Make Misce Tracks Sound Clear

Faturator 1.000 Kilohearts AB 

Faturator is an audio plugin that enables you to customize the way your tracks sound by adding them some grit or fatness.

It can deconstruct a sound, then reassemble it to make it sound a little more aggressive and better.

. Free download of Faturator 1.000, size 0 b.


Beep.Exe 2.0 RL Vision 

Beep is a simple command line utility that uses the internal PC speaker to make a notification sound. This can be useful in situations when you do not have a sound card or speakers are not connected or turned on.

By default, a notification sounds is played, but you can use the program to create your own sounds with full control of what. Free download of Beep.Exe 2.0, size 0 b.

Music Player Daemon 0.16.8 MPD Team 

Music Player Daemon (MPD) is a useful server utility that was especially designed to help you listen to music or make your tracks available via the local network.

MPD requires a third-party client application for accessing and listening the songs since none is included in the original package.

. Freeware download of Music Player Daemon 0.16.8, size 0 b.

Magic MIDI to MP3 Converter Magic Audio Tools 

An easy to use mid converter that will help you breathe new life into your old midi collection or make your music sound different. In addition to supporting various soundfonts, the program allows you to specify a number of midi mp3 conversion parameters affecting the quality and size of the resulting file, as well as edit file-specific tags.
. Free download of Magic MIDI to MP3 Converter, size 16.06 Mb.

ABC Cubes - Teddy's Playground 1.0 Big Fish Games Inc. 

The main goal of this game is to combine all of the colorful letter cubes into batches of three or more to make them pop and clear the screen. You will help Teddy, a sweet bear clean up the mess he and his friends made while playing with wooden letter cubes. He has to clean everything up before the Appleberry family comes home from vacation, if not. Free download of ABC Cubes - Teddy's Playground 1.0, size 88.89 Mb.

Proteus Metaprogramming Framework 1.0 Proteusmpf 

Proteus MPF is a set of tools to make metaprogramming easy and clear. It will include generalized code object model, parsers/generators, specialized model transformation language, visualization tools and an IDE to bring all these facilities together.

Proteus Metaprogramming Framework 1.0 License - GNU Library or Lesser General Public. Freeware download of Proteus Metaprogramming Framework 1.0, size 0 b.

MMultiBandRingModulator x64 5 5 MeldaProduction 

The MMultiBandRingModulator VST plugin was developed to be a powerful multiband ring-modulation effect using two oscillators with adjustable shape.
It can make your drum tracks and other effect tracks sound like you would never imagine. Due to its multiband core it is suitable for any single track as well as for master tracks.
. Free download of MMultiBandRingModulator x64 5 5, size 3.57 Mb.

MMultiBandRingModulator for Mac OS X 5 5 MeldaProduction 

The MMultiBandRingModulator VST plugin was developed to be a powerful multiband ring-modulation effect using two oscillators with adjustable shape.
It can make your drum tracks and other effect tracks sound like you would never imagine. Due to its multiband core it is suitable for any single track as well as for master tracks.
. Free download of MMultiBandRingModulator for Mac OS X 5 5, size 3.57 Mb.

Cakewalk Audio FX Pack 3 1.0 Cakewalk Music Software 

For sound engineers, where you record is as important as what you record. That’s because the acoustic environment can greatly affect the overall warmth and reverb of your final audio mix.
Now you can make audio tracks sound like they were recorded in almost any room you can imagine. Cakewalk Audio FX 3 SoundStage allows you to. Free download of Cakewalk Audio FX Pack 3 1.0, size 0 b.

mufin player pro 2.51 r710 mufin GmbH 

You can use Mufin player pro to manage the music you have stored on your PC as well as your online music. Does a free online hard disk for your tracks sound complicated and futuristic? Not any longer. Save your favorite music on your online music hard drive via your mufin player with just one click. Once that's finished, all of. Free download of mufin player pro 2.51 r710, size 48.23 Mb.

dTune dTune v2 

Your favourite synth (-plugin) has only one oscillator, but you want to have some beat frequencies? Want to make a brass sound more full, fatten up vocals or drums?
dTUNE will do this by adding two detuned voices to your original signal.

