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Hindi Chutkule 1.0 ANIKET PATASKAR 

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It's all about Hindi jokes application.
( After reading it you will laugh like a mad!!! )

It bring jokes for you in Hindi font. Jokes play an important role in making our day-to-day life stress-free and cheerful.

Every person you interact has either a serious mood, a problem or is sad and jokes can break the ice and give. Free download of Hindi Chutkule 1.0, size 419.43 Kb.


Hindi Jokes 1.0 Rakesh Shringi 

Mobile \ Entertainment

Jokes in Hindi.
We bring jokes for you in Hindi font. Jokes play an important role in making our day-to-day life stress-free and cheerful.
Every person you interact has either a serious mood, a problem or is sad and jokes can break the ice and give laughter to each and every one. Jokes bring us a burst of laughter and help us. Free download of Hindi Jokes 1.0, size 3.36 Mb.

HowToGuideLite - for iPhone 1.0 Tapless Games Inc. 

Mobile \ Reference


HowToGuide for iPhone is a one-stop source for basic training on your iPhone.

Learn the iPhone basics and time-saving tricks with more than 50 information-packed video tutorials. Don't read, watch it with your own eyes - in videos that show you. Freeware download of HowToGuideLite - for iPhone 1.0, size 104.86 Kb.

LaTeX Wiser Lite - LaTeX Editor 2.0.0 Rexp-r 

Mobile \ Productivity

This app is LaTeX(TeX) editor.

Caution:This app can't create pdf.

This app is only able to edit the text written in LaTeX(TeX).
However, "good feature that allows you to edit the LaTeX" is attached to this application.
For example, there are auto-completion, Coloring(Syntax highlighting) and extended. Freeware download of LaTeX Wiser Lite - LaTeX Editor 2.0.0, size 1.78 Mb.

Bangla Keyboard 6.0 Mohammad Rashid 

Mobile \ Productivity

Type Bangla using this phonetic keyboard. Very easy to use. Keyboard supports most modern English to Bangla phonetic typing method.

Once done click on email button to send it to anyone. You can also copy paste and save it in any other application such as Notes.

No need to learn any specific keyboard. This keyboard uses. Free download of Bangla Keyboard 6.0, size 3.88 Mb.

Hindi Keys+Dictionary( English to Hindi & Hindi to English ) 1.1.1 Fawad Khan 

Mobile \ Reference

Hindi Keys Plus Dictionary is a precious gift for those who loves to write in Hindi & want to share in Hindi language.Its not just Keyboard but also a Dictionary (English to Hindi & Hindi to English).
User can search easily their desired words out of the millions words from the dictionary,The dictionary is offline database so no need. Free download of Hindi Keys+Dictionary( English to Hindi & Hindi to English ) 1.1.1, size 7.86 Mb.

Hindi Keyboard For iOS6 & iOS7 3.2 Muhammad Farooq 

Mobile \ Utilities

On #125 Top Paid Apps In India Utilities Category :)

Hindi Keyboard is specially designed and developed to facilitate our Hindi speakers client who are using iPhone and iPad.Through this app,The user will able to write in Hindi language in his/her iPhone and not only write but they can also send the text in Hindi to their friends and. Free download of Hindi Keyboard For iOS6 & iOS7 3.2, size 27.47 Mb.

Quillpad Touch Hindi 1.2.0 Tachyon Technologies 

Mobile \ Utilities

Quillpad Touch provides an easy way of writing in Hindi. While you can use the intelligent keyboard to write quickly, handwritten gesture recognition makes it fun and exciting. You will enjoy writing to your loved ones, posting messages online, sharing jokes, searching for lyrics and more. All in your own language.

Check out a 2 min. Freeware download of Quillpad Touch Hindi 1.2.0, size 12.90 Mb.

EthioType 3.2.0 Daniel Worku 

Mobile \ Productivity

The fastest mobile Ge'ez Keyboard for typing in Amharic (Fidel or Latin), Tigrinya (Fidel or Latin) and Oromo (Qubee Latin) to send Facebook, Email, Text, Twitter and Wifi Nearby Chat. There's nothing out there like our revolutionary approach!

EthioType uses a unique "One Tap, One Fidel" technology to. Freeware download of EthioType 3.2.0, size 10.17 Mb.

