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AMG Attendance System AMG Employee Management 

AMG Attendance System is a powerful application designed to help you track the employee presence with your company. The program allows you to create an employee database according to the company's structure.

It is a complete attendance tracking solution that can record fine details and generate comprehensive reports with minimum effort.. Free download of AMG Attendance System, size 0 b.


Automated Attendance System 0.1 

Automated Attendance System (AAS) uses 2 modes for authentication - * Voice Identification System (VIS) * Fingerprinting MethodThe algorithms used for the same has been developed by me. This algo is more efficient and faster.. Freeware download of Automated Attendance System 0.1, size 9.14 Mb.

Online Attendance System 1.0 Oatsys 

The Online Attendance System is an attempt to demonstrate the use of information technology for controlling the disciplinary system of an institution. The web based system takes attendance from the teachers on daily basis which they can take with their computers inside the classroom. The teacher can then view the statistics about the absence of. Freeware download of Online Attendance System 1.0, size 0 b.

InOut Attendance 1.0.0 ValeProg 

Does Your Time and Attendance System Save You Time and Money? If you answer is no InOut Attendance is the solution for you! InOut provides companies with an easy to use employee time and attendance. With it you can: - Maintain records of company employees and track their time and attendance information. - Enable your employees to clock in and out. Free download of InOut Attendance 1.0.0, size 1.02 Kb.

SilverLiners Time Attendance Suite 2009 1.0 Asia Business System 

SilverLiners Time Attendance System is an application software which can help you to 1.Collect employees’ accurate TIME IN/OUT data using USB Fingerprint Scanner or Keyboard 2.Define effective policies such as Shift, Leave, OT, Late, Absence and Break-time policies 3.Create Employee Scheduling with no sweat 4.Keep track of working time,. Free download of SilverLiners Time Attendance Suite 2009 1.0, size 12.88 Mb.

Oberon 1.2..1 Vilma 

Vilma Oberon is a program for editing the system database - registry on Microsoft Windows operating systems. It includes all of the functionality of Registry Explorer and the next additional tools. The fastest tool for searching that we know. "Registry Inspector" - a tool for checking the registry for invalid entries, bad file system. Free download of Oberon 1.2..1, size 1.23 Mb.

Movie system 1.0 Moviesystem 

"Movie system" is database system for database of movie. Interface of system is simply and function. You can add some films to system, remove or change some record in system.

Movie system 1.0 License - BSD License; GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of Movie system 1.0, size 0 b.

Samkar Retail Management System 1.0 Samkarretail 

Samkar POS & Retail Management System is a database centered system which can be used for managing your SME. Samkar RMS allows users to store almost all of their business' information electronically, including information on sales, employees, properties, customers, vendors and even allows for expansion of the database scope to feature. Freeware download of Samkar Retail Management System 1.0, size 7.51 Mb.

ImageView 1 Sophtware Kode Werks 

ImageView is a simple, robust network capable imaging system database package. It provides a means of indexing images (or ANY other files) to a database for easy searching, retrieval, viewing, and batch printing. This is ideal for businesses, offices, and shops dealing with many blueprints, for example. ImageView supports unlimited number of users. Free download of ImageView 1, size 3.94 Mb.

TimePilot PC 4.0 TimePilot Corporation 

A complete software-based time and attendance system; nothing else to buy! The product comes in two versions: one with a single-seat license and another with five seat licenses. A single-seat license means that the software can be installed on only one computer; five seat licenses means the software can be installed on up to five computers. Either. Free download of TimePilot PC 4.0, size 99.54 Mb.

Vilma Software Oberon 2. 5. 2003 Vilma Software 

Vilma Software Oberon is a program for editing the system database - registry on Microsoft - Windows ®- operating systems. It includes the all functionality of Vilma Registry Explorer and additional powerful tools. A tool for optimizing the registry by defragmenting and reducing it's size. The fastest tool for searching that we. Free download of Vilma Software Oberon 2. 5. 2003, size 3.71 Mb.

Regit Express 1.0 American Precision Instruments 

Regit Express POS uses Microsoft's SQL Server 2008 Express, a freely-downloadable and distributable version of Microsoft's SQL Server relational database management system, as the database engine. Microsoft has several size downloads available, from a compact. Freeware download of Regit Express 1.0, size 8.17 Mb.

Bluetooth University Location Services 1.0 

BULS focuses on Bluetooth Based Attendance System, in a University. BULS also enables the University administration to send all sorts of notices to its members, via Bluetooth and keep a record of the positions of the members at various timings.. Freeware download of Bluetooth University Location Services 1.0, size 1.58 Mb.

Law Office Essentials (formerly LF2) b 

Law Office Essentials (LOE) is a law firm case management system, which sets no requirements for operating system or database server. LOE allows end user SysAdmins to configure it for Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL Server or PostGRES SQL Server "out of the. Freeware download of Law Office Essentials (formerly LF2) b, size 1.18 Mb.

ShortNotizer 1.0 

For fast notes in your browser, an electronic cardbox system, a database, with reports on subjects and time . Pure and simple. With newLISP as a localhost.. Freeware download of ShortNotizer 1.0, size 112.92 Kb.

STORM - Student Online Record Management 2.02 

The Student Online Record Management (STORM) system is a database interface to MySQL that is used for record keeping for large courses. It maintains and calculates marks, and maintains section/group assignmentsfor lectures, tutorials and laboratories.. Freeware download of STORM - Student Online Record Management 2.02, size 294.57 Kb.

ZODB and ZEO 1.0 

The ZODB is a persistence system and database for Python objects. Persistent programming languages provide facilities that automatically write objects to disk and read them in again when they're required by a running program.

ZODB and ZEO 1.0 License - OSI-Approved Open Source. Freeware download of ZODB and ZEO 1.0, size 0 b.

DIY Mointoring 1.0 Diymon 

Diymon is a system and database monitoring application. It watches hosts and database that you specify(using unix shell or SQL), it very like nagios,but it is very flexiable ,because you can customize a shell to collect any host informations.

DIY Mointoring 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of DIY Mointoring 1.0, size 0 b.

MyAssetDB 1.0 Myassetdb 

MyAssetDB is a full featured enterprise ready IT Asset Management System Database. MyAssetDB is designed to inventory Computers, Servers, Printers, Network Devices, Software and Branch ISPs.

MyAssetDB 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of MyAssetDB 1.0, size 0 b.

Mlinzi 1.0 Mlinzi 

This is and advanced access control time and attendance system incorporating CCTV and fingerprint as well as hand scanners.Future versions will support retina scanners.

Mlinzi 1.0 License - Fair License. Freeware download of Mlinzi 1.0, size 0 b.

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