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Kinetic Tennis Suitz Ethics 

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Action Packed is an understatement.

I present to you Kinetic Tennis, game number two in the Kinetic series. This insane experience of racket smacking fun is brought to you by Suitz Ethics and our musical partner is entertainment, The Virtuoso Shakir Cannon.

Introducing 'Battle Mode', where you test. Free download of Kinetic Tennis, size 13.63 Mb.


Kinetic Tennis Free Suitz Ethics 

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Action Packed is an understatement.

I present to you Kinetic Tennis, game number two in the Kinetic series. This insane experience of racket smacking fun is brought to you by Suitz Ethics and our musical partner is entertainment, The Virtuoso Shakir Cannon.

The trial gives you access to 'Battle Mode', where you test the limit. Freeware download of Kinetic Tennis Free, size 14.68 Mb.

Archery Tools Syncline Software 

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Calculators for determining the kinetic energy of your bow as well the horizontal distance when in a tree stand or incline/decline.. Freeware download of Archery Tools, size 1.05 Mb.

Font Lounge erickfiveten 

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Font Lounge is the #1 app for discovering and sharing new amazing fonts!

A great utility for graphic designers and lovers of typography, Font Lounge currently supports viewing and typing of over 170 fonts! Upload fonts you like to your OneDrive account OR type out a message in your favorite font and save it to your photo library!

geoDefense Swarm Microsoft Studios 

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The Thinking Man's Tower Defense Returns! Introducing geoDefense Swarm, the sequel to the critically acclaimed geoDefense.

geoDefense Swarm takes all the dizzying vectorized visuals, vexing challenges and highly kinetic addictive gameplay from the original, and changes the equation – instead of defeating creeps along a pre-defined. Free download of geoDefense Swarm, size 4.19 Mb.


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Latest news for designers and Web developers across the globe on all subjects of design; ranging from CSS, Ajax, JavaScript, Web design, graphics, typography, advertising & much more!. Freeware download of Noupe, size 1.05 Mb.

Oil and Gas jobs KeyApps (UK) 

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Kin-Tec Recruitment was established in 2001 as Kinetic Technical Ltd. - a specialist provider of Technical personnel to the Oil and Gas and Energy industries.
With our UK head office overseeing the development of a strong client base covering locations all over the globe, Kin-Tec has seen expansion into both Ghana and Qatar with further growth. Freeware download of Oil and Gas jobs, size 1.05 Mb.

StoppingPowerPhoneApp Effective Firearms 

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The Effective Firearms Guide to Stopping Power calculates up to six (6) indices of bullet performance.
Enter a muzzle velocity (feet per second) and bullet weight (grains) and it can display the bullet momentum and muzzle (kinetic) energy.
Enter the caliber and you can also display the Taylor Knock Out Factor (TKOF) and the Thorniley. Free download of StoppingPowerPhoneApp, size 1.05 Mb.

Adobe Creative Suite 6 BK Apps 

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Adobe Creative Suite 6 Design & Web Premium is the ultimate toolkit for profes- sional design. With it you can deliver eye-catching digital images and craft graphics that remain crisp when scaled. You can also lay out high-impact print pages with exquisite typography, build HTML5/CSS3 websites that look great on any screen, and design. Freeware download of Adobe Creative Suite 6, size 35.65 Mb.

AdSenser Infocore Solutions 

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Track your AdSense and AdMob earnings with AdSenser. Stay up to date with the Live Tiles or get the details on your pageviews, clicks, CTR and more. Flip the Phone into landscape to get detailed charts.

The free ad supported version will update tiles every 3-4th hours whereas the payed version updates every 30 minutes.
- Flip the. Free download of AdSenser, size 2.10 Mb.

Atmosphere Weather Kevin Smith. 

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"In a Store crammed with excellent forecasting apps, Atmosphere still manages to impress. " -

Atmosphere is an advanced weather app with a beautiful and user friendly interface. It uses advanced graphs and typography to make the forecast readable and detailed, yet beautiful to look at and use. The app has a. Free download of Atmosphere Weather, size 4.19 Mb.

