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Symbolic Tools 1. 1. 2006 Econotron Software, Inc. 

Symbolic Tools has the ability to augment the numeric and graphical capabilities of GAUSS with additional types of mathematical functionality based on symbolic computations. These include: Symbolic Algebra, Linear Algebra, Language Extension, and Precision.

One of the main uses of Symbolic Tools is to enable GAUSS to undertake. Free download of Symbolic Tools 1. 1. 2006, size 1.18 Mb.


Gauss Elimination Matrix solver 1.0 Gausseliminatio 

In this project i have coded (C++) Gauss elimination matrix solver for cfd applications. Freeware download of Gauss Elimination Matrix solver 1.0, size 0 b.

BetaDLL English 3.00 C. Killet Software Ing.-GbR 

For the implementation of the INSPIRE directive all so far in Germany available geo references with Gauss-Krueger / DHDN coordinates now must be converted to UTM / ETRS89 coordinates for future use. BetaDLL supports the development of geodetic software on various platforms for this transformations by providing geodetic functions. BetaDLL contains. Free download of BetaDLL English 3.00, size 1.11 Mb.

FIGTree 0.9.3 Vlad Morariu 

FIGTree is a handy library specially designed for fast computation of Gauss transforms in multiple dimensions, using the Improved Fast Gauss Transform and Approximate Nearest Neighbor searching. This library is useful for efficient Kernel Density Estimation (KDE) using a Gaussian kernel.. Freeware download of FIGTree 0.9.3, size 1.23 Mb.

Linear Charge Gauss's Law Model 1.0 Wolfgang Christian 

The EJS Linear Charge Gauss's Law model shows a Gaussian surface and allows for the measurement of the charge enclosed and surface area of the surface. Users can change the radius of the linear charge as well as the size of the Gaussian surface. Users can modify this simulation if Ejs is installed.

The Electric Field and Potential model. Free download of Linear Charge Gauss's Law Model 1.0, size 1.46 Mb.

MV Linear Filter 1.0 

Linear filters: Gauss, High pass, Laplace, Sobel and Prewitt Matrices of sizes 3x3 or 5x5DirectX/DirectShow filter. Free download of MV Linear Filter 1.0, size 0 b.

Inverse Matrices 1.03 Dekov Software 

The program provides detailed, step-by-step solution in a tutorial-like format to the following problem: Given a 2x2 matrix, or a 3x3 matrix, or a 4x4 matrix, or a 5x5 matrix. Find its inverse matrix by using the Gauss-Jordan elimination method. The check of the solution is given. The program is designed for university students and professors.. Free download of Inverse Matrices 1.03, size 659.46 Kb.

Eye4Software Coordinate Calculator 3.0 Eye4Software B.V. 

The Eye4Software Coordinate Calculator is an easy to use tool to perform map or GPS coordinate conversions. The software can be used to transform a single coordinate or a batch of coordinates read from a comma separated, database or ESRI shapefiles. The software is shipped with a MS Access database file, containing more then 3500 ellipsoid, map. Free download of Eye4Software Coordinate Calculator 3.0, size 1.30 Mb.

DatumPro Geomatix Ltd 

DatumPro is the most comprehensive and accurate co-ordinate conversion package available, handling thousands of coordinate systems, including Gauss Kruger, UTM, and Lambert Conic grids With over 600 datum conversions and over 450 Grid Projections, and hundreds of specific TM and Lambert conic conformal grids and all the latest EPSG transformations.. Free download of DatumPro, size 5.86 Mb.


T-TECTO is a computer program which enables fast and simple paleostress and kinematic analysis of heterogeneous and homogeneous fault-slip data using the Gauss method . The program is based on the classical philosophy of fault-slip data inversion which involves the concept of the best-fitting stress tensor.. Freeware download of T-TECTO 3.0, size 8.65 Mb.

ID Mods 1.3.20100 

This is a package of addons for World Of Warcraft created by Json and Gauss of the EU Grim Batol server.. Freeware download of ID Mods 1.3.20100, size 3.42 Kb.

speltmap Area Measurement System 1.0 Speltmap 

take Data, by a GPS Reciver, post process them over EUREF, convert to Gauss Krueger, calculate Area Size, visualize with SVG. ESRI Shape File import.

speltmap Area Measurement System 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of speltmap Area Measurement System 1.0, size 0 b.

BetaDLL (English) 2.02 C. Killet Software Ing.-GbR 

For the implementation of the INSPIRE directive all so far in Germany available geo references with Gauss-Krueger / DHDN coordinates now must be converted to UTM / ETRS89 coordinates for future use. BetaDLL supports the development of geodetic software on various platforms for this transformations by providing geodetic functions. BetaDLL contains. Free download of BetaDLL (English) 2.02, size 1.09 Mb.

matrixclass 1.0 Alpha Enrico Piccinelli 

A cpp class for manage matrix. Support thwee calculus of the determinant with the Lagrange's algorithm and with the Gauss' method.. Free download of matrixclass 1.0 Alpha, size 10.48 Kb.

GPOPS for Windows 4.1 Alpha GPOPS Team 

GPOPS (which stands for d-deDUGeneral Pseudospectral OPtimal Control Softwared-deDt) is an open-source MATLAB optimal control software than implements the Gauss and Radau hp-adaptive pseudospectral methods. These methods approximate the state using a basis of Lagrange polynomials and collocate the dynamics at the Legendre-Gauss-Radau points. These. Free download of GPOPS for Windows 4.1 Alpha, size 2.79 Mb.

BestCurFit 1.0 Rodomontano 

BestCurFit calculates the parameters of 12 curves using the method of Linear Least Squares, fitting each curve to user data. The nonlinear equations are linearized. The obtained parameters are used for following optimization procedure using Simplex and Gauss-Newton algorithm. If it does not converge to a solution the curve is optimized with the. Freeware download of BestCurFit 1.0, size b.

Geo Data German Admin (English) 10.02 C. Killet Software Ing.-GbR 

Geodata of the Federal Republic Germany with municipalities, postal codes, telefone preselections. Suitable for branch searches, periphery searches and distance computations. Georeferences as Gauss Krueger, UTM and geographic coordinates. ORTREF: 12.500 geocoded cities and municipalities. ORTGEM: Allocation of 12.500 cities and municipalities to. Free download of Geo Data German Admin (English) 10.02, size 310.27 Kb.

jstatcom 2.7 

JStatCom is a software framework that facilitates the creation of JAVA programs for data based analysis tasks in various domains. It provides ways to call routines from specialized software packages, like Matlab, Gauss, Ox, and possibly others.. Freeware download of jstatcom 2.7, size 11.23 Mb.

K-surfaces with a cone point New Ulrich Pinkall 

K-surfaces with a cone point is a small, simple application designed to help you study and investigate discrete K-surfaces.

A K-Surface is a surface of constant negative Gaussian curvature. The initial Gauss map may be edited on the left. On the right hand side you may investigate the surface and its Gauss map.

The Gauss map. Free download of K-surfaces with a cone point New, size 0 b.

Atani 4.5.2 Alex and Alex Soft 

Easy to use creator of animated files (GIF and AVI). For their creating are required only five steps. For making of frames is used both the files (BMP, GIF, JPG, ICO, PNG) and the images creating with the help of embedded graphic editor. Using of project file idea allows easy to modify an animated file in future. Support of drag and drop technique. Free download of Atani 4.5.2, size 1.32 Mb.

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