Jvm For Wince

Jomega is a JNI extension of IBM J9 JVM 1.0 Jomega 

JOmega is a Open Source Java Mobile J9 Extension This LGPL library is a JAVA-JNI-C++ extension of J9 IBM Java Virtual Machine CDC for WinCe. It provides low level power management support, sound and a SQL database based on Sqlite.

Jomega is a JNI extension of IBM J9 JVM 1.0 License - GNU Library or Lesser General Public License (LGPL). Freeware download of Jomega is a JNI extension of IBM J9 JVM 1.0, size 0 b.


Embeddable JVM 0.0.3 embeddablejvm.sourceforge.net 

Embeddable JVM is a JVM for embedded systems with no OS. Class files can be executed directly from SD card. Small memory consumption (512k is enough). Only FAT16 filesystem is supported for now. Tested on LPC2478 and LPC2939 boards.. Freeware download of Embeddable JVM 0.0.3, size 450.64 Kb.

allspice 15 allspice.sourceforge.net 

allspice is a set of java libraries that allow you to easily create (or extend) programming languages that run on top of the JVM for seamless integration with java. Code written in one language is indistinguishable from another.. Freeware download of allspice 15, size 2.67 Mb.

MiniReg 1.0 minireg.sourceforge.net 

Registry editor for WinCE. Freeware download of MiniReg 1.0, size 38.22 Kb.

redefiner 1.0 redefiner.sourceforge.net 

The project tries to extend the basic Hotswap support in the current JVM and allows developers to add/remove instance fields and methods and replace the new class in a running JVM, thus saving huge time incurred in restarting the JVM for every change.. Freeware download of redefiner 1.0, size 213.13 Kb.

CrtDbg for WinCE 0.13 Crtdbg4wince 

You are searching _CrtDumpMemoryLeaks(), _CrtSetReportMode() and all the well known Win32 stuff? But you don't find it for your Windows CE or Windows Mobile native C or C++ development? Get tired of Memory Leaks? Handle Leaks? Trouble with Appverify (Application Verifier for WinCE)? Stop searching. Congratulations, you got it!

can. Freeware download of CrtDbg for WinCE 0.13, size 1.74 Mb.

IKVM.NET 7.0.4335.0 ikvm.net 

IKVM.NET is a JVM for the Microsoft .NET Framework and Mono. It can both dynamically run Java classes and can be used to convert Java jars into .NET assemblies. It also includes a port of the OpenJDK class libraries to .NET.. Freeware download of IKVM.NET 7.0.4335.0, size 16.33 Mb.

Perl for WinCE 300 perlce.sourceforge.net 

PerlCE provides pre-built perl binaries and some popular extensions for various WinCE platforms. Freeware download of Perl for WinCE 300, size 4.64 Mb.

RemoteTask Monitor 2.0.2 Remote Task Monitor For WinCE 

Remote Task Monitor lets you remotely monitor from your PC the applications running on a WinCE (Windows mobile) device. Using a TCP/IP link to the device from your PC, watch in real time the different processes and threads running on the device. See the CPU usage per process or thread, see memory usage per process. You can remotely start and stop. Free download of RemoteTask Monitor 2.0.2, size 626.21 Kb.

WinDriver for WinCE 6.23 Jungo Ltd. 

WinDriver for Windows CE automates and simplifies the development of user mode Windows device drivers for PCI / CardBus / ISA / PCMCIA/ PMC / PCI-X / PCI-104 and CompactPCI. No OS internals knowledge or kernel level programming required.Including powerful tools for hardware diagnostics, automatic driver code generation, and driver debugging, as. Free download of WinDriver for WinCE 6.23, size 11.35 Mb.

FingerCell Standard EDK (Demo for WinCE) 1.2 Neurotechnologija 

FingerCell 1.2 Library EDK is intended for large biometric system projects using hardware, based on ARM processors. FingerCell 1.2 Library EDK contains the following components: + PC Components: FingerCell libraries for Windows and Linux; drivers for image input from Tacoma CMOS, Startek FM200, AuthenTec AF-S2, AuthenTec AES4000 and Fujitsu MBF200. Free download of FingerCell Standard EDK (Demo for WinCE) 1.2, size 157.29 Kb.

jhfsplus 0.1 Jhfsplus 

Mount existing mac hfs/hfs+ partitions on your harddisk as a readonly virtual folder on windows. Requires java 1.6 (32-bit) and pismo file mount ( http://www.pismotechnic.com/download/ ) to be installed. A convinient free solution to macdrive if you

Mount hfs/hfs+ partitions on windows as readonly folders, Writing, editing, moving file,. Freeware download of jhfsplus 0.1, size 985.60 Kb.

