Matrix Falling Letters Screensaver Mobile Software

Hard Word 1.0 Nicholas Martin 

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The aim of the game is simple: to make as many words as you can from the random falling letters before the time runs out.

Start off creating 3 letter words. Spell 10 correctly to increase the level (number of letters required). Every correct word increases your score and time.

What score can you get, and can you find the. Freeware download of Hard Word 1.0, size 31.25 Mb.


Sea Lettercatch DanielWelshApps 

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Lettercatch is a difficult puzzle game, which puts the player in a racy position to fill in as many words as possible, using the falling letters within the time limit, the more words they complete, the higher their score!. Freeware download of Sea Lettercatch, size 1.05 Mb.

Word Puzzle Matrix Delaire Damien 

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****BETA Word Puzzle Matrix****
It is a fun twist to the traditional crosswords puzzle that'll have players hooked in minutes. The objective of Word Puzzle Matrix is to find as many valid words as possible (within 1 minutes or with 50 Taps) by selecting the falling letters. Words are formed by taping on letters, the letters selected are shown. Freeware download of Word Puzzle Matrix, size 3.15 Mb.

Wisdom Matrix TechTree IT Systems Pvt Ltd 

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It's a given that life is unpredictable. And as Oscar Wilde once said, ‘Unpredictability is the very essence of romanticism.' Things go wrong, as they sometimes do, in love, in work, in business, in friendship… Life becomes rote, dull. You may rant, you may sulk, you may become slothful and lose hope. The only way to get out of this. Freeware download of Wisdom Matrix, size 1.05 Mb.

Matrixer surex 

Mobile \ Entertainment

This app allows you to take photo and make it look like it has been taken in Matrix with falling green matrix letters,

Version 1.1
-Reworked main GUI
-Added settings page
-Some code optimization
-Added new feature : Saving image to file
-Added new view generation (in Settings tab there`s option called "Only. Freeware download of Matrixer, size 1.05 Mb.

99 Letters - Word Hunting Challenge. 1.2.5 Snow Storm Software 

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99 Letters, a fresh and unique word hunting, lotto ball challenge. High resolution, letter lotto balls make up your board, bouncing, rolling, and falling into place with realistic 3D physics. Every new game refreshes the board, watch them tumble into place, then the challenge begins. Tap touching balls in sequence to make words, the longer the. Freeware download of 99 Letters - Word Hunting Challenge. 1.2.5, size 22.12 Mb.

ABC Sounds Balloon Pop 2.0 John Jumper 

Mobile \ Education

ABC Sounds Balloon Pop is an educational balloon pop game that teaches letter sounds. Colorful falling balloons in the shapes of letters can be popped by your child and each letter plays the sound for the letter as it pops!

Fun sounds and colors along with the occasional funny balloon nozzle sound keep your child's interest as she. Free download of ABC Sounds Balloon Pop 2.0, size 14.05 Mb.

Skitrix AM Networks LLC 

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The top iTunes Word Game is finally here for Phone 7!

Enjoy an unusual twist on classic board and computer games. Skitrix is a falling block word game like no other before! Line up the letters to make 3 to 7 letter words. The longer the words the more points you get.

Be on the look out for the Red and Blue Pills, which can. Free download of Skitrix, size 6.29 Mb.

1001 Letters for all occasions HD 1.0.0 Micro Application 

Mobile \ Lifestyle

The ideal application to handle all your letters with success!

This original and easy-to-use application will help you to face any daily situations

1001 ready-to-use letter models for all your correspondences: personal, administrative, professional

62 themes spared into 11 categories: everyday's life, bank, right. Free download of 1001 Letters for all occasions HD 1.0.0, size 5.66 Mb.

100 Dots Free Falling Balls Game 1.0 Chris Silveira 

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100 Dots Free Falling Balls is a game thats easy to learn but hard to put down! Tap the screen to release balls into the moving cups. Be sure to fill up every cup, empty cups will be lost. The game will end when all the cups or balls are gone.

Compete with your friends and other players from across the globe for the highest score in. Freeware download of 100 Dots Free Falling Balls Game 1.0, size 4.72 Mb.

