Metric Handbook

MITCalc - Worm Gear Calculation 1.12 MITCalc 

Geometric design and strength check of worm gear. Application is developed in MS Excel, is multi-language and supports Imperial and Metric units and solves the following main tasks: -Calculation of gearing dimensions. -Automatic transmission design with minimum input requirements. -Design for safety coefficients entered. -Calculation of a table of. Free download of MITCalc - Worm Gear Calculation 1.12, size 1.83 Mb.


Construction Master Pro for Windows 4.0 Calculated Industries 

With Construction Master® Pro for Windows, you can have the power of the award-winning Construction Master Pro on your PC. Calculate in Feet, Inches, Fractions, Yards and Metric. Check plans, dimensions and takeoffs. Use it as a handy pop-up program without leaving your CAD, construction estimating, scheduling, Excel or other building software. Free download of Construction Master Pro for Windows 4.0, size 3.36 Mb.

Mine Conveyor 3.0 Gorman Business Services 

You can design belt conveyors quickly. Enter conveyor data in U.S. or metric units and get output in either. You obtain capacity details and all tension, power and quantity information suitable for file entry into any estimating system. You can save all calculations without creating files. You can translate all terms into your language and have the. Free download of Mine Conveyor 3.0, size 3.12 Mb.

Alarmbelle 1.0 Clarkscript 

Alarm-Belle -- the beautiful alarm. Style with action. Avoid missed appointments, birthdays,
functions... All the features you would expect and more. Includes stopwatch with times recording, timer and handy metric converter. Simple to use - hard to beat. Make this your alarm clock of choice.. Free download of Alarmbelle 1.0, size 2.97 Mb.

Master Machinist 4.0.7 mastermachinist 

The Master Machinist started as just a drill finder programme in the late 1990's and has evolved from there,mostly for personal use.If you've read this far you probably would like to know what The Master Machinist can actually do.Unit Conversions: There are over 30 different conversions,all of which work both ways inches-millimetre,. Free download of Master Machinist 4.0.7, size 5.81 Mb.

Conversion Plus! 1.0.0001 

Conversion Plus! can perform more than one hundred different conversions between pairs of metric and US values. The range of possibilities cover all the most common disciplines, such as density, area, force, energy, frequency, length and distance, temperature, power, pressure, and many more. As a bonus, this tool comes with a useful and compact. Freeware download of Conversion Plus! 1.0.0001, size 0 b.

S3Dfree 2000 12.0 CWDesign 

Solid3D 2000 is fully integrated with AutoCAD Release 2000 thru 2009.
The Solid3D Fastener dialog box allows you to easily add industry standard fasteners to your Drawing. The fastener models created are standard AutoCAD solid models that can be added to your Mechanical Desktop Assembly drawing. It's like having the Machinery's. Free download of S3Dfree 2000 12.0, size 1.66 Mb.

Strake 1 1 Meca Enterprises, Inc. 

Strake is a stand-alone program used to design the layout of Helical Strakes.The software also provides a reference picture for forming and bending the strakes. You can dynamically toggle between English and Metric units.The program automatically converts all of the input and results to the desired units.. Free download of Strake 1 1, size 6.60 Mb.

HLP Blender 1.0.2685 HLPlanner Team 

HLP Blender is a fully featured gas blending program based on real gas laws (Van der Waals equations). HLP Blender supports partial pressure and continuous blending systems, gas top offs and cylinder equalisation using both metric and imperial units.

HLP Blender runs on following operating systems: Windows 2000 Service Pack 3; Windows. Freeware download of HLP Blender 1.0.2685, size 581.63 Kb.

myriaCrossCalc 1 2 Pascal Souchet 

Multi purpose embroidery calculator. Play with stitches, fabric counts and type, sizes, skeins and needles. Convert sizes between metric and inches.

Some possible usages :
- Compute pattern and fabric sizes for different fabric type and counts.
- Compute needed fabric size from pattern size.
- Compute maximum. Free download of myriaCrossCalc 1 2, size 97.86 Mb.

