Mbfx Timing Indicator

EchoSub 2 2 EchoStyle 

EchoSub is an ultimate tool that is very useful for the timing, correction and creation of Subtitles. Subtitles play a very important role while watching movies. This may be because of your lesser tendency to hear the dialogues, poor sound quality or the movie being in some other language. In most of the cases the subtitles and not timed correctly. Freeware download of EchoSub 2 2, size 1.32 Mb.


FinishLynx 8.0 Lynx System Developers, Inc. 

FinishLynx® is the world's most popular and versatile digital photofinish and timing system. A FinishLynx® line-scan camera only sees a very narrow piece of the world - the finish line. It looks at the finish line many times a second and stores each of these images.. Free download of FinishLynx 8.0, size 0 b.

Magpie Pro Third Wish Software & Animation 

Magpie Pro is a professional lip-sync and animation timing tool. With it animators can create very accurate 2D, 3D and Stop Motion facial animation that can then be easily incorporated into most animation packages in the market and also printed as a traditional animation exposure sheet to be used as a reference.. Free download of Magpie Pro, size 3.06 Mb.

TimingTool 3.0 MOHC LTD 

TimingTool is designed to give electronics engineers an easy to use graphical interface for entering and editing timing diagrams commonly seen in digital electronic design.

TimingTool is intuitive in use and always presents the most useful properties of selected objects for easy access.

Diagrams for analysis, design and. Free download of TimingTool 3.0, size 34.11 Mb.

Virtual Light Lab 2 4 West Side Systems 

Virtual Light Lab software allows lighting designers, teachers, or students to experiment with light, shadow, color composition, and cue timing in a simulated lighting studio.

Virtual Light Lab is fast and easy to use: highly realistic images are displayed immediately and there is no complicated 3D drawing system to learn.

Race Timer 3 1 comcast.net 

Race Timer was developed to time runs, duathlons, triathlons, and similar events requiring accurate timing with immediate post processing. Race Timer uses the familiar Microsoft Excel interface and has been expanded for use on both individual and team events.

Race Timer, together with Race Registrar and Race Announcer, provides the. Free download of Race Timer 3 1, size 2.30 Mb.

Alpha - Prashant's Nifty Analyzer 1.0 beta TrendTrader 

ALPHA-PRASHANT’S NIFTY ANALYZER is an intraday live nifty indicator which gives you Buy/Sell signal.

Main features:

- The System will get installed in your PC.
- No need to wait anxiously for the SMS and worry if you will receive SMS on time when it should.
- Seeing is believing. See the price action. Free download of Alpha - Prashant's Nifty Analyzer 1.0 beta, size 2.13 Mb.

Liquivision Dive Logger 1.0 Liquivision Products 

Liquivision Xen bottom timer is a small apparatus for timing your diving. It has pressure sensors, timers, OLED screen, data backup to PC, etc. The Liquivision Dive Logger program allows you to download your dive logs from your Xen. In order to use it you must have the Xen PC interface device and the FTDI drivers must be installed on your computer.. Freeware download of Liquivision Dive Logger 1.0, size 1.63 Mb.

Network Activity Indicator for Windows IT Samples 

Windows 7 developers have tried to get rid of many of the unnecessary notification messages that were present in the older versions of Windows. One of them was the network icon in the lower right corner. It was changed to a static icon so that it won’t be a disturbance for the user.

But some of us would need the network. Freeware download of Network Activity Indicator for Windows, size 15.04 Mb.

OggSync for Outlook 2010 4.28.3 ICOA Inc. 

OggSync for Outlook 2010 :

- fix for changing categories in Outlook to move events in Google Calendar,
- fix for losing configuration settings folder on reboot for some users,
- fix timing errors on system startup (”RPC Server not Available”),
- better sync of recurrence exceptions, fixes issues. Freeware download of OggSync for Outlook 2010 4.28.3, size 6.95 Mb.

