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Game Show Wizard 1.06 Pathos Learning 

This game show program allows the teacher/presenter to enter questions, answers, and images (optional) into a game file generator (The Game Show Wizard) to be easily uploaded into four possible game show formats and played using a large monitor or digital projector. It comes with all four gamest. The Game Show Wizard is easy to install and is free. Free download of Game Show Wizard 1.06, size 38.41 Mb.


Watu Exam 2 2 Calendar Scripts 

Watu Exam is easy to install exam testing software. It allows you to add multiple questions, answers with single/multiple selections, and open-end questions, and assign points to the given answers. Based on the points collected the user can receive assigned grade or result of the quiz/exam. Image uploading is also available in an image gallery. You. Free download of Watu Exam 2 2, size 289.79 Kb.

PHP Trivia 1.1 php-trivia.sourceforge.net 

A Trivia game written in PHP. Use one or several of the trivia files that come with the game, or create your own trivia questions/answers.. Freeware download of PHP Trivia 1.1, size 231.63 Kb.

sandbox violation desktop 0.41 Anirudh Sasikumar 

sandbox violation desktop is an Adobe AIR application that lets you run sandbox violation as a desktop application. It detects your network status and allows you to view questions / answers you had viewed when online while offline as well. It also saves your unsubmitted entry if you go offline while composing a question or answer.

Adobe Flex 4 ACE Exam Aid 2.0 Catalyst Software 

Written by Ali Raza

Exam codes: 9A0-129

The Adobe Flex 4 ACE Exam Aid is specifically written to enable you to prepare for and to pass the corresponding Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) product proficiency exam.

It does this by employing challenging multiple-choice questions to test your mastery of Adobe Flex 4, and by. Free download of Adobe Flex 4 ACE Exam Aid 2.0, size 5.81 Mb.

COG-200 IBM Cognos 8 Controller Developer 31-Oct-09 Pass-Sure.com 

IT Student can choose from a variety of COG-200 Study Questions and Training Tests for your IBM Cognos 8 Controller Developer Certification Exam Preparation. Pass-for-sure premium Study Material is prepared by Industrious and IT Certified Professionals.

Pass-Sure is offering all of the certification tests available on the website (over. Free download of COG-200 IBM Cognos 8 Controller Developer 31-Oct-09, size 1.05 Mb.

QA-Coach 3.0.03 Bruno Cancellieri 

QA-Coach is a question-answer training assistant; it prompts questions selected from a database using a scientific method for optimal memorization of the answers. You can use it to learn vocabulary of a foreign language, mathematical facts and any possible matter presented in form of questions and answers. It stores in a database your performance. Free download of QA-Coach 3.0.03, size 4.25 Mb.

Scripture Challenge 5.11 PC Shareware, Inc. 

Scripture Challenge is an in-depth Bible question and answer game, containing over 3600 questions gathered from the Old and New Testaments. Interesting facts are presented as questions in a quiz-like environment, and users are prompted for the correct answers. The questions are grouped into dozens of categories, such as "Word meanings",. Free download of Scripture Challenge 5.11, size 1.21 Mb.

Scripture Scholar 5.11 PC Shareware, Inc. 

Scripture Scholar is an in-depth Bible question and answer game, containing over 3600 questions gathered from the Old and New Testaments. Interesting facts are presented as questions in a quiz-like environment, and users are prompted for the correct answers. The questions are grouped into dozens of categories, such as "Word meanings",. Free download of Scripture Scholar 5.11, size 1.78 Mb.

EX0-101 Free Exam Questions and Answers 15.0 Cheat-Test.com 

www.Cheat-test.com is the online Certification Expert recognized by a worldwide audience of IT professionals and executives alike as the definitive source of training materials for the candidate seeking insight, updates and resources for vendor certifications. www.Cheat-test.com EX0-101 ( ITIL Foundation v.3) is written to coincide with the real. Free download of EX0-101 Free Exam Questions and Answers 15.0, size 146.80 Kb.

