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MyDataBars 0.3 

MyDataBars is a Microsoft Excel add-in program that draws data bars in worksheet cells. This program will enable you to create data bars in Excel prior to 2007.. Freeware download of MyDataBars 0.3, size 139.13 Kb.


Okdo Excel Merger 2.4 Okdo Software 

Okdo Excel Merger is a powerful application which can be used to merge several more excel worksheets into one new worksheet or merge excel files into one new workbook with multiple worksheets. It also allows users to merge a batch of excel documents and combine the specified excel worksheets together in a short time. With a user-friendly interface,. Free download of Okdo Excel Merger 2.4, size 2.93 Mb.

BoursoXLS 1.0 Boursoxls 

MS Excel worksheet able to connect an manipulate tradding french web site (get stocks value, put orders ...) You need to be a boursorama client to use it.

BoursoXLS 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of BoursoXLS 1.0, size 0 b.

OpenwOSXun 1.0 Openwosxun 

A (set) of tools to program the Wouxun KG-UV2D dual-band radio.

Import/Export configuration files, Backup/Restore different configuration files

OpenwOSXun 1.0 License - Apple Public Source License; GNU General Public License version 3.0 (GPLv3). Freeware download of OpenwOSXun 1.0, size 0 b.

Exceltastic New Exceltastic 

Exceltastic is an Excel worksheet that enhances the program usage by adding new menus and functions. This tool allows you to use the classic Excel menu in order to quickly access the functions that you are used to from previous versions.

You can also use this tool for calculating the formula from certain cells and view the ranges defined. Free download of Exceltastic New, size 0 b.

Remove Styles New AKeeler 

Remove Styles is a handy and reliable add-in for Excel designed to clear all custom styles from any worksheet.

Remove Styles was designed especially for those situations when Excel triggers the following error: 'Too many different cell formats'. This fix will solve the issue without damaging your data.

. Free download of Remove Styles New, size 0 b.

Excel Viewer for Windows 8 New GrapeCity, inc. 

Excel Viewer for Windows 8 is a useful application for the users who do not have Microsoft Excel but need to open and view XLS or XLSX documents. This app allows you to view the content of the worksheet and filter the data with just a few clicks.

The user can also create a new sheet, enter data and perform calculations by entering the. Free download of Excel Viewer for Windows 8 New, size 0 b.

Tardy Pile Visual Technology Consulting 

Tardy Pile is a handy and reliable application designed to join multiple XLS, XLSX and CSV files into a single worksheet.

Files can be added via the dedicated 'Add 'button or by drag and drop. In addition, you can opt to include or exclude headers from the output file.

. Free download of Tardy Pile, size 0 b.

Box and Whisker Plot Creator 2.0 LLC 

Box and Whisker Plot Creator is a compact add-in designed to generate a plot by using the data from your Excel worksheet. You can create quartile, percentile or statistical plots by simply selecting the cell range and clicking a button.

The add-in enables you to select the type of plot, the layout and the placement before generating the. Free download of Box and Whisker Plot Creator 2.0, size 0 b.

ASpreadsheetVisualiser 1.0 Mark Lane and Xavier Caro 

ASpreadsheetVisualiser is a handy application designed to create a visual representation of the data saved in a Microsoft Excel worksheet. The application is able to analyze the data by using a predefined pattern and save it as an image file.

The user can define patterns by using the structure of the data and customize the output image. Free download of ASpreadsheetVisualiser 1.0, size 0 b.

List Importer for QuickBooks 1.64 Big Red Consulting 

List Importer for QuickBooks is a Microsoft Excel add-in that allows you to create an IIF list from a simple worksheet. The IIF file can be imported in the QuickBooks database in order to use the entries.

The add-in can export accounts, customers and employee lists from the current sheet with minimum effort.

. Free download of List Importer for QuickBooks 1.64, size 0 b.

xCELLencrypt 3.0.1 FullScope Solutions, LLC 

xCELLencrypt is an Excel add-in that can encrypt the contents of certain worksheet cells. It relies on 256 bit encryption using Microsoft's cryptographic service provider.

Using the password they specify, one can easily encrypt confidential information they store within Excel spreadsheets.

. Free download of xCELLencrypt 3.0.1, size 0 b.

MITCalc - Shells 1.10 MITCalc 

MITCalc - Shells is a reliable and useful Excel worksheet that helps users deal with the stress, radius and shell coefficients.

MITCalc - Shells provides users with a simple means of calculating cylindrical, conical and spherical shells, round plates and more. Also, with the help of MITCalc - Shells, users have the possibility to. Free download of MITCalc - Shells 1.10, size 0 b.

Simpleplanning Retirement Calculator & Planner New Simpleplanning 

Simpleplanning Retirement Calculator & Planner is an Excel worksheet designed to provide you with detailed information about your retirement plan. It allows you to plan your investments and to make informed decisions.

You can use this tool for estimating the retirement funds longevity and the age of your retirement based on your. Free download of Simpleplanning Retirement Calculator & Planner New, size 0 b.

Simpleplanning Investment Calculator New Simpleplanning 

Simpleplanning Investment Calculator is an Excel worksheet that allows you to visualize the results of your investment plan. It is designed to help you save time when you want to simulate different scenarios and understand the effects of each variable.

You can use this tool for planning accurately and making informed decisions when. Free download of Simpleplanning Investment Calculator New, size 0 b.

Simpleplanning Tax Calculator New Simpleplanning 

Simpleplanning Tax Calculator is an Excel template designed to help you calculate your taxes with just a few clicks. The worksheet includes multiple calculation tools for quick or detailed calculations.

You can use the calculator without an Internet connection by simply entering your details in the desired worksheet.

. Free download of Simpleplanning Tax Calculator New, size 0 b.

OFX Importer 1.07 Big Red Consulting 

OFX Importer is a useful tool for the users that want to import their banking transactions in an Excel worksheet. The add-in can handle the banking transactions in OFX, QFX of QBO files.

You can use this tool to import multiple transactions in the current worksheet or in a new XLS file.

. Free download of OFX Importer 1.07, size 0 b.

Excel Recovery Assistant Softales Group Inc. 

Excel Worksheet Recovery Assistant lets you repair damaged MS Excel files without special efforts. You do not have to download an amount of demo software for try outs. Excel Worksheet Recovery Assistant will do all work relating to the possible recovery variants. Repair utility will provide you with the detailed information on the possible. Freeware download of Excel Recovery Assistant, size 450.89 Kb.

Random Generator for Microsoft Excel Windows Afalina Co., Ltd. 

the Random Generator, but to the Standard Microsoft Excel custom lists as well. Look how it works. Say, you have a list of names in a Microsoft Excel worksheet. You select that list, and click Add. That's it! Just one click and you have a new list added to the Random Generator. And, you also have it among your Microsoft Excel custom lists. To make. Free download of Random Generator for Microsoft Excel Windows, size 2.67 Mb.

Excel API .NET SkySof Software Inc. 

.NET component to read and write Excel workbooks quickly and efficiently without Excel. Create an HTML page from a worksheet range which looks almost exactly identical - font types, font sizes, text color, borders, etc. are all preserved. Create an Excel workbook containing images, complex formulas, labels, dates, numbers from scratch. Read the. Free download of Excel API .NET, size 2.94 Mb.