Chemistry Teacher Online Airpersons International 

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It allows you to make chat consultations with chemical engineer and more. Ask questions for free, just contact them. Buy and sell services online. Earn money answering questions on your mobile. Obtain 40$ free in services and consultations just for signing up.

Search by categories. Any online expert. Freeware download of Chemistry Teacher Online, size 2.10 Mb.

Co-Op: Peace by Piece 

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From Toronto's deepest electronic underground emerges a fresh approach to sonic exploration: Co-Op.

Download the app and listen to the Techno and Deep House tracks on your device or over the network with Play To.

Formed by Oreste Camarra and Karim Sultan in the latter half of 2008, these two – frequently joined by. Freeware download of Co-Op: Peace by Piece, size 25.17 Mb.

Fifty States Tom Alphin 

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Fifty States allows you to track your progress towards visiting all 50 states. You are able to record more than one visit for each state along with the date visited and a note about your trip.

Fully functional trial allows you to try all features before you buy.

version 1.4:
Major update incorporates new features from my. Free download of Fifty States, size 1.05 Mb.

geoDefense Microsoft Studios 

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Something exciting and new in the Tower Defense genre! The geometric vector creeps are fast and intense. With 30 different maps, each its own puzzle, you'll have to work fast to keep up.

Using exciting vectorized graphics, this highly kinetic game brings a whole new dimension to the tower defense genre. Devastate creeps with blasters,. Free download of geoDefense, size 3.15 Mb.

Location Scout Denzil Doyle 

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Location Scout helps you look up places anywhere in the world.

The app allows you to search places by name (KFC, Eiffel Tower) or by category (restaurant, hotel, airport) and sorts results from the nearest places to the furthest.

Major features:
Addresses, zoomable maps, hotel ratings, contact numbers with. Freeware download of Location Scout, size 1.05 Mb.

MyPhysicsCalculator SparkleSolutions 

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My Physics Calculator contains 134 Calculators, that can quickly and easily calculate different physics and engineering parameters. Automatic & Accurate Calculations and Conversions with every Unit and Value Changes. A Complete Physics and Engineering Dictionary.

My Physics Calculator contains following 134 Calculators:

Scribble Defense+ Elbert Perez 

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You are the Scribble Meister, a master of inks and the powerful protector of the Scribbles. As their only line of defense, you must protect the innocent Scribbles from the unrelenting march of vicious Scrawls. Manifest destructive towers to devastate enemies with powerful attacks, or deploy kinetic towers to manipulate enemies and the very paths. Freeware download of Scribble Defense+, size 15.73 Mb.


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Shooter's Ref V2 is a ballistics calculator for shooting enthusiasts. It includes a database of over 1,600 popular cartridges from Federal Premium, Winchester, Hornady, Weatherby, Fiocchi, PMC and Barnes.

Release Notes Version
• Adds kinetic energy and velocity calculator
• Restores metric mode. Freeware download of Shooter's Ref V2, size 3.15 Mb.

Thermodynamics Calculator SparkleSolutions 

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Thermodynamics Calculator contains 44 Calculators, that can quickly and easily calculate different Thermodynamics and Thermal Engineering parameters. Automatic & Accurate Calculations and Conversions with every Unit and Value Changes. A Complete Engineering Dictionary.

Thermodynamics Calculator contains following 44. Free download of Thermodynamics Calculator, size 1.05 Mb.

Thermodynamics_Free VTsoumanis 

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Thermodynamics covers the named field of Physics in detail.

It provides complete theory of : Thermodynamics(in general) , First thermodynamic law , Second thermodynamic law , Heat Capacity , Ideal Gas law , Isothermal process , Isochoric process , Isobaric process , Adiabatic process , Combined Gas Law , Thermodynamic cycle , Carnot. Freeware download of Thermodynamics_Free, size 9.44 Mb.

UniversalConverter SparkleSolutions 

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Universal Converter is a conversion calculator that can quickly and easy translate different units of measure. It consists of 62 Categories with 1320 Units and 54458 Conversions. Definitions are also provided for each converter.
• Acceleration
• Angle
• Area
• Astronomy
• Brix &. Free download of UniversalConverter, size 1.05 Mb.