EZQuizTaker 1.1.0 Robert DeFusco 

EZQuizTaker allows you to easily build and administer or take multiple choice quizzes. Create quizzes with up to 3000 questions and up to 6 answers per question. View, print and/or email quiz results. Include optional helpful explanations for the correct answer to help the test taker learn from their incorrect answers. Attach up to 3 images or. Free download of EZQuizTaker 1.1.0, size 3.91 Mb.

Bible Trivia 1 1 CrossDaily 

Have you ever played the "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" game? Or maybe you have watched the TV show. Anyway, chances are that you are at least somewhat familiar with the game and its mechanics. In short, the game is about making money by answering a series of questions on several subjects. CrossDaily has issued an electronic version of. Free download of Bible Trivia 1 1, size 13.99 Mb.

AnalogX CGIVote 1.00 AnalogX 

AnalogX CGIVote gives you the ability to set up multiple voting booths or surveys, with single or multiple questions and answers, on your website. This software is very customizable, and uses separate tracking, configurations, and data files for each vote/survey, so you can have as many as you would like. Each question has a unique ID as well, so. Freeware download of AnalogX CGIVote 1.00, size 47.10 Kb.

ThoughtOffice Muse 1. 5. 2010 ThoughtOffice Corp. 

ThoughtOffice Muse is a brainstorming & creativity program for writers, based on IdeaFisher's legendary principles of Associative Thinking. ThoughtOffice Muse combines powerful tools to help you take any idea or event, and turn it into a compelling story. Associative Thinking (or Lateral Thinking) is the process of following links between ideas. Free download of ThoughtOffice Muse 1. 5. 2010, size 7.05 Mb.

YES or NOT STEEROL productions 

Now you can use own thought processes, that without suspecting, at very deep unconscious level. To understand, what things contradict your principles, to understand the most complicated confused affairs and questions, practically doing nothing. Each of us constantly faces a choice problem. It is a life integral part. Our choice is influenced by set. Free download of YES or NOT, size 975.17 Kb.

PR-Pro by ThoughtOffice 1.5.7 ThoughtOffice Corp. 

ThoughtOffice PR-Pro is a brainstorming and creativity program based on IdeaFisher's legendary methods of Associative Thinking. ThoughtOffice combines powerful tools to help you take any event or idea, and create a winning, attention-grabbing campaign or press release. Associative Thinking (or Lateral Thinking) is the process of following links. Free download of PR-Pro by ThoughtOffice 1.5.7, size 7.05 Mb.

Exam Simulator for CCNA 2.7.0 Anand Software and Training (P) Ltd. 

Overview of CCNA Exam Simulator by CertExams.com
Question types: Supports 300+ questions with question types like multiple choice single answer, multiple choice multiple answer, true/false type, simlet type, testlet type, simulation type questions.
Exam configuration options: The candidate can configure exam based on the requirement by. Free download of Exam Simulator for CCNA 2.7.0, size 12.58 Mb.

Teach2000 8.42 basement.nl 

Teach2000 is a private teacher to help you memorize a foreign language, topography or even the history of Italy by dates. Improve your school results with this free language trainer. Many ways of testing. Examples. Two or more different answers possible. Multi-line questions/answers. Full Unicode support, ancient Greek font included. Dictionaries. Freeware download of Teach2000 8.42, size 7.50 Mb.

SemSim 640-801 CCNA Exams 11.2.1 SemSim 640-801 CCNA Exams 

An easy-to-use, affordable practice and learning tool to make sure you pass your CCNA exam OCo we guarantee it.SemSim 640-801 CCNA Exams comes with 5 realistic CCNA exams and hundreds of practice questions to drill and practice with all exam objectives. It even allows you to create your own CCNA practice exams.Provides realistic modeling of the. Free download of SemSim 640-801 CCNA Exams 11.2.1, size 3.90 Mb.

By Heart 4.0 Pierre Geevers 

This program is a great opportunity if you have to learn by heart any list of any subject. It is very simple to make it work: just create a text (.TXT) file, in each line, put the question, type a character, and type the answer. By Heart treats this data file by randomizing the question. You just have to type the answer or to choose it in the list.. Free download of By Heart 4.0, size 224.26 Kb.

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