Korean Language With Nepali Translation

L-Lingo Korean 4.1 L-Ceps Ltd. 

L-Lingo Korean is designed for learners without or with little previous knowledge of the Korean language. ... 105 lessons, comparable to 1-2 years of studying (professional version)...covering traveling & social life, at home, at work, body & mind and nature ... 5 special lessons with a focus on common phrases ... ++++ Benefits and. Free download of L-Lingo Korean 4.1, size 40.89 Mb.


99 ALLAH NAMES with English Translation Final nom bom 

Islamic Screen Saver in which 99 ALLAH Names with English Translation,Description and Benefit of ALLAH Names. This is much Beneficial in your daily life Routine.Kindly distributed this Screen Saver to all other Muslims.. Freeware download of 99 ALLAH NAMES with English Translation Final , size 9.46 Mb.

InC-EPL 4.1 inc-squeak.sourceforge.net 

* Internationalization of squeak etoys version to Korean * Internationalization of dolittle version to Korean * Internationalization of Robot programming language with squeak e-toys to korean. Freeware download of InC-EPL 4.1, size 70.19 Mb.

DC Form Translator 1 EgyFirst Software , inc 

Form Translator is a COM based component that allows you Support MultiLanguage Application , by populate form labels with predefined translation automatically . Free download of DC Form Translator 1, size 1.04 Mb.

Gentee Programming Language 3. 6. 2003 Gentee, Inc. 

The Gentee programming language can be classified as a procedure-oriented language with some features typical of object-oriented programming. It has no complicated constructions and is easy to use, but at the same time it is a powerful tool for solving all kinds of tasks. The syntax of the language is based on the syntax of the C programming. Freeware download of Gentee Programming Language 3. 6. 2003, size 2.71 Mb.

TransLite Spanish - English Dictionary 8 TransLite 

TransLite is a fast, easy-to-use dictionary:In Internet Explorer and Outlook, just point to the word with the cursor and the translation will appear. To get translations in other programs, just select the word (for example, by double click).TransLite provides you with full, clear translations:TransLite contains over 3.500.000 terms in its. Free download of TransLite Spanish - English Dictionary 8, size 6.00 Mb.

WordFile Creator Pro (Korean) 1.2.1018 Declan Software 

WordFile Creator Pro (Korean) is a shareware utility for those of us wanting to learn the Korean language. This program helps us create Korean audio word files, which can be imported to another Korean learning program called Declan's Korean FlashCards. We can create our own word files in four guided steps. First, we must load an existing. Free download of WordFile Creator Pro (Korean) 1.2.1018, size 2.66 Mb.

Stella dictionary 1.6 Stella 

STELLA is a windows based multilingual dictionary, with simultaneous translation capability to and from English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Lithuanian and Russian. You only need to type in the word in one of the available languages, to view translation to all seven languages simultaneously! Experience the whole new level of comfort with. Free download of Stella dictionary 1.6, size 5.30 Mb.

blu Scripting Language 1 bluscript.sourceforge.net 

blu is a new scripting language with an interesting syntax. It is an interpreted language that will in the future be able to accomplish many tasks.. Freeware download of blu Scripting Language 1, size 3.44 Kb.

C Scripting Language 1.0 csl.sourceforge.net 

CSL is a programming language with C syntax and comprehensive libraries. The compact scripting engine can also be embedded into your own applications as a powerful macro language.. Freeware download of C Scripting Language 1.0, size 2.15 Mb.

C-smile object-oriented language 1.0 c-smile.sourceforge.net 

C-smile OOL is a scripting language with C++-like grammar. It has compiler, VM running bytecodes and C++ extendible runtime. Intended to run in standlone and embedded mode.. Freeware download of C-smile object-oriented language 1.0, size 262.68 Kb.

Dao Language 1.0 daovm.net 

Dao is an object-oriented scripting language with automatic memory management. It provides text processing, numerical computation and multi-threading functionality. Moreover, Dao is very light and efficient, and well suitable for extending and embedding.. Freeware download of Dao Language 1.0, size 7.24 Mb.

ELENA Programming Language 1.7.8 elenalang.sourceforge.net 

ELENA is a new non-mainstream general-purpose, pure object-oriented language with late binding. It promotes more object-oriented program design, reusable and more standardized code. The package includes compiler, IDE, ELENA libraries and samples. Freeware download of ELENA Programming Language 1.7.8, size 1.96 Mb.

ILYC programming language 0.3 ilyc.sourceforge.net 

An easy-to-use, interpreted language with a simple syntax, which is very suitable for beginners and hobbyists. The package contains a command-line interactive interpreter and a window interpreter.. Freeware download of ILYC programming language 0.3, size 329.05 Kb.

Modular extension language (LEM) 0.6.3 lemsh.sourceforge.net 

Lem is a object-oriented extension language with a C-like syntax. A Lem "source" program is compiled interactively and then executed.This project aims also to develop a shell (lemsh) based on the Lem programminglanguage.. Freeware download of Modular extension language (LEM) 0.6.3, size 919.26 Kb.

NanoCL Command Language 1.0 nanocl.sourceforge.net 

NanoCL is a simple command language with syntax based on TCL implemented in C++. NanoCL is designed to provide simple scripting language, configuration file format as well as interactive console to games and GUI applications.. Freeware download of NanoCL Command Language 1.0, size 182.47 Kb.

Objeck the Programming Language 32 objeck-lang.sourceforge.net 

The Objeck language is an object-oriented computing language with functional features. All data types are treated as objects. The language consists of a compiler, VM (with garbage collector and JIT support) along with a command-line debugger.. Freeware download of Objeck the Programming Language 32, size 1.77 Mb.

PIXES, an SQL/ XML scripting language 1.1.6 pixes.sourceforge.net 

PIXES is a scripting language with a focus on SQL by using statements defined by XML tags. The tags are executed by a Java-based interpreter.. Freeware download of PIXES, an SQL/ XML scripting language 1.1.6, size 2.51 Mb.

Qore Programming Language 0.8.3 qore.org 

Qore is a multithreaded, embeddable, db-integrated, weakly- and strongly-typed, object-oriented programming language with Perl5-regex support, run-time language extensions through modules, suitable for interface development, application scripting, et. Freeware download of Qore Programming Language 0.8.3, size 3.48 Mb.

STAL - A stack orientated language 0.1 stal.sourceforge.net 

STAL, a small and simple stack orientated language with a lot of similarities to Forth, but different!!. Freeware download of STAL - A stack orientated language 0.1, size 2.46 Kb.

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