Learn Spoken Hindi Through Tamil

webTrade 1.0 Webtrade 

The website allows students to learn financial concepts through web-based simulation learning. Students create their portfolio and manage them. To encourage participation, the website incorporates game element. No prizes yet but winners get fame.

webTrade 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of webTrade 1.0, size 0 b.


Garfield's Typing Pal 5.0 De Marque inc. 

Garfield's Typing Pal 5.0 is a fun program to learn how to type. Through step by step lessons, this program will allow you to touch type in very few time. You can customize the specifics of your course and your objectives. At the beginning of the program, you will be able to choose one of the three available personal assistants: Garfield, Odie. Free download of Garfield's Typing Pal 5.0, size 6.79 Mb.

Aishwarya Rai Screensaver glamsham 

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is an Indian film actress. She worked as a model before starting her acting career, and ultimately won the Miss World pageant in 1994. Rai has acted in over 40 films in Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu, and Bengali. This screensaver is easy to install and easy to manipulate. It offers allot of pictures with this actress.. Freeware download of Aishwarya Rai Screensaver, size 59.96 Mb.

Linguata Hindi 2.8.0 Veneficium Ltd 

Learn Hindi on your PC or Mac

Linguata Hindi is a software program that enables you the freedom to speak Hindi words and phrases in a modern, practical and fun way with an emphasis on rapid vocabulary development.

Use Linguata Hindi to quickly increase your confidence and start speaking simple Hindi words and phrases. Free download of Linguata Hindi 2.8.0, size 12.81 Mb.

Baraha 10.10 Baraha Software 

Baraha supports Kannada, Sanskrit, Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Gujarati, Gurumukhi, Bengali, Assamese, Manipuri, and Oriya languages.

Baraha - a standalone program for editing, printing documents.
BarahaPad - a standalone program for editing Unicode documents.
BarahaIME - an Input Method Editor for typing Indian. Free download of Baraha 10.10, size 9.06 Mb.

L-Lingo Hindi 4.1 L-Ceps Ltd. 

L-Lingo Hindi is designed for learners without or with little previous knowledge of the Hindi language. ... 105 lessons, comparable to 1-2 years of studying (professional version)...covering traveling & social life, at home, at work, body & mind and nature ... 5 special lessons with a focus on common phrases ... ++++ Benefits and Features:. Free download of L-Lingo Hindi 4.1, size 45.09 Mb.

Package: QuickThai 1.0 Granot 

Package: QuickThai is the best way to learn Thai
Talking English Thai Dictionary English Script, Thai Script, Phonetics, Human Native Female Voice.
The easy way to learn Thai language.
Package: QuickThai easy to use and the best way to learn Thai.. Free download of Package: QuickThai 1.0, size 11.13 Mb.

NetMedia Food & Health 1.0 Net Computers 

NetMedia Food & Health is an application that you can use to learn about healthy food.

The program provides information regarding carbs, calories and diet tips, food that is good for your heart etc. In total, it contains 18 topics you can read and learn about. To navigate through the topics, you have to use the navigation. Free download of NetMedia Food & Health 1.0, size 0 b.

Talking Keepinhead PC 1.2.0 ACCORTA INSTITUTE s.r.o 

This is a new revolutionary product awarded in June 2009 in the Million idea competition in Europe (2nd place of 174).

Keepinhead PC Free is an educational memory software including audio ( education, language software ). Learn foreing languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Latin, Indonesia, Hindi, Portuguese, Italian, Greek,. Freeware download of Talking Keepinhead PC 1.2.0, size 1.98 Mb.

Loqu8 iNterpret Chinese-English 3.1 Loqu8, Inc. 

For the first time, understand and learn Chinese as fast as you move your mouse. Loqu8 iNterpret Version 3 is an instant Chinese-English translation tool for both casual users scanning Chinese websites and serious students learning Mandarin Chinese.

Instant English Translations: Loqu8 iNterpret refines interactive Chinese-English. Free download of Loqu8 iNterpret Chinese-English 3.1, size 557.06 Kb.

Shakti Office Hindi CK Technologies Pvt Ltd 

User-friendly is more than a marketing term for us. It is our core dream - To empower. Our software is a result of being tuned into the needs of you, the Indian user.

Shakti Office offers a number of applications that have been pinpointed by the Indian user as a must. These applications are enhanced with a number of unique features. Free download of Shakti Office Hindi, size 0 b.

