generates javadoc-style HTML files or other documentation formats without source code from compiled .class/.jar files ONLY.. Freeware download of classdoc 10, size 200.78 Kb.

FileHashler 0.1.0 

Java based API and commandline utility for cross-platform file encryption and archivation (up to 2,1 GB). Uses Twofish and SHA-256 *** due to current design error FHL has a weakness to brute force attacks and usage is deprecated!! ***. Freeware download of FileHashler 0.1.0, size 206.01 Kb.

GDSPrinting 0.2 

GDSPrinting is a simple Java Printing API. Java print integration is normally very difficult for Java programmers. This API is intended to make simple documents simple to print.. Freeware download of GDSPrinting 0.2, size 16.72 Kb.

HashTool 0.03 

HashTool calculates the most common hash and hmac values of files and strings by using the "Bouncy Castle Java cryptography API".. Freeware download of HashTool 0.03, size 1.62 Mb.

IVJ Logger 1.0 

<b>JAVA LOGGING API that targets:<br>- Simplicity (1 line to init & log, no external objects)<br>- Maintability (auto monthly & yearly archives)<br>- Performance (bckg min priority thread pool)<br>- Extensibility (simple design)<br>Try it!</b>. Freeware download of IVJ Logger 1.0, size 177.66 Kb.

JPA Security 0.4.0 

JPA Security is an Access Control Solution for the Java Persistence API. JPA Security enables you to configure access control to your JPA Entity Beans based on the currently authenticated user and its roles via XML or Annotations.. Freeware download of JPA Security 0.4.0, size 443.40 Kb.

JS Swing 0.1.1 

An HTML UI framework in javascript language, providing a javascript API which is very similar as Java Swing API and using parts of Java Swing painting mechanism.. Freeware download of JS Swing 0.1.1, size 1.60 Mb.

JXMLSQL alpha.0.9 

JXmlSql is a Java database API ( MySql, Oracle, Access )that eliminates JDBC code. JXmlSql allows developers to define application and prepopulation SQL statements inside xml files. Options for query, insert, update, delete, report and prepopulation SQL.. Freeware download of JXMLSQL alpha.0.9, size 28.53 Kb.

Liberator-JPA 1.0 

Liberator Java Persistence API is an open-source JPA solution developed by a group of chinese java developers who believe in open-source spirit. Liberator learns from all other O/R project and comes with a new envolved design and high-quality java code.. Freeware download of Liberator-JPA 1.0, size 20.20 Mb.

Metrics4Asterisk 1.1 

An open source java 5 API for parsing and obtaining queue metrics from Asterisk PBX log files.. Freeware download of Metrics4Asterisk 1.1, size 3.42 Mb.

NewfEl rc 

NewfEl is an XML parsing utility that uses the Java reflection API to assign parsing tasks to classes derived from the XML tag names. It is particularly useful for developing configuration file parsers.. Freeware download of NewfEl rc, size 74.13 Kb.

PhyloPattern 1.05 

PhyloPattern is a Java/Prolog API, helpful to simulate human reading of phylogenetic trees. Bioinformatician can: annotate trees, apply complex patterns to a tree to search specific architectures or extract information, compare trees with dynamically gen. Freeware download of PhyloPattern 1.05, size 1.01 Mb.

POJava 2.8.1 

POJava is a simple, light-weight Java-based API for data processing and development. It includes an immutable DateTime object capable of parsing free-form dates in multiple languages and formats, and a variety of utilities for data transformation.. Freeware download of POJava 2.8.1, size 68.47 Kb.

Project Darkstar Client with SSL 

An extension of the java client api for Project Darkstar server (formerly sponsored by Sun Microsystems, Inc.) with TLS capability.. Freeware download of Project Darkstar Client with SSL, size 763.07 Kb.

QASE 2.6.0 

QASE is a Java-based API designed to provide all the functionality needed to create game agents in Quake 2. Powerful enough to facilitate high-end research, it is also suitable for undergrad courses geared towards classic AI and agent-based systems.. Freeware download of QASE 2.6.0, size 336.52 Kb.

Standard J2K Library - General C++ Lib 2001 

A completely portable C++ library, to provide a standard set of classes similar to Java Common API.It's highly efficient and it follows the Embedded C++ Standard. It's FREE (LGPL licensed).. Freeware download of Standard J2K Library - General C++ Lib 2001, size 1.66 Mb.

Tritonus 0.3.0 

Tritonus is an independent implementation of the Java Sound API ( Freeware download of Tritonus 0.3.0, size 336.30 Kb.

ejpa 1.0 

Easier Java Persistence API. An annotation and configuration free ORM with automatic everything (mapping (A-O/RM), associations, persistence tracking). The easiest Java ORM.

automatic object/relational mapping (A-O/RM), automatic handling of all associations, automatic persistence tracking, no configuration, or annotation, Full Support. Freeware download of ejpa 1.0, size 0 b.

nb-jpa-plugin 1.0 Nb-jpa-plugin 

Plugin bringing support for JPA (Java Persistence API) to the Netbeans IDE 6.8

Execute JPA Queries and explore Result in a Object Tree, Simple to use, Query History, Support for DataSources

nb-jpa-plugin 1.0 License - GNU General Public License version 3.0 (GPLv3). Freeware download of nb-jpa-plugin 1.0, size 0 b.