Mempercepat Loading

Container Loading Calculator 2.15 Bee Interactive s.r.o. 

Container Loading Calculator is smart, easy to use load planning application. Insert list of items or import from Ms Excel file. Choose predifined container or define your own, and click Load button. Calculation is done within one minute.

10,000 and more cargo items can be inserted. 250 different types of boxes can be prioritized in. Free download of Container Loading Calculator 2.15, size 2.43 Mb.


2 Loading Animations 1 FlashDo 

12 cool loading animations for your game or project.Just easy copy-paste from this flash project to your flash project. The download file contains How-to-use video for easier use. It also contains preview file that is used as preview file on sale.. Free download of 2 Loading Animations 1, size 15.36 Kb.

Glycogen Loading 5.6 Fitness Attitudes 

Glycogen loading is a key to full muscle recuperation from prolonged or intense exercise. Any failure to replenish glycogen stores is typically associated with "flat" muscles, plus a loss of strength, speed, velocityand the capacity to resist fatigue. The most common glycogen restoring method involves a few days of carbs depletion (very. Freeware download of Glycogen Loading 5.6, size 629.14 Kb.

Carbohydrate Loading 5.6 Fitness Attitudes 

If carb loading is done too long or too late, one may get fat or stay flat. Intensely trained individuals should take advantage of post-exercise muscle peak capacity to recuperate and restore glycogen by applying small, sequenced recovery meals right after exercise and thereby prevent insulin resistance and fat again.Muscle initial glycogen loss. Freeware download of Carbohydrate Loading 5.6, size 629.14 Kb.

PingIT 2.0 Desktop Software 

This program was developed for those people who want to know all the time about network loading, who wants to understand who is guilty of slow speed loading of internet resources, who want to watch loading of remote servers and network services and their availability (if they work or not), who are tired of running standart ping application in the. Free download of PingIT 2.0, size 202.75 Kb.

AutoTURN InSite 7.0 Transoft Solutions 

AutoTURN InSite provides cost conscious urban engineers and architects a simple and reliable option for performing vehicle simulations in the design of roadways, loading zones, parking lots, and driveways.

Using the proven AutoTURN technology trusted by engineers worldwide, AutoTURN InSite comes with just a core feature set making it. Free download of AutoTURN InSite 7.0, size 7.34 Mb.

AutoLoad Pro 2008-Container Loading Software Coptimal Logics Inc. 

AutoLoad Pro is an automatic 3D Palletizing and Loading optimization software solution to optimize the load on your trucks, air & sea containers, cartons and pallets. It is equipped with the 2-stages loading optimization technology. The 3D visualization-loading engine considers complex rules-loading orientation, stacking strength and safety,. Free download of AutoLoad Pro 2008-Container Loading Software, size 14.41 Mb.

AutoLoad Pro-Container Loading Software 2007 Coptimal Logics Inc. 

AutoLoad Pro is an automatic 3D Palletizing and Loading optimization software solution to optimize the load on your trucks, air & sea containers, cartons and pallets. It is equipped with the 2-stages loading optimization technology. The 3D visualization-loading engine considers complex rules-loading orientation, stacking strength and safety,. Free download of AutoLoad Pro-Container Loading Software 2007, size 23.00 Mb.

Rachel - Resource Loading Toolkit 2.0.b1 

Rachel is an open-source resource loading toolkit for Java Web Start/JNLP. Rachel vastly simplifies resource loading for Java Web Start/JNLP apps by offering a URL handler for class:// and an embeddable, multi-threaded, ultra light-weight Web server.. Freeware download of Rachel - Resource Loading Toolkit 2.0.b1, size 1.09 Mb.

Surplus Lite 1.0 XP1 

The Surplus Lite extension adds a toolbar button so that you can quickly view old or new Google+ notifications without loading the Google+ website.


* View Google+ notifications in a popup.
* Click on the direct link to Google+ discussions for new responses.
* Mark all new notifications as. Free download of Surplus Lite 1.0, size 31.46 Kb.

AVR_loader 1.0 David Kharabadze 

AVR_loader is a small bootloader for loading user's program to ATtiny13 microcontroller. It consists of two parts. The first part is HEX file for programming the ATtiny13 chip. The second is EXE-file for PC.

There are 6 different HEX files for connecting FT232 chip to different pins of ATtiny13. The source assembler code is provided. So. Free download of AVR_loader 1.0, size 314.57 Kb.

D3D_04 1.0 Ngan Wai Hung 

Example of loading a texture & rotate a textured quad.. Freeware download of D3D_04 1.0, size 52.43 Kb.

Website Cache Compressor 1.0 ESOFTPRO.COM 

Website Cache Compressor is an innovative script allowing you to instantly reduce 50%+ loading time, server processing power, database queries as well as overall bandwidth consumption with ZERO server configuration required. Dynamic contents will only be processed once during a configurable time period. Page output will then be cached in plain HTML. Free download of Website Cache Compressor 1.0, size 325.06 Kb.

eSCAPe Library Windows 0.0.14 Glenn Strickland 

A Java-based library containing an easy to use API for loading, interacting with, and saving SCAP( content. The Enhanced SCAP Editor is built on top of this library and is a good example of how to use it.. Free download of eSCAPe Library Windows 0.0.14, size 18.81 Mb.

ConCyl for Windows 2.3 Toby Norris 

Concyl computes the stress state for a system of concentric cylinders under combined pressure and thermal loading. The program includes a plotting interface to Excel, a design optimizater, and detailed instructions with verification samples.. Freeware download of ConCyl for Windows 2.3, size 2.36 Mb.

EasyCargo 1.7 Bee Interactive s.r.o. 

Container loading and truck loading software. (also called as continer loading calculator) Very easy to use. With live like interactive 3D visualization. Thanks to "see through cargo" you can now explore inside of your loadplan!
Items can be set non-stackable and non-tiltable. Over 10 000 items of 250 types can be set to be loaded.. Free download of EasyCargo 1.7, size 2.41 Mb.

SpeedOptimizer 2 Speedbit LTD. 

SpeedOptimizer will optimize your Internet-related data transmission including loading of web page elements (text and graphics), downloading, uploading and streaming of content (music, movies, games, clips, etc.), delivery of email messages and attachments (transmission and receipt), and performance of web based applications (such as online. Free download of SpeedOptimizer 2, size 802.82 Kb.

Welcome Pro 1.0.1 

Experience this cool web tool, that create a text loading effect on your site, this loading effect looks like flash, but the effect is created entirely in Java Script. Welcome Pro helps novices and professional webmasters to build cool text loading effects for their web sites, no programming experience needed, just click and create. Features of. Free download of Welcome Pro 1.0.1, size 2.31 Mb.

Fuzzy System Component (ActiveX) 1 MathTools 

Artificial Fuzzy System Component is designed for researchers in the fields of artificial control, it can be used to build artificial fuzzy systems, also it provides following functionalities:Visual Editing Visual Testing Saving / Loading Fast Signal Processing (Fuzzification / Inference / Defuzzification) Visual Signal Processing This component. Free download of Fuzzy System Component (ActiveX) 1, size 1.99 Mb.

Paradox Direct Engine (ActiveX) 2.47 Scalabium Software 

This engine allow to read and load the external Paradox tables into any MS Jet/ADO datasourceNo any external libraries for Paradox/dBase reading (no BDE, ODBC etc) - native, direct and fast record loading. Just specify the target MS Jet/ADO connection and records from Paradox/dBase table will be imported.Any version for Paradox table and xBase. Free download of Paradox Direct Engine (ActiveX) 2.47, size 1.13 Mb.