Heavy Weapon 1.0 YourGamesWorld.com 

Communism is creeping around the globe and only you can stop it! Are you ready to unleash adrenaline-soaked side-scrolling shoot-em-up arcade action? With a blast of retro-80's videogame chic, Heavy Weapon brings classic shooter action to the casual gamer with simplistic mouse-control, explosive graphics, and easy-to-learn mechanics. Fight through. Free download of Heavy Weapon 1.0, size 9.14 Mb.

Paradise Quest 32.0 I-Play 

Paradise Quest is an arcade game developed by I-play.
In this game you will take control of the main character who is an ecologist, his name is Dr. Finch and he is trying to recover nature's equilibrium. He travels to the Isabela island and there he finds some strange artifacts, your mission will be to help him solve a fascinating. Free download of Paradise Quest 32.0, size 134.39 Mb.

The Alphabetic Games IVANOFF Interactive A/S 

One day when Skipper & Skeeto were about to have a nice afternoon with hot cocoa and biscuits, Skipper sat in the old armchair with Skeetos storybook on his lap.

This worried Skeeto, because he knew Skipper couldn't read. Skeeto knew that the best way to learn the letters and words are through games.

Together with. Free download of The Alphabetic Games, size 153.52 Mb.

Horoscope Explorer in 8 Laguages 1.0 Public Software Library India Pvt Ltd 

Horoscope Explorer makes your Kundali (Birthchart) in detail along with a big set of charts and detailed predictions. If you are a practicing astrology you will appreciate the comprehensive of the charts and if you are an astrology enthusiast like the rest of us, you will enjoy the detailed analysis which gives you a deep insight into the various. Free download of Horoscope Explorer in 8 Laguages 1.0, size 9.30 Mb.

Cisco Mind Share 1.0.49 Cisco Systems Inc. 

Cisco Mind Share game helps you to improve your performance on the popular entry and associate-level Cisco certification exams.
Players learn and validate skills through each module and can increase understanding and recognition speed on key topics. Cisco Mind Share game players can also continue to boost performance across three dynamic. Free download of Cisco Mind Share 1.0.49, size 25.17 Mb.

FileMaker Pro 11v3 1.0 File Maker Inc 

FileMaker Pro is powerful, easy-to-use database software that helps you and your team get any task done faster. Millions of people in business, government, and education use FileMaker Pro to effortlessly manage all their information on Windows, Mac, and the web. FileMaker Pro has several easy ways to help you create databases right away!. Free download of FileMaker Pro 11v3 1.0, size 51.38 Mb.

LooKeys 3.0.17 FTK 

LooKeys is a software application providing Chat, E-mail & Online Word Processing in Hindi, Bengali, Telugu, Marathi, Tamil, Gujurati, Kannada, Malayalam, Punjabi and Urdu. This is a comprehensive Indian languages word editor package, a powerful tool to improve Indian languages typing capabilities.. Free download of LooKeys 3.0.17, size 0 b.

Learn Vietnamese Starter 2.0 2Speak Languages 

With over 60 individual classes, you will learn to master Vietnamese by listening to and practicing with simulated conversations, engaging exercises, and skill units as you work through the interactive study guide and audio content. 2Speak's Learn Vietnamese covers just about every area that you need to master in order to speak Vietnamese like a. Free download of Learn Vietnamese Starter 2.0, size 36.86 Kb.

Learn Turkish Starter 2.0 2Speak Languages 

With over 60 individual classes, you will learn to master Turkish by listening to and practicing with simulated conversations, engaging exercises, and skill units as you work through the interactive study guide and audio content. 2Speak's Learn Turkish covers just about every area that you need to master in order to speak Turkish like a native. The. Free download of Learn Turkish Starter 2.0, size 36.86 Kb.

Learn Spoken Hindi Through Tamil Web Results

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Learn Hindi through video and audio presentations in the Real Video file format.

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Distance learning through Tamil. Contains Technical English-Tamil dictionaries in the fields of Electrical/Electronics, Civil, Engineering, Law, Biology/Life Sciences, Physics, Chemistry and...

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The doors are open to all cultural groups and creeds. The mission of the School is to create a center of excellence where young people can learn Circus skills, and through that process acquire the...

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Learn the Chinese language through phonetics rather than Chinese Characters, in eleven lessons of vocalized vocabulary and situational dialogs.