M S N Messenger

Trung tam 3G Bui Minh Dức 

**This app only support Vietnamese and can only use in Viet Nam
- Ứng dụng hỗ trợ bạn soạn sẵn cac cu phap tin nhắn SMS dể xem thong tin cac goi cuớc 3G, dang ky, hủy goi cuớc, gia hạn goi cuớc của cac nh? mạng Mobifone, Vinaphone v? Viettel.


Tuyen Tap Tho Tinh Yeu Hay VN Best Apps For Phone 

Bạn l? một fan ham mộ của những b? i tho tinh lang mạn?
Bạn da từng cảm nhận v? thich thu với những b? i tho dậm d? m? u hồng , cảm nhận từng hoi thở trong từng lời hay y dẹp ,dến kho tin của cac lời. Freeware download of Tuyen Tap Tho Tinh Yeu Hay VN, size 3.15 Mb.

vDeal Tony Toan 

An awesome app that help you watch the discounted products from the Deal Page as NhomMua.Com, HotDeal.vn, MuaChung.vn, 51Deal.vn
Ứng dụng tuyệt vời giup bạn xem cac sản phẩm giảm gia từ cac trang Deal nhu Nhom Mua, HotDeal, Mua Chung, 51Deal...

VN Economy TẠ QUANG 

VN Economy l? trang thong tin t? i chinh - bất dộng sản, phien bản Windows Phone của VNEconomy.vn

Ứng dụng cho phep nguời dung cập nhật cac tin tức nhanh chong, lien tục 24/24h tren cac linh vực kinh tế, t? i chinh, bất dộng sản,... Ngo?. Freeware download of VN Economy, size 1.05 Mb.

CC Email Checker 2.1 YoungZSoft 

It's n full-featured pop3 email checker. When new messages arrive, it will notify you. If a message includes a Klez worm virus or some defined spam addresses, CC Email Checker will mark it out. It supports delete mail remotely. So you can remove it. In a word, CC Email Checker is also Klez removal tool and anti spam software.1) POP3 email checker.. Free download of CC Email Checker 2.1, size 598.02 Kb.

Moilin 2 2 NUI, Galway 

Móilín is a molecule builder and viewer which acts a front end for Tinker, Mopac, Iconc and Firefly. It is possible to build and optimize molecules using mouse clicks. Moilin may be operated in stand alone mode or run using Oscail.
Moilin starts in Display mode.
Model Rotation - The model may be rotated in almost. Freeware download of Moilin 2 2, size 15.76 Mb.

GigaWordCorpus 1.0 gigawordcorpus.sourceforge.net 

We are using a large archive of newspaper stories(GigaWordCorpus) as input to a parallel MPI program, and produce from that a list of top R terms of varying lengths M through N that are especially interesting.The program is done in C using MPI.. Freeware download of GigaWordCorpus 1.0, size 77.12 Kb.

Top Ranked Phrases in a Corpus 1.0 trpc.sourceforge.net 

This project is supposed to list the Top R ranked terms that are of between M and N length. It is designed to extract these phrases from a given corpus in a input folder.. Freeware download of Top Ranked Phrases in a Corpus 1.0, size 291.88 Kb.

xrockman 1 xrockman.sourceforge.net 

xrockman is a retro arcade/puzzle game based on Rockman for the VIC20 by M & S Srebalius and published by Mastertronic in the 1980s. xrockman is written for Xlib so requires little in the way of dependencies and runs on slow computers. Freeware download of xrockman 1, size 20.15 Kb.

Project H.A.R.M.O.N.Y. 1.0 ponychan.net 

This is the developer home for Project H.A.R.M.O.N.Y., started on the ponychan.net forums.

(Note, the "homepage" for this project is temporary until a dedicated page is created.)

Project H.A.R.M.O.N.Y. 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of Project H.A.R.M.O.N.Y. 1.0, size 0 b.

Red vs Green 1.0 Blockdot, Inc. 

We all know Red thinks he's the big cheese of the M&M's crew. Green doesn't quite agree with Red's opinion and wants to deflate his ego. You choose to control either Red or Green in this addictive and challenging puzzle game. Who will come out on top?. Freeware download of Red vs Green 1.0, size 2.71 Mb.

