Jntu Lab Manuals For Ece

OPNET IT Guru Academic Edition 9. 1. 2001 OPNET Technologies, Inc. 

IT Guru Academic Edition software was created for introductory level networking courses, and designed and tested to be used with popular classroom lab manuals.

Main features:

- Based on IT Guru commercial version 9.1
- Downloadable from our website at no charge
- Greatly simplified licensing relative to the. Freeware download of OPNET IT Guru Academic Edition 9. 1. 2001, size 4.14 Mb.



A complete set of c lab programs for jntu students ,and for other lab exams.. Freeware download of C PROGRAM FOR JNTU, size 1.05 Mb.

Dimension Lab Lite 2.0 MouseDrover's Software 

Dimension Lab Lite is for Architectural, Engineering and Contracting professionals. It adds and subtracts lines of dimensions and it is designed to work on the same screen as your CAD Program and can be moved and resized. Looks simple and seems simple but if you have nine lines and most have 20+ dimensions that require consistency then a program. Free download of Dimension Lab Lite 2.0, size 11.55 Mb.

Precise Dental Lab Management Software 3.0 Sarals Solutions 

Precise is a powerful dental lab management software, which comprises a complete suite of modules and reports to simplify Dental lab management. It maintains distinct and detailed records of every doctor serviced by the laboratory.It provides a framework for communications both within the lab and with your dentist accounts to help your lab provide. Free download of Precise Dental Lab Management Software 3.0, size 17.47 Mb.


Lab Master , a unique clinical laboratory software which helps in creating smart reports of pathology , X-ray , Ultrasound &, ECG & Echo. It not only print attractive reports but also keep track of accounts . It has also has built- in test library Features Can automatically print High / Low comments with result Can create your own tests. Freeware download of LAB MASTER 20 7, size 45.97 Mb.

MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab MX 1.0 MAGIX Entertainment 

MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab MX - Professional audio editing and restoration made easy With MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab MX you can quickly and easily digitize your favorite songs, voice recordings and more. Adjust audio material as you see fit, burn to CD or simply save everything to your hard drive, MP3 player or smartphone - achieve the perfect result. Free download of MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab MX 1.0, size 217.65 Mb.

Computer Science Laboratory manuals 1.0 Labmanuals 

Computer Engineering Laboratory manualsData structures Lab in C in LinuxDatabase labin OracleNetwork Programming lab in C in LinuxComputer Graphics Lab in C in XWindow System, OpenGL

Computer Science Laboratory manuals 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of Computer Science Laboratory manuals 1.0, size 0 b.

Lab Processes 1.0 atgclabs.com 

Lab Processes helps chemists, physicists, biologists and other scientists in conducting a wide variety of tests and experiments.

Lab Processes is a lightweight user-friendly program for managing processes and executing process tasks with synchronous and asynchronous continuations. It is very simple to add new custom processes and tasks.. Freeware download of Lab Processes 1.0, size 0 b.

Digital Marketer Lab 6.9 Digital Marketer Lab 

Digital Marketer Lab is the latest system from Ryan Deiss where he shares his secrets to online success. Ryan is best known for generating traffic and tracking conversions and he'll show you his latest techniques in this new system.

. Free download of Digital Marketer Lab 6.9, size 1.36 Mb.

Kodu Game Lab Microsoft 

The Kodu Game Lab application was developed to provide a visual programming language made specifically for creating games. It is designed to be accessible for children and enjoyable for anyone.

The core of the Kodu project is the programming user interface. The language is simple and entirely icon-based. Programs are composed of pages,. Free download of Kodu Game Lab, size 0 b.

Your Pronunciation Lab 1.3 yourpronunciationlab.com 

Your Pronunciation Lab is a handy and reliable utility designed to enable you to improve your language pronunciation skills.

Here's how it works: the application records your pronunciation, then replays the original file followed by the recording, so you can notice the differences.

. Free download of Your Pronunciation Lab 1.3, size 0 b.

IrYdium Chemistry Lab 1.6.4 The Chemistry Collective 

IrYdium Chemistry Lab is an easy to use program that allows students to select from hundreds of standard reagents and manipulate them in a manner that resembles that of a real lab.

This application enables students to design and perform diverse experiments in acid-base chemistry, thermochemistry, solubility, and redox chemistry.
. Free download of IrYdium Chemistry Lab 1.6.4, size 0 b.

Collision Lab 2.01 University of Colorado 

Collision Lab is a unique application designed to enable you to simulate and observe collisions.

Set up your own experiments: vary the number of discs, masses and initial conditions. Is momentum conserved? Is kinetic energy conserved? Vary the elasticity and see what happens.

. Free download of Collision Lab 2.01, size 0 b.

Motion Blur Lab PRO 1.0 Richard Rosenman 

Motion Blur Lab PRO is a useful and easy-to-use Photoshop plugin capable of producing high quality motion blur effects.

Motion Blur Lab PRO features four poweful motion blur effects, namely Linear, Zoom, Spin or Custom. With its intuitive interface, the plugin enables you to easily set the highlight and GUI parameters.

Motion. Free download of Motion Blur Lab PRO 1.0, size 0 b.

Capacitor Lab 2.02 University of Colorado 

Capacitor Lab is a little utility designed to enable you to study capacitors. You can measure the electric field with the aid of a voltmeter.

You can also view the capacitance, the values for the plate charge and the stored energy. There's also a built-in electric field detector that you can use to determine the electric field in a. Free download of Capacitor Lab 2.02, size 0 b.

Beer's Law Lab 1.02 University of Colorado 

Beer's Law Lab was developed as a small and accessible tool that helps you make colorful dilute and concentrated solutions.

You can study how much light they transmit or absorb, using the available spectrophotometer.

Being developed using the Java programming language, Beer's Law Lab is a cross-platform utility that can be. Free download of Beer's Law Lab 1.02, size 0 b.

Wealth-Lab Data Converter 1.0 Anton Chugunov 

Wealth-Lab Data Converter provides you with an easy to use application designed to help you convert WL files (created by Wealth-Lab Pro) to CSV or TXT format.

Additionally, you can change the date and time formats, the data delimiter, the volume and the OHLC parameter.

. Freeware download of Wealth-Lab Data Converter 1.0, size 0 b.

Precise Dental Lab management system 3.2 Sarals Solutions 

Precise Dental Lab management system includes several modules that can help you manage a dental lab.

The application keeps a detailed record of every delivery that was made. Thus, it can ease the communication between the doctors and the laboratory, which improves customer service.

. Free download of Precise Dental Lab management system 3.2, size 0 b.

Lab and Resource Scheduler 1.1.0 Ignyte Software 

Lab and Resource Scheduler is focused around schools, and several features are directly designed to support that environment, but anyone needing to schedule resources will find Lab and Resource Scheduler beneficial.

Lab and Resource Scheduler is a useful application which allows schools and other organizations a way to easily schedule. Free download of Lab and Resource Scheduler 1.1.0, size 0 b.

M-Lab Notifier 0.3.8 Beta Hellenic Telecommunications and Post Commission 

Designed as an easy-to-use program, M-Lab Notifier can be used to remind you to measure your connection speed.

M-Lab Notifier is a simple software that was developed with the help of the Java programming language.

M-Lab Notifier can show you when you need to test your connection from the system tray.

. Free download of M-Lab Notifier 0.3.8 Beta, size 0 b.