Relay Timer R2X 2 2 Serial Port Tool 

Relay Timer R2X is programmable timer software for setting timing features of the relay. It works with 2-channel relay controller boards of National Control Devices (NCD).


- Support Network and Com Port connection between PC and relay board.
- Detect connection status between PC and relay board. Free download of Relay Timer R2X 2 2, size 2.39 Mb.

AMD Dual-Core Optimizer Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. 

The AMD Dual-Core Optimizer helps to correct the resulting video performance effects or other incorrect timing effects that these applications may experience on dual-core processor systems, by periodically adjusting the core time-stamp-counters, so that they are synchronized.
Applications that rely on RDTSC do not benefit from the logic in. Freeware download of AMD Dual-Core Optimizer, size 4.54 Mb.

DriveGLEAM 1 10 Svein Engelsgjerd 

DriveGLEAM is a harddrive activity indicator and also include built in extensions for monitoring CPU and memory load. It works by immitating the harddrive LED on screen. This is a very useful if your computer case is hidden (under the table) or on another physical location (remote desktop). DriveGLEAM features independent indicators for each drive. Freeware download of DriveGLEAM 1 10, size 31.41 Mb.

CyberTaskTimer 1 33 SilverCyberTech 

CyberTaskTimer is a little freeware utility whose only target is to monitor any application is used, timing its using time. At system start-up it taks place near the Winodws clock (tray area) and it activates immediately.
.CyberTaskTimer may be also used to log all applications run on your own computer and even more, not only the. Freeware download of CyberTaskTimer 1 33, size 2.38 Mb.

ODLog 2. 5. 2002 Macropod Software 

ODLog™ is an easy-to-use application for the accurate timing and recording of observational data. ODLog is typically used by scientists in:naturalistic field, observation studies, animal behavioral experiments, human psychological experiments. Although ODLog was primarily designed for researchers working in the behavioral sciences, it can. Free download of ODLog 2. 5. 2002, size 2.14 Mb.

ALGE ExcelWriter 1.0.3581 ALGE Timing 

This utility writes data received by an ALGE timing device into an Excel-Workbook. The format and styles can be ser-defined.
Currently supported devices are: Timy, TDC 4000/8000/8001, S3, S4 and Comet. At the moment it is available in German and English,works with Windows XPSP3/XP64/Vista/Win7. Freeware download of ALGE ExcelWriter 1.0.3581, size 1.75 Mb.

National Clock Design Tool 1. 2. 2004 National Semiconductor 

National Clock Design Tool software is used to aid part selection, loop filter design, and simulation of timing device solutions.
Enter desired output frequencies and optionally a reference frequency and the tool provides: National devices meet the specified requirements, divider values, and recommended loop filter to minimize jitter.. Freeware download of National Clock Design Tool 1. 2. 2004, size 0 b.

GMSI Toggle 2.0 Global Majic Software 

This multi-state control is a TRUE/FALSE, ON/OFF, and 1/2/3 indicator. It displays either captions or pictures to represent the switch's state, and also includes sound playing capabilities to indicate the switch turning on or off. Timers are provided for automatic cut-off.. Free download of GMSI Toggle 2.0, size 9.18 Mb.

ECO-it 1 4 PR Consultants B.V. 

With ECO-it, you have a tool to measure and optimize the environmental performance of products. ECO-it uses the scientifically sound Eco-indicator method.
ECO-it allows you to model a complex product and its life cycle in a few minutes. ECO-it calculates the environmental load, and shows which parts of the product's life cycle contribute. Free download of ECO-it 1 4, size 0 b.

Time Trader 3 3 Acrotec System Ltd. 

Time Trader Professional is designed to support those traders who are serious about the precision timing of investing. Time Trader is a charting system which is designed to provide investors and market technicians with the most easy and straight forward way to undergo Gann style time and price analysis and certainly for quick investment decisions.. Free download of Time Trader 3 3, size 2.25 Mb.