Mba Accounting Studies Freeware

Multi Router Traffic Accounting 0.17.6 

MRTA is the complete package for network traffic accounting across themultiple routers and clients.It allows you to manage firewall accounting rules remotely and provides various traffic accounting reports. Freeware download of Multi Router Traffic Accounting 0.17.6, size 167.33 Kb.


My Accounting 1.0 

This is a free Accounting software using and MS Access Database.. Freeware download of My Accounting 1.0, size 5.19 Kb.

MySQL IP accounting logger daemon 1.0 

This Daemon written in Perl, logs FreeBSD ipfw ip accounting counters every X seconds/minutes, so after rebooting, crashing, flushing, zero out your ipfirewall table, you don't loose any mayor traffic information.. Freeware download of MySQL IP accounting logger daemon 1.0, size 2.38 Kb.

ooprog Studies rc 

La suite ooprog Studies regroupe diffA©rents logiciels pour A©tudiants.Parmis eux Students : Learn More, un logiciel permettant l'apprentissage et la rA©vision de vocabulaire A©tranger.. Freeware download of ooprog Studies rc, size 137.87 Kb.

Open Russian Accounting System 31102004.2359 

Open business management and accounting system for Russian Federation.. Freeware download of Open Russian Accounting System 31102004.2359, size 158.33 Kb.

PBS Accounting 1.0 

Reports PBS accounting. Freeware download of PBS Accounting 1.0, size 15.54 Kb.

PhreeBooks Accounting 34rc2 

Web-based (ERP) accounting. Management of inventory (labor, stock and assemblies), customer/vendor accounts, banking, shipping. POS. Standard/Custom reports. Multi-user level security. Interface to e-commerce, Multi-language, currency, company capabl. Freeware download of PhreeBooks Accounting 34rc2, size 6.47 Mb.

Phreedom ERP - Open Source Accounting 34rc2 

Phreedom ERP Accounting and Small Business Solutions by PhreeSoft. Freeware download of Phreedom ERP - Open Source Accounting 34rc2, size 6.47 Mb.

PostBooks ERP, accounting, CRM by xTuple 1.0 

Free open source ERP, accounting, CRM package for small to midsized businesses. Runs on Linux, Mac, and Windows (built with open source Qt framework). Business logic resides in PostgreSQL database. Rich API for connecting to third-party apps.. Freeware download of PostBooks ERP, accounting, CRM by xTuple 1.0, size 36.55 Mb.

Professional Practice Open Accounting 00.04.110 

Open Accounting is a time, job, and expense billing system. It is well suited for professionals in private practice. Examples include consultants, diagnosticians, and lawyers. The retainer feature can track pledges for non-profit organizations.. Freeware download of Professional Practice Open Accounting 00.04.110, size 1.02 Mb.

RealCIX Personal Finance / Accounting 2.0.1 

Robust personal accounting with function of double entry booking, e-billing, tax processing, budgeting, and foreign currency ex rate revaluation. Multi-language is supported. Pl enjoy encrypted p2p invoice transfer and info-on-finger style user interface. Freeware download of RealCIX Personal Finance / Accounting 2.0.1, size 9.26 Mb.

Simple Accounting System 1.0 

Simple Accounts is a financial accounting system package developed in open source php, mysql projects. The objective of the project is to host the accounting package in web and maintains day to day financial accounts.Note : This works in the Client Server Model. Apache, PHP, MySQL should already be installed and the downloaded zip must be installed. Freeware download of Simple Accounting System 1.0, size 80.16 Kb.

th-ERP: ERP POS stock accounting payroll 1.4.4 

ERP application, including point-of-sale (POS), stock (inventory/warehouse), purchase, payables, receivables, general ledger (accounting), payroll, human resource (HR), time tracking, project management. th-ERP is written in PHP and using MySQL. Freeware download of th-ERP: ERP POS stock accounting payroll 1.4.4, size 503.70 Kb.

Web-based Business Accounting and ERP 4.0.2 

Web-based Business Accounting and ERP solution incorporating Accounts Payable and Receivable, Purchase and Sales ordering, Inventory Control, Material Resource Planning, Fixed Asset Register and Petty cash.. Freeware download of Web-based Business Accounting and ERP 4.0.2, size 17.32 Mb.

Wiaflos Accounting 0.0.12 

Multi-platform server-client based accounting system providing a SOAP API for UI interfaces and easy integration. Capable of running on any system supporting Perl.. Freeware download of Wiaflos Accounting 0.0.12, size 214.98 Kb.

XIWA (XIWA Is Web Accounting) 20070616 

XIWA (zee' wuh) is a web based accounting package built with Perl and postgreSQL. It uses Double Entry Accounting with multiple Data Entry Views, Stocks, and a Powerfull, Flexible Reporting Engine.. Freeware download of XIWA (XIWA Is Web Accounting) 20070616, size 254.74 Mb.

yapa-accounting - Accounting made simple 32 

yapa-accounting, yet another pointless acronym, is an easy to use, easy to customize accounting software for small businesses. Back-end written in C++ utilizing the SOCI sql-library and front-end written in python and gtk+. Freeware download of yapa-accounting - Accounting made simple 32, size 14.89 Mb.

Budget management and accounting system 1.0 Tomas 

MS Access front end for accounting and management system

Budget management and accounting system 1.0 License - Mozilla Public License 1.1 (MPL 1.1). Freeware download of Budget management and accounting system 1.0, size 0 b.

Microstate Accounting 1.0 

Microstate Accounting is a way to determine exactly where a thread is spending its time. This project provides Linux kernel patches to implement microstate accounting.

Microstate Accounting 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of Microstate Accounting 1.0, size 0 b.

Precise Process Accounting 1.0 Ppacc 

PPA is a project intended to improve today's per/process accounting by summarizing overall CPU usage time based on detailed understanding of CPU utilization. Besides using this data for real time decisions, it becomes extremely useful during performan

Precise Process Accounting 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of Precise Process Accounting 1.0, size 18.18 Kb.