Hindi Bible(Indian Bible)HD 8.0 PalReader 

Mobile \ Education

Indian Bible Collection. Including 3 bibles:
* Hindi Bible
* Tamil Bible
* Malayalam Bible
The reader application provides the following important customer benefits:

* Real time font/font size and color/texture previews allow you to select fonts and colors and see in real time what pages would look like
. Free download of Hindi Bible(Indian Bible)HD 8.0, size 37.75 Mb.

Hindi Email Keyboard (Color, format and size) 1.0 G.P. Imports, Inc. 

Mobile \ Utilities

Finally you can write unique emails in "Hindi". In the past you were unable to send emails in Hindi. Now thanks to this application that all has changed. Images speak louder than words, please check our application preview images.

Hindi is one of the two official languages of communication (English being the other) for India's. Free download of Hindi Email Keyboard (Color, format and size) 1.0, size 209.72 Kb.

Hindi Messaging (Microimage) 1.1 Microimage Mobile Media Pvt Ltd 

Mobile \ Social Networking

Microimage Hindi is a messaging application which allows users to write a Hindi message and send via email and SMS. Microimage Hindi uses a phonetic keypad mechanism which allows easy typing of Hindi characters. Users can refer the help for the phonetic key mappings.. Free download of Hindi Messaging (Microimage) 1.1, size 209.72 Kb.

Hindi Quran Majeed 1.0 PakData 

Mobile \ Reference

Hindi Quran Majeed is the only app that offers the most beautiful Arabic Quran text (proofread by a Muslim scholar 'alim), in the elegant font used in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh region that you will find on a mobile device. The latest version of the authentic Quran Majeed app for iPhone and iPad offers complete Arabic Quran, audio recitation. Freeware download of Hindi Quran Majeed 1.0, size 46.66 Mb.

My Funky Colour Keyboard 1.0 Daniel Fisher 

Mobile \ Utilities

Over your standard iOS keyboard. Why not Message with Style.
Keyboard Skins gives you a whole new look and feel while typing, texting, messaging. The keyboard is no longer boring as it used to be.


Built-in Free Keyboards in different skins and the. Freeware download of My Funky Colour Keyboard 1.0, size 3.67 Mb.

3D Keyboard 1.2 Ivo Wessel 

Mobile \ Productivity

3D Keyboard a completly new dimension to write texts effectively. 3D Keyboard has 10 additional buttons that you can assign freely. There are 4 different levels that you can select by key stroke or very handy! by simply tilting the device left, right, up or down. Tap numbers, special characters and text snippets you need often without leaving the. Free download of 3D Keyboard 1.2, size 314.57 Kb.

Christmas, New Year, Winter Holidays Gift Cards 1.1 Ucom Multios 

Mobile \ Lifestyle

Using this app you can write text with your finger or keyboard, change a font, size, color of text on the cards and send to your friends. Freeware download of Christmas, New Year, Winter Holidays Gift Cards 1.1, size 25.38 Mb.

GripType 1.2 Tommy Westerberg 

Mobile \ Utilities

Type while skydiving! Not really, but this top positioned keyboard makes typing with one hand safer and easier as you hold the device more firmly. The handgrip also makes it more difficult for thieves to snatch the device from your hand. It's also the perfect aid for persons who only have one functional hand, or have to thumb-type with long finger. Freeware download of GripType 1.2, size 524.29 Kb.

HarfKana+ Lite 1.0.0 tadashi atoji 

Mobile \ Lifestyle

This is a text editor for Japanese.
Special keyboard is attached.

+ Direct input that do not need a conversion +
This app can use the halfwidth katakana.
It's a japanese small font.

And you can use Hiragana and Katakana.
This is the character of Japan.

You can share the entered text.
-. Freeware download of HarfKana+ Lite 1.0.0, size 13.74 Mb.

Hindi Keypad 1.1 Sedin Technologies Pvt Ltd 

Mobile \ Education

"Festival Dhamaka!!!" "Grab your Hindi Keypad at absolutely ZERO cost!"
Hindi Keypad now for FREE. Offer valid until 28th feb 2013. Hurry!!!

Hindi Keypad is the only touch Keypad in Hindi using Unicode, with a Ka kha ga gha na Keypad layout to type hindi just like you write on a paper.It includes Hindi. Free download of Hindi Keypad 1.1, size 6.19 Mb.

Hindi PaniniKeypad 1.7.0 Luna Ergonomics Pvt. Ltd. 

