List Of Bca Projects

TAdvListEditor TMS Software 

TAdvListEditor is a handy and reliable Delphi / C++ Builder control designed to assist you in editing a list of values.

TAdvListEditor includes components for various version of Delphi and C++ and can be used on multiple development environments on a single machine.

. Free download of TAdvListEditor, size 0 b.


Arabic Obsolete Words 1.0 Mohammed Attia 

Arabic Obsolete Words was developed as an accessible and useful tool that displays a list of outdated and obsolete words. You can also find words that are not in contemporary use, in the Buckwalter Morphological Analyser database.

The list contain about 8,400 words that fell out of current use with a margin error of 1%.

Arabic Multiword Expressions 1.0 Mohammed Attia 

Arabic Multiword Expressions was developed as a simple tool that contains a list of multiple word expression resources for Arabic (totalling 34,658 MWEs).

The multi word expressions are extracted from the Arabic Wikipedia, Arabic Gigaword corpus (4th Edition), and the English Princeton WordNet translated into Arabic.

. Freeware download of Arabic Multiword Expressions 1.0, size 0 b.

My ChunkVNC Viewer papafreebird 

My ChunkVNC Viewer is an application designed to keep a list of clients so that you can perform quick connections.

This app can be really useful for those who have installed ChunkVNC service on their clients machines for ongoing customer support.

This is just a replacement viewer for the one that comes with ChunkVNC. To use. Freeware download of My ChunkVNC Viewer, size 0 b.

Best subliminal affirmations 1.0 Subliminal Messages, Inc 

This list of subliminal messages contains more than 500 affirmations. It can be used for autosuggestion, self hypnosis and with any of special subliminal messaging software programs. It was developed by professional psychologists and tested. Initially it was a part of a non-free Subliminal Flash program, however now it is also distributed. Free download of Best subliminal affirmations 1.0, size 0 b.

TwitPopList 1.0.0 Andrew Shay 

TwitPopList is a handy and reliable application designed to retrieve a list of your Twitter followers and to save it locally to text format.

TwitPopList is able to handle multiple accounts, saving the results to a different text document for each of them inside the installation folder of the application.

. Free download of TwitPopList 1.0.0, size 0 b.

NetworkInterfacesView 1.00 Nir Sofer 

NetworkInterfacesView is an easy to use application that displays a list of all the network adapters on your system, together with their corresponding connection name, IP address, subnet mask, default gateway, MAC address and more.

NetworkInterfacesView lists both active adapters and previously installed interfaces that are not connected. Free download of NetworkInterfacesView 1.00, size 0 b.

DNS Blacklist Editor 1.0 Build 4 JH Software 

DNS Blacklist Editor is a lightweight tool designed to create a list of blacklisted DNS addresses by using IP range parameters. You can define a DNS by specifying the exact IP address or by entering an IP range.

The user can also include a subnet in the black list and manage multiple entries by joining the similar values. It is a good. Free download of DNS Blacklist Editor 1.0 Build 4, size 0 b.

Ads Fund Official Add-on 1.2 Ads Fund 

Ads Fund Official Add-on is a Firefox addon that creates a list of links paid by advertisers. The lists are ordered by the amounts spent on each link.

Lists are generated at 21 UTC, and 10 minutes before that time (and maybe several minutes after) you will not be able to create new links. Users will also see no links for new searches. Free download of Ads Fund Official Add-on 1.2, size 0 b.

Portable Application Inventory 3.0 Funduc Software 

Portable Application Inventory is a simple to use tool that scans your computer and creates a detailed list of all the installed software.

The utility displays information such as application name, version, installation date and time, file size, manufacturer and path. Portable Application Inventory enables you to select the entire list. Free download of Portable Application Inventory 3.0, size 0 b.

JDirList New Valentin_Valchev 

Created as a simple and handy utility, JDirList can generate a HTML list of your files. Using JDirList you can also start creating your custom template designs.

