Microsoft Voice Commands

Vocal commands for Microsoft Xbox One Brain-Sys Srl 

"Voice commands for Microsoft Xbox One" is a list of available voice commands for Microsoft Kinect Xbox One. The commands are grouped by genre for easy access. The application also use speech synthesizer for read selected command.
The list of commands is publicly available on the official website:


PowerPoint Kinect Voice Control 1.0 Beta YsFred4 

PowerPoint Kinect Voice Control is a handy and reliable Kinect-based application designed to provide control of PowerPoint to voice commands from the Kinect.

This allows the user to go navigate in the presentation using voice commands "Forward", "Back", etc. This is a small sample of how the Kinect can be used for. Free download of PowerPoint Kinect Voice Control 1.0 Beta, size 0 b.

Voodoo Voice for iTunes 3.0.1 Kevin Ring 

Voodoo Voice allows you to control iTunes using spoken voice commands. Using your computer's microphone, you can give it commands such as "begin play", "next song", or "switch to ". It is very accurate and speaker independent.

A very useful tool if you're considering putting a music-playing. Freeware download of Voodoo Voice for iTunes 3.0.1, size 4.83 Mb.

Voice Captain 20110801 

Voice Captain is a Windows macro application that works by allowing the user to setup voice commands that correspond to keyboard macros. It is suitable for games, and general automation.. Freeware download of Voice Captain 20110801, size 1.44 Mb.

3D Voice Navigator George Wanjohi 

Get the simplest and fastest aid in navigation using voice commands. Get to view your current location using 3D maps. This app has many features:
1. Your current location view
2. Search for places and get directions/voice directions to them.
3. Get to view the nearest wifis in your region and also get navigations to them
4.. Free download of 3D Voice Navigator, size 1.05 Mb.

Battery Monitor w/ Voice Control Greater Visions Technology Solutions, Inc. 

A great battery monitor for Windows Phone 8 with a customizable live tile, usage graph, Voice control, and Desk Clock mode.

* Voice commands
- Show Status, Say Status,
Say Remaining Time
* Usage Graph
- See your battery History
- Charge Indicators at top of graph
- Customizable time frames
*. Free download of Battery Monitor w/ Voice Control, size 4.19 Mb.

MSDN Voice Search Microsoft Corporation 

Search MSDN with Cortana using Voice Commands! This demonstrative application provides basic, voice-enabled natural language search capabilities on MSDN while also providing self-referential access to its source code, documentation, and related resources.. Freeware download of MSDN Voice Search, size 1.05 Mb.

Music Voice BTM Development 

This app enables you to access your entire music library using voice commands. It will create commands for every song, artist, and album on your device. Just hold the start button (Windows logo) for a couple of seconds, then at the prompt, you can say things like 'Play songs by ______' or 'Play song ______'.

The first time you launch the. Freeware download of Music Voice, size 1.05 Mb.

Navigation Launcher EShy Media LLC 

Launch your turn by turn navigation app with Voice Commands, NFC tags or custom pinned tiles using your own pictures or the provided icons.

This app is fully functional in trial mode, if you like it and use it a lot please show your support by buying it.

Navigation Launcher will work with any navigation app that uses the. Free download of Navigation Launcher, size 3.15 Mb.

Voice Music Sushovan Sarkar 

Play songs by voice commands and search music library like instant search by typing sub-string of song title/album name/artist name.

1) Voice commands:- Press-hold windows button and say,
play song <song title>
play album <album name> : combines multiple album of same name and plays.
play artist <artist. Freeware download of Voice Music, size 1.05 Mb.

Voice Shortcuts Bogdan Bujdea 

v1.1.0 - Added transparent tile
v1.0.1 - Fixed an issue that didn't allowed user to quit the app

Access your shortcuts with voice commands!!!
Now you can have an easier way to start your favorite connectivity shortcuts. You just have to press the Windows button for a few seconds, and then give your command.

Voice Timer BTM Development 

Voice Timer allows you to set timers using voice commands. Simply start the voice prompt by holding the Home button for a couple of seconds. Then, say something like "Start a timer for 15 minutes".

The app doesn't even need to be open to work! It uses the new Voice Commands features in Windows Phone 8. You'll get a notification. Free download of Voice Timer, size 1.05 Mb.

Simple Interactive Java Browser 1.0 

Simple interactive Java browser is basic simple browser show how we can use voice commands to navigate in web sites and use hyperlinks as a voice commands.. Freeware download of Simple Interactive Java Browser 1.0, size 18.98 Mb.


VEDICS (Voice Enabled Desktop Interaction and Control System) is an assistive software which lets the user to interact with the OS using voice commands. Using this software the user can access any element found on the user's screen.. Freeware download of VEDICS rc, size 12.47 Mb.

Secretarius for Android 1.0 Secretarius 

Secretarius is an Application for Android Plattform, it will allow to the user easily read and hear through voice commands, calendar entries, launch apps and much more.

easily hear calendar entries through voice commands, english, spanish and german will be supported, retrieve most used commands , add easily new calendar entries with. Freeware download of Secretarius for Android 1.0, size 0 b.

CAViAR (KU) 1.2 Buti Al Delail 

Context Aware Visual Indoor Augmented Reality

The project was made for Khalifa University first floor (SHJ), it provides:
- Indoor localization based on image detection
- Augmented Reality
- Search for rooms
- Voice Commands
- User Profile (only those who are registered can login). Freeware download of CAViAR (KU) 1.2, size 7.86 Mb.

My Dog Remote Control 2.0 iFootpath 

The Dog Remote Control App can be pre-programmed with sounds or voice commands that your dog is conditioned to recognise and respond to. If you are one of those owners whose voice changes when you are stressed, being able to give your dog a consistent, calm and assertive command at the touch of a button no shouting, no panicking, no babbling it is. Freeware download of My Dog Remote Control 2.0, size 6.61 Mb.

alarmy fady 

are you tired to get out of the bed and turn off the alarm , do you want to control all your life with your voice commands
this is what we made
speech alarm app is an app that you can control every thing and every feature in it with your voice commands and without an internet connection
this app has many other features like. Free download of alarmy, size 1.05 Mb.

APPA Shortcuts GUI Innovations 

Use voice commands to enable Wi-Fi, location, flight mode etc.

Simply say 'Shortcuts' or 'APPA Shortcuts' followed by:

Struggling to get your key in the lock?
Simply say 'Shortcuts' or 'APPA Shortcuts' followed. Freeware download of APPA Shortcuts, size 1.05 Mb.

Auto Texts 

Sending out the same text frequently? This is the app for you. Predefine 6 text messages then easily send those messages to friends and family as needed. Voice Commands are also supported. After setting up the app never worry about launching it again.

After launching the app for the first time -- Press and Hold the Windows Key and say. Freeware download of Auto Texts, size 1.05 Mb.