123win 2.0 Hung Vu 

Poker, ph?m, ti?n len, b? i c? o th?c t? ... Game d?u tien t?i Vi?t Nam cho phep ngu?i choi tren di?n tho?i v? website d?u v?i nhau. Freeware download of 123win 2.0, size 18.56 Mb.

320-PS-JIM - Highway Sampler 1.01 gain-up.de 

Sie sind die Cowboys der Highways und erleben Abenteuer in Amerika. Die Rede ist von Jim Stonewall und Chris Morris, die mit? ihrem M.A.N.-Truck tausende Meilen zurucklegen und dabei standig in gefahrliche Situationen verstrickt werden. Mit den einheimischen Kollegen Steve Barcley und Barry Winwood rivalisieren sie um die besten Auftrage. Sobald es. Free download of 320-PS-JIM - Highway Sampler 1.01, size 911.21 Mb.

A9 TV 1.6 Global Yaynclk 

Bu uygulama ile A9 TV'yi iPhone, iPod ve iPad'inizden izleyebilir, A9 TV yay?n ak?s?n? gorebilir ve A9 TV programlar? hakk?nda bilgi alabilirsiniz.

A9 TV'de yay?nlanan roportajlar, canl? yay?nlar ve belgeseller, simdi iPhone, iPod ve iPad'inizle her an yan?n?zda!

Say?n Adnan Oktar'?n her gunku canl? yay?nlar?ndan an?nda. Freeware download of A9 TV 1.6, size 6.71 Mb.

Abdulkadir GULLUOGLU Baklavalar? 1.0 Picosoft Engineering Ltd. Sti. 

Gecmisten gunumuze Gaziantep ve Turk halk?n?n damak zevkine hitap eden Abdulkadir GULLUOGLU baklavalar?, Siz degerli musterilerimize kaliteli hizmet anlay?s?n? teknoloji ile guclendirerek sunmaktan gurur duymaktad?r.. Freeware download of Abdulkadir GULLUOGLU Baklavalar? 1.0, size 8.91 Mb.

Badass Free 1.0.5 Ming Jing 

"This games is very fun and ... Funny plus it has a challenge to it and its one of those games were u lose so what il do it again. It's that fun" - Fjj

"This game is beyond amazing, very addicting!" - F.M.S.Z

"Bon concept, amusant" - Flo87000

Who's the King of Action Games? Challenge. Freeware download of Badass Free 1.0.5, size 53.27 Mb.

Cep Zikirmatik 1.0 coskun gungor 

Cep Zikirmatik uygulamas? ile belirlediginiz say? kadar zikir cekebilir, daha sonra devam etmek uzere kald?g?n?z yerden devam edebilirsiniz.
Ekranda cekmek istediginiz zikir say?s?n?, kalan say?y?, zikir ad?n?; zikir tusu uzerinde de o ana kadar cektiginiz zikir say?s?n? gorebilirsiniz.
Zikir tusu belirlenmis oldugunuz sayac s?ras?na. Freeware download of Cep Zikirmatik 1.0, size 11.32 Mb.

Ceyhan Belediyesi 1.0 Picosoft Engineering Ltd. Sti. 

Ceyhan Belediyesi Resmi Mobil Uygulamas?n? Siz Degerli Vatandaslar?m?z?n Hizmetine Sunmaktan Gurur Duyar?z.. Freeware download of Ceyhan Belediyesi 1.0, size 2.41 Mb.

Charades Articulation 1.0.1 Erik X. Raj 

Created by Erik X. Raj, M.S., CCC-SLP, this easy-to-play and fast-paced speech therapy game helps players to have fun while describing, acting out, and guessing random words. Charades Articulation elaborates on the classic party game of charades by including a comprehensive collection of over 1,000 sound-specific articulation words that can be. Free download of Charades Articulation 1.0.1, size 81.89 Mb.

Charles Darwin Collection (Voyage of Beagle,Origin of Species, Descent of Man) 6.2 LoudReader Inc 

Charles Darwin Collection.
This application contains 3 books:
The Descent of Man.
The Origin of Species
Journal of Researches into the Natural History and Geology of the countries visited during the voyage round the world of H.M.S. Beagle (The Voyage of the Beagle)

LoudReader, an advanced iPhone reader. Free download of Charles Darwin Collection (Voyage of Beagle,Origin of Species, Descent of Man) 6.2, size 7.65 Mb.