JDirList is developed in the Java programming language and can operate on systems such as Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

. Free download of JDirList New, size 0 b.

List Mailer 0.8.3958.38019 Aaron Stewart 

The List Mailer Utility is a program to compile and send HTML e-mail merge messages to a list of people. The emails can be formatted in HTML (including images) and all parts of the email can be sourced from the merge fields.. Free download of List Mailer 0.8.3958.38019, size 754.97 Kb.

WinLister 1.13 NirSoft Freeware 

This utility displays the list of opened windows on your system. For each window, some useful information is displayed: the title, the handle of window, location, size, class name, process number, the name of the program that created the window, and more... In addition, you can easily hide, show or close the selected windows, or save the windows. Freeware download of WinLister 1.13, size 31.46 Kb.

Group Net Send 1.01 RJL Software, Inc. 

Group Net Send is a small command line utility that send messages to multiple users or groups of users. Our utliity uses the existing Microsoft Messaging Service to send a network message to the specified list of computers. With Group Net Send you can send messages to any username or computer name on your network. Just create a message.txt file. Free download of Group Net Send 1.01, size 178.26 Kb.

Scholarship Talk 1.0 Scholarship Talk 

Contains the most updated list of scholarships around the US to date!. Freeware download of Scholarship Talk 1.0, size 734.00 Kb.

Easy Study 3.1 InterActive Educational Software 

creates a Menu List of Topics which display multi-media information.There is no limit to the number of Topics a Menu List can contain. The completed Menu List can be a stand-alone program or a simple pop-up menu. You can use the pop-up Menu List as a Glossary for another program, where it will be displayed on top of that program's current screen.. Free download of Easy Study 3.1, size 5.59 Mb.

The Stone of Destiny 1.0 Big Fish Games, Inc 

Your Uncle mysteriously disappears one day, and all you are left with are a book, a map and an envelope containing a list of objects. Finding these objects will unlock doors and cities for you to explore. Intriguing and beautiful levels will aid you in finding the hidden objects to reveal the true mystery of the stone. Avenge your uncle's. Free download of The Stone of Destiny 1.0, size 23.00 Mb.

C-major chords exercises 08.21 FLASH MUSIC GAMES 

Find and save list of chords. Basic chords A sheet. Suitable for beginners. Empty chord sheet An empty sheet of chords templates to print out and use. Find and save list of chords. Basic chords A sheet. Suitable for beginners. Empty chord sheet An empty sheet of chords templates to print out and use. Basic chords Em, C, G, D, Am, E, and A Free. Freeware download of C-major chords exercises 08.21, size 31.46 Kb.

Rapid Deployment URL Launcher 1.1 

Rapid Deployment is a simple freeware url launcher tool that allows you to create and launch a customized list of regularly visited urls in separate default browser windows with only one click. Webmasters and anyone who surfs a great number of web sites should find this url launcher useful. Besides launching all of your favorite url's, Rapid. Freeware download of Rapid Deployment URL Launcher 1.1, size 999.42 Kb.

CTMailer 2.2 Cypress Technologies 

With CTMailer you can send a pre-written email message to a list of recipients. Html format, does not require access to ISP SMTP server and is multi-threaded for fast delivery. Simply the easiest way to send your personalized message to your customers and friends. Provides a built in DHTML editor for creating your email messages. This editor is. Free download of CTMailer 2.2, size 2.09 Mb.

List Of Bca Projects Web Results

TCPSAT list of TCP papers

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Master List of Newsgroup Hierarchies

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Ireland: List of Zen Centers

List of all Zen centers in Ireland.

England: List of Zen Centres

List of all Zen centres in England.

Master List of Ancient Masters

Extensive list of brief biographies of ancient masters.

Wikipedia: List of Specific Demons and Types of Demons

Large list of demons from various cultures and mythology.

An Ecumenical List of Order and Congregation Web Sites

While mainly Catholic, this is a comprehensive & ecumenical list of religious orders, congregations and communities containing many hundreds of entries. Additions are invited