Very easy to use: just set the amount of detuning, how much the 2 signals (up and down. Free download of dTune, size 0 b.

WaveMixer 0.4 

WaveMixer is a multitrack wave editor. It can mix mutliple sound together to make a new sound file. We want to do an audio software that is simple to use for anyone, and not only by profesionnal users.. Freeware download of WaveMixer 0.4, size 552.34 Kb.

Kill Mosquito 1.0 

Mosquito is little bloodsuckers not only make a distracting sound, but sting you and leave a big red lump which itches like no tomorrow. Mosquito games gives you the opportunity to get your revenge on them irritative bugs. You can slap them, squish them or even spray them in Mosquito games category. Today we present a game called Kill mosquito. I. Freeware download of Kill Mosquito 1.0, size 1.98 Mb.

Audio Mixer by Pinnacle College 3.4 Pinnacle College 

Audio Mixer is a new desktop based application that allows users to play multiple sound files simultaneously. The application enables you to mix multiple sounds together for practice or professional purposes. The Audio Mixer application is intuitive enough with its click and drag capabilities for newbies and students, has a stylish and user. Free download of Audio Mixer by Pinnacle College 3.4, size 5.81 Mb.

Jump Jump Jelly Reactor Twilight Games 

Jump Jump Jelly is a nice fun puzzle game where the main goal is to make Jelly's grow dragging long chains of the same color in order to clear them from your screen board. In this game you must set up big Jellies to make high scores, you must try to place 5 jellies to get a combo, 6 to get a big combo and more than 7 for a super combo. If you. Free download of Jump Jump Jelly Reactor, size 0 b.

Sound Vibe Linas Naginionis 

Sound Vibe is an audio player that supports most popular audio file formats. This program allows you to add files to be played by dragging and dropping them from other windows. You can create playlists, which you can use later to play groups of songs previously selected. The player will grab from the Internet some information about the song being. Freeware download of Sound Vibe, size 12.82 Mb.

Sound Controller 1 FlashDo 

SOUND CONTROLLER This class well help you to create many of SFX and control them easily.In this class you can 1- mute and un mute the sound 2- set sound level by click on slider3- transform sound by make tween to sound Example: FOR ADD NEW SOUND FOR THIS CLASS DO THE FOLLOWING 1- DECLARE NEW SOUND VARIABLE IN PRIVATE PART, EXAMPLE ' PRIVATE VAR. Free download of Sound Controller 1, size 31.74 Kb.

Sound Effects Generator 2.2c Sean O'Connor's Windows Games 

"Sound Effects Generator" is a program for creating Windows .WAV sound effects files. The sounds are saved as .SFX files which can be reopened and modified by the program. In the full version they will also be saved as .WAV files of the same name for use in other Windows applications.

There are five components to creating and. Free download of Sound Effects Generator 2.2c, size 356.51 Kb.

Blaze Audio VoiceSFX 1.3 Blaze Audio 

VoiceSFX is an innovative program designed to let you record sounds from your own voice, then apply special effects like Helium Breath, Slow Monster, Fade, and Echo to create crazy sound effects. You can also capture sound from any source your computer supports (microphone, line-in, CD, etc.) and then distort it into something wildly weird and. Free download of Blaze Audio VoiceSFX 1.3, size 2.70 Mb.


AudioRetoucher is an audio effect processor that changes the pitch and tempoof an audio composition. With AudioRetoucher the sound of an instrument or voicemight be modified slightly, to make a vocalist or instrumentalist's job easierin dealing with difficult keys, and usually involves no more than a half-step(semitone) or possibly whole step. Free download of AudioRetoucher, size 1.10 Mb.