PsychroShop 1.0.3 thePetroStreet 

Psychro Shop is a very helpful and amazing utility for engineers, that can easility calculate humid air conditions based on your selected inputs.This software is based on ASHRAE Handbook (2001 Edition) and GPSA Engineering Data book (2004 Edition). This handy software can evaluate Dewpoint Temperature, Relative Humidity, Humidity Ratio (Absolute. Freeware download of PsychroShop 1.0.3, size 0 b.

Realeyes 0.9.5 Ritasa LLC 

Realeyes IDS: This application is the most resource intensive one in the system. The best metric for estimating resource requirements is based on the number of concurrent sessions being monitored. In the pilot project, the network has 30Mbps of bandwidth and during working hours is monitoring 20,000 to 25,000 concurrent sessions.. Freeware download of Realeyes 0.9.5, size 1.60 Mb.

Essential Metrics (Java) 1.0 Power Software 

Essential Metrics is a command line metrics tool Java software projects.

Invoked directly at the command line, Essential Metrics delivers numerous popular metrics and allows these to be reported using CSV, HTML and XML.

Essential Metrics is ideal for inclusion in your batch/build process for automated metric results.. Free download of Essential Metrics (Java) 1.0, size 6.47 Mb.

RebarWin 5.0 BEFO GmbH, Triftstrae 5, 34355 Staufenberg-Lutterberg, Deutschland 

RebarWin 3.3 is a rebar detailing shareware application. Rebar = concrete steel reinforcement bar. Supports Imperial, SoftMetric and European Metric measuring systems. This software generates sorted, weighed and accumulated bar lists. Prints labels. Graphically defines placing requirements. Calculates varying bars and (optionally) bending. Free download of RebarWin 5.0, size 15.49 Mb.

HVACSuite 1.0.0010 Paul J Milligan 

Based on a modular system of software components, HVACSuite includes many tools, as well as several 'pay to register' modules. Most modules include both IP and SI ( English and Metric ) units. Several are built as 'stay on top toolboxes' that can 'float on top' of other applications if desired.

Main. Free download of HVACSuite 1.0.0010, size 33.71 Mb.

BE Film Calculator 3.0.0002 Brampton Engineering 

The user enters values and this convenient tool calculates various processing parameters such as line speeds, roll diameters and roll weights. The program also calculates resin cost per roll. It converts to and from metric and imperial units. It is a simple tool.. Freeware download of BE Film Calculator 3.0.0002, size 2.71 Mb.

Triangle Group Demo 6.0 Charles Gunn, TU Berlin, Math Department 

This simple demo allows the user to experiment with a wide variety of 2-dimensional triangle groups. In the process the users gains a direct experience the three different standard planar metric geometries -- euclidean, elliptic, and hyperbolic. The left and right arrow keys cycle through the archetypal groups 236, 235 and 237, while a wider choice. Freeware download of Triangle Group Demo 6.0, size 171.01 Kb.

archCalc 1. 9. 2002 CAST software 

archCalc is a mixed unit decimal and fraction calculator. It allows one to enter dimensions in standard english and metric units of measurement, perform basic calculations, convert between units, keep track of a series of operations, and easily solve for a leg or slope of a right triangle. archCalc works as a standalone calculator or in conjunction. Free download of archCalc 1. 9. 2002, size 1.68 Mb.

Do The Math 2.0 

Do The Math has undergone a major upgrade to version 2.0 which now supports fractions for measurement conversion, fraction arithmetic, fraction transformation and finding prime numbers. Still the same great measurement conversion capabilities between US and the metric system, but now you can say it in fractions. Do The Math for bi-directional. Free download of Do The Math 2.0, size 567.30 Kb.

ROBO Digital Print Job Manager Metric 2.4.2000 ROBO Design Solutions 

Prepare your digital print shop quotes, invoices and costing effortlessly with ROBO Digital Print Job Manager. This software provides all the tools you need to cost your jobs quickly and create all your paperwork. Everything is fully customizable - costs, settings, tax and paperwork templates. Extremely easy to use Windows interface. Metric. Free download of ROBO Digital Print Job Manager Metric 2.4.2000, size 1.36 Mb.

Metric Handbook Web Results

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Non-contact, laser and capacitance gaging and measurement systems for industry. Sub-micron distance, diameter and thickness measurement.

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