Kelemahan Linux Mint Freeware

BadTuxWall Linux Firewall 1.0 

BadTuxWall will help you to implement your own firewall on a Linux operating system using an efficient graphical user interface. It also allows you to generate iptables scripts, export them and share them with friends.. Freeware download of BadTuxWall Linux Firewall 1.0, size 1.22 Mb.


Berkley snoop protocol module for linux 0.3.rc7 

Berkley Snoop protocol module for Linux. Purpose: avoid speed reduction between big fat pipe (satellite) and wireless links caused by error prone nature of wireless links.. Freeware download of Berkley snoop protocol module for linux 0.3.rc7, size 16.80 Kb.

Berry Linux 1.01 

Berry Linux is a bootable CD Linux, automatic hardware detection.Berry Linux can be used as a Linux demo, educational CD, rescue system. It is not necessary to install anything on a hard disk.. Freeware download of Berry Linux 1.01, size 143.39 Mb.

Beatman Flash MP3 Player Linux Driver 0.2 

This proyect provides a GNU/Linux solution for managing the Freecom ( Beatman Flash MP3 Player. This is a user-space C application for uploading, downloading, etc. music files to the player.. Freeware download of Beatman Flash MP3 Player Linux Driver 0.2, size 99.23 Kb.

Binary-level debugger for Linux 0.91 

A binary-level debugger for Linux i386/32-bit similar to the MS-DOS debugger. No debugging information is necessary. Debugging begins at, the executable entry point or at main(). There is FPU support.. Freeware download of Binary-level debugger for Linux 0.91, size 86.39 Kb.

Bench++ for Linux 5 

Bench ++ for Linux was initially a port of Bench ++ to Linux, but now it.s more than that as developing it. Bench ++ is a suite of C++ benchmarks based on the Ada PIWG suite.. Freeware download of Bench++ for Linux 5, size 83.70 Kb.

Bluetooth HCI-USB Driver for Linux 1.0.0 

Bluetooth HCI-USB Driver for Linux. Freeware download of Bluetooth HCI-USB Driver for Linux 1.0.0, size 38.00 Kb.

BMC VM Linux Management and Archiving 0 

This project is a tool that allows end users of Linux on the mainframe under VM to manage their own Linux virtual machines: IPL, Shutdown, re-image with different versions, and archive base and modified Linux versions.. Freeware download of BMC VM Linux Management and Archiving 0, size 48.63 Kb.

Bomns for Linux 0.99.2 

Bomns for Linux is a fast-paced multiplayer deathmatch arcade game, which uses SDL for its graphics and sound. Its gameplay is best described as "old-school," as it's based on the ever-popular text-based Bomns franchise.. Freeware download of Bomns for Linux 0.99.2, size 1.08 Mb.

BrainSquash: VBA to Linux Communication 0.0.3 

Two way communication from any Excel, PowerPoint, Word application to Linux. The Brain is a custom TCP server, running under Linux, capable of accepting multiple connections from VBA objects and redistributing or storing the information in real-time.. Freeware download of BrainSquash: VBA to Linux Communication 0.0.3, size 15.02 Kb.

Bridge Linux 86.64 

Bridge Linux is an Arch derivative that includes a GUI and standard applications. It intends to stick with an Arch base and will not fork.. Freeware download of Bridge Linux 86.64, size 834.67 Mb.

BrProject - Kurumin linux distro 1.0 

The BrProject is a fake name to Kurumin, a brazilian linux distro based on Knoppix and Debian. While Kurumin is made to fit in a mini-cd, others "remasters" can have other objectives.Portuguese: O BrProject um apelido para Kurumin, uma distro linux. Freeware download of BrProject - Kurumin linux distro 1.0, size 722.64 Mb.

Bulgarian Linux Documentation Project 1.0 

Bulgarian Linux Documentation Project (BLDP) e opit da se prevede na bulgarski ezik kolkoto se moze pove4e ot Linux dokumentaciata. Rabota ima za vsi4ki taka che pomoshtta na vseki e dobre doshla ;0). Freeware download of Bulgarian Linux Documentation Project 1.0, size 25.52 Kb.

Bushcraft Linux 7 

Bushcraft Linux is a Linux distribution developed with the outdoor/woodsman in mind. Its development will concentrate on providing a live, lightweight, simple, and themed desktop Linux environment , by remastering current distributions. It will also make available artwork for windows users.. Freeware download of Bushcraft Linux 7, size 45.65 Kb.

buzz machine DLL loader for linux 0.1 

BuzzLoader for Linux. Freeware download of buzz machine DLL loader for linux 0.1, size 562.07 Kb.

Cadaz GNU/Linux 1.0.beta 

Cadaz GNU/Linux is an operating system designed for PHP developers who always work while mobile. With Cadaz, you can carry not just your work but entire development including OS, complete server stack and development tools on a flash drive.. Freeware download of Cadaz GNU/Linux 1.0.beta, size 73.33 Mb.

CAFE Linux 1.1 

CAFE Linux (Class And Functionality Enumerator for Linux) is a CASE tool which aid the process of design and code generation using visual modeling. This tool helps you in developing the class diagrams using UML notations and generates code accordingly.. Freeware download of CAFE Linux 1.1, size 152.48 Kb.

Canaima GNU/Linux 386 

CANAIMA is a complete GNU/Linux operating system/distribution developped in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, with both community and goverment support. It comes with thousands of packages. It aims to be fast, stable, secure, and flexible.. Freeware download of Canaima GNU/Linux 386, size 734.00 Mb.

CASE Tool for Linux 1.0 

A free , easy to use, quality , open source CASE Tool for the Linux Platform, that supports code generation and reverse Engineering, Distributed Concurrent Designing.. Freeware download of CASE Tool for Linux 1.0, size 4.52 Mb.

CaTer - Unix/Linux Terminal for C64 1.0.2011.12.04 

CaTer is a terminal programm for the C64 providing a usable serial terminal for Linux or Unix hosts. It is possible to make either a CaTer auto start cartridge, or to load it with a BASIC loader.. Freeware download of CaTer - Unix/Linux Terminal for C64 1.0.2011.12.04, size 70.29 Kb.