100 Falling Balls - Fill The Cups: mini arcade game edition 1.0 Mako Apps, LLC 

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A Simple but challenging app.

Tap the screen to open up the pot. Balls fall from the two holding areas. Fill the moving cups with falling balls. When you fill the cups, they will return the balls to the pot. Empty cups are removed from rotation. The game ends when all balls or cups are gone.

Each level adds speed to the. Freeware download of 100 Falling Balls - Fill The Cups: mini arcade game edition 1.0, size 12.37 Mb.

123 Count With Me! for iPhone 1.7 Tatiana Churanova 

Mobile \ Education

You will be amazed to see your kid picking the principle of counting easily in a fun puzzle game. Just a little magic!

- Fun animated reward like apples falling down or balloons flying away when puzzle is done!
- New board with new toys every time!
- 2 mini-games between series of puzzles: Find the number and Memory cards.

2048 Letters - Best Free Puzzle Game! 1.0.2 Ilker Sevim 

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Very easy to learn but hard to master, letter puzzle game!

Join the same letters with swiping to up,down,right,left sides and try to get the highest score you can get! Compare your scores with friends and try to beat them to show who is boss :)

Swipe to move letters. When two tiles with the same letter touch each other, they. Freeware download of 2048 Letters - Best Free Puzzle Game! 1.0.2, size 4.40 Mb.

26 Letters Wallpapers HD 1.0 tan junjun 

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26 letters daily to be seen ,but did you forget their beautiful style.This application show you a different kind of style.

First-class team of professionals, carefully selected and professionally designed HD cool wallpaper, giving you the beauties gluttonous, a lifetime, the shock of the wonderful visual feast to enjoy.. Free download of 26 Letters Wallpapers HD 1.0, size 6.50 Mb.

35 letters words game 1.1 DMITRIY BEKETOV 

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New unique arcade puzzle: to collect words using only the provided set of letters. At the same time, the longer the word, the more points are awarded for each letter.

? all control is one finger;
? use a unique multilingual dictionary;
? letters fitting algorithm based on the probability distribution of letters. Freeware download of 35 letters words game 1.1, size 11.01 Mb.

3D Matrix Pong 1.0 Patrick Cossette 

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** FREE! ** NO ADS! **

This *is* a game, but please be aware that not everyone will be able to see it well enough to play it, it takes a lot of practice to see stereograms easily.

3D Matrix Pong is a game of pong that uses stereograms to display game elements. The ball, paddle, etc is only visible if focused on properly, which. Freeware download of 3D Matrix Pong 1.0, size 11.11 Mb.

3 Letters: Guess the word! 1.0.2 Second Gear Games 

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If you enjoy crossword puzzles, word search and word twist games, you're going to love 3 Letters:Guess the word!
Brought to you by the makers of popular games Mosaic: Tap the shadow, guess the word! and Mosaic: Tap the pic, guess the word!

Each puzzle consists of 3 or 4 different words that end with the same 3 letters. Can you find. Freeware download of 3 Letters: Guess the word! 1.0.2, size 1.47 Mb.

4,001 Letters 1.2 WriteExpress Corporation 

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Write brilliant letters with the world's best and largest collection of letter templates.

Easy, fast and powerful, 4,001 Business, Sales & Personal Letters helps you communicate effectively using letters written by experts who know just what to say. You will learn to write better letters.. Free download of 4,001 Letters 1.2, size 9.75 Mb.

4 Letters 1.01 

Mobile \ Education

4 Letters is:
A game designed to occupy children that already know their letters and and just getting started on reading. Three colorful pictures of 4 letter words are shown (both upper and lower case can be selected by the user) and a speaker says the name of a word. Your child can guess until they find the right answer. A reward screen is. Free download of 4 Letters 1.01, size 179.31 Mb.

5 Letters 1 Word Free 1.3 Yasarcan Kasal 

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5 Letters 1 Word is a huge addicting word game which will keep your brain sizzling. The main goal is to unscramble as many 5 letter words as you can with out running out of time.


Endless mode - you get 20 seconds to unscramble each word. If you run out of time the game is over
Blits mode - Solve as. Freeware download of 5 Letters 1 Word Free 1.3, size 6.19 Mb.