JVMStats For jEdit 0.2 Uzi Landsmann 

JVMStats For jEdit is a simple and easy-to-use jEdit plugin intended for users who want to view the JVM (Java Virtual Machine) status.

JVMStats For jEdit displays a graph that will show how much memory is currently used by the JVM, as well as the number of running threads. It also allows you to clean unnecessary memory in the JVM.

WinCE CAB Manager OCP Software 

The WinCE CAB Manager is the ultimate utility for developers of applications designed for the Windows CE operating system. Because it reads and writes the Windows CE CAB file format directly, it eliminates the need to learn the complicated Windows CE INF file format normally used to generate the cabinet files used to install Windows CE. Free download of WinCE CAB Manager, size 4.70 Mb.

JRebel 4.6 ZeroTurnaround 

JRebel is a small JVM-plugin that makes it possible for Java developers to instantly see any code change made to an app without redeploying. JRebel lets you see code changes instantly, versioning classes and resources individually and updating one at a time instead of as a lump application redeploy. When developers make a change to any class or. Free download of JRebel 4.6, size 20.45 Mb.

Graphite for Pocket PC 1.0 graphite-wince.sourceforge.net 

Graphite for Pocket PC and WinCE is a free mathematical graphic Tool. It draws graphs like f(x)=x. It is very useful for result-control in all mathematic environments.Binaries for PocketPC2002/2003 on ARM/XScale are directly available.. Freeware download of Graphite for Pocket PC 1.0, size 269.93 Kb.

Plexus Compiler Component for javafxc 1.0 m2-javafxc.sourceforge.net 

Implementation of Plexus Compiler API for OpenJFX "javafxc" compiler (tool which compiles JavaFX code to JVM classes). Plugable to Maven2 Compiler Plugin.. Freeware download of Plexus Compiler Component for javafxc 1.0, size 16.80 Kb.

ixp4xx - IXP425 wince project 700.20110920 Ixdp4xx 

IXP4xx (IXP425, 422, 421, 420) BSP for Windows CE (wince/Windows Embedded Compact) 4.2/5.0/6.0/7.0

ixp4xx - IXP425 wince project 700.20110920 License - GNU Library or Lesser General Public License (LGPL). Freeware download of ixp4xx - IXP425 wince project 700.20110920, size 1.68 Mb.

strace for windows mobile 1.0 Strace-wince 

strace-wince is a system call tracer for Windows Mobile, Pocket PC and Windows-based Smartphones, it intercepts API calls and prints out a trace of all the API calls made by a another process/program.

strace for windows mobile 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of strace for windows mobile 1.0, size 0 b.

LLJVM for Windows 0.2 David A. Roberts 

LLJVM provides a set of tools and libraries for running comparatively low level languages (such as C) on the JVM.

The C to JVM bytecode compilation provided by LLJVM involves several steps. Source code is first compiled to LLVM intermediate representation (IR) by a frontend such as llvm-gcc or clang. LLVM IR is then translated to Jasmin. Freeware download of LLJVM for Windows 0.2, size 1.45 Mb.

Jvm For Wince Web Results

Novell JVM for NetWare.

Offers Novell supported runtimes for NetWare.


Esmertec's optimized CLDC/MIDP JVM for PalmOS. 10 times faster than the KVM from Sun.


JIT plugin for the Sun JVM, for Linux and FreeBSD on x86 processors. Includes support for a transparent distributed object system, MetaVM. [Open Source, GPL]


By DELOSOFT.COM. Supports: all Win32 (CE/9x/ME/NT/2000, CE emulators), Intel/MIPS/SH3/StrongARM CPUs. ANS'94 compliant, current language standard. Multithreaded core. Compatible with SP-Forth/3.x...

Neurotechnologija - VeriFinger

Offers SDK in library format for biometric systems developers. Source code is available on request. Offers choice of light, standard, or extended SDK's. Also has SDK's for WinCE and Linux.


Chess Database for PalmPilot (different from PalmChess for WinCE) like ChessPad.

Review: A Widow for One Year

By Jim Argendeli. [CNN] A review of "A Widow for One Year."