Mobile \ Utilities

Type in Hindi, Fast and Easy on the iPhone to send text messages (SMS), emails, chat, Facebook, twitter, poetry & Shayari !

The Panini Keypad is a serial global award winning invention that allows you to type fast on the phone through an intelligent predictive keypad that is based on linguistics!
Panini Keypad tries to estimate. Free download of Hindi PaniniKeypad 1.7.0, size 1.68 Mb.

QuickLetters 2.1 Appnology Ltd 

Mobile \ Productivity

Quickly produce professional business or personal letters complete with your company logo or personal photo and choice of font. Choose one of the predefined document layouts and example letter content templates to minimise typing and formatting required. Optionally import recipient address details from Contacts and either print completed letters. Free download of QuickLetters 2.1, size 4.09 Mb.

Ransom Text 1.60 NDNWare LLC 

Mobile \ Photo & Video

Are you tired of boring text?! Ransom Text allows you to use different picture fonts in several colors and fonts to express yourself! The app uses the standard qwerty keyboard with Ransom Text font overlays - It allows you to post text over a picture, send to Facebook, SMS, Email, Twitter, iTunes, Pasteboard/Clipboard etc. (see screenshots!)

1Hand Mail / SMS French Keyboard 2.3 4us 

Mobile \ Utilities

You can type messages in French easier and faster with one-hand wherever you are!

Want to try this keyboard? - please check out "1Hand Keyboard URL List Free".
*This Keyboard works ONLY in this App.

You can choose. Free download of 1Hand Mail / SMS French Keyboard 2.3, size 1.47 Mb.

1Hand Mail / SMS German Keyboard 2.3.1 4us 

Mobile \ Utilities

You can type messages easier and faster with one-hand wherever you are!

Want to try this keyboard? - please check out "1Hand Keyboard URL List Free".
*This Keyboard only work on this App.


1Hand Mail / SMS Spanish Keyboard 2.3.2 4us 

Mobile \ Utilities

You can type messages in Spanish easier and faster with one-hand wherever you are!
Want to try this keyboard? - please check out "1Hand URL Keyboard URL List Free".
*This Keyboard works only in this App.

Please visit our. Free download of 1Hand Mail / SMS Spanish Keyboard 2.3.2, size 1.57 Mb.


Mobile \ Education

Typing Bee keeps your kids busy with an intuitive and innovative way to learn and practice their spelling skills.

Parents can create different levels to suit different learning needs, or join in to play and have fun with their kids.

In this version, we have included the following features:

1. Basic 5- to 7-. Freeware download of AAA Typing Bee 1.0, size 9.75 Mb.

ABCKeyboard - learn ABC on the keyboard 1.0 Glenn Collins 

Mobile \ Education

Developed by parents, ABCKeyboard is a fun, interactive app for learning ABCs. Also great for learning keyboarding basics. Give your kids a jumpstart on learning the alphabet and typing! Give your kids a jumpstart on learning to read learning letters is the first step.

ABCKeyboard makes learning the alphabet easy and fun. Each letter. Free download of ABCKeyboard - learn ABC on the keyboard 1.0, size 26.53 Mb.

Awesome Keyboard 1.0 Jaja & Co 

Mobile \ Social Networking

Get yourself an Awesome Keyboard!

Awesome Keyboard enables OVER 400 Emoji icons on your iPhone/iPod Touch.

Get those cool smileys and cute icons everyone is raving about!

Already have Emoji Icons? Not to worry, you can also chat to people from around the world with Awesome Keyboard.

Easy URL Keyboard Free 2.0.2 4us 

Mobile \ Utilities

Featuring the same arrow keys as well-received Easy Mailer series - You can type URL easier with a QWERTY keyboard with the original extended keys!

*Arrow Keys and other Keys work ONLY this app.

Also Mailer or SMS are Available !

English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese,. Freeware download of Easy URL Keyboard Free 2.0.2, size 2.62 Mb.

Easy Web Keyboard HD 1.0 G.P. Imports, Inc. 

Mobile \ Productivity

Easy Web Keyboard HD
This is the most complete web browser available in the store!
Main Features:
Simply swipe between the letters without lifting your finger. When you get used to it you will see that you type faster than before!
Main Features:
- Enhanced Touch Keyboard
- Regular Keyboard included (Button on/off)