Midi Editor Magix

BRELS MIDI Editor v0.05 BRELS 

Developed in 2004, BRELS MIDI Editor is a free, open-source MIDI editor that allows the creation and editing of MIDI files with a simple, straightforward interface. Saved files have the smallest possible size, their entire content is editable onscreen and the exact composition length is shown and controllable by the program. Yet, preexistent files. Freeware download of BRELS MIDI Editor v0.05, size 169.98 Kb.


Able MIDI Editor 1.3 WIDISOFT 

Compose your own ringtone, melody or complete arrangement with ease! Able MIDI Editor is a powerful and inexpensive MIDI Editor for Windows based on the piano roll interface.Among the basic functions of Able MIDI Editor are included the capability of adding and deleting musical notes, adjusting the pitch and duration of notes, and playing back. Free download of Able MIDI Editor 1.3, size 2.16 Mb.

TS-MIDI Editor 1 TallStick Software 

TS-MIDI Editor allows you to quickly and effectively correct the results of theautomatic recognition (for example, by TS-AudioToMIDI). The editor isdesigned similarly to a Piano Roll, i.e. the time axis is located horizontally,and different positions on the vertical line correspond to different pitches.Among the functions of TS-MIDI Editor, there. Freeware download of TS-MIDI Editor 1, size 665.60 Kb.

Chameleon Midi Editor & Librarian (CMEL) 1.0 Cmel 

Midi Editor & Librarian for some Midi Devices, firstly Rocktron's Chameleon & Voodu Valve.
-user friendly rack interface for patch editing,
-a Librarian w/ Dump Load & export patchnames to various sequencers.
Java portable project (Java 1.4.2)

Chameleon Midi Editor & Librarian (CMEL) 1.0. Freeware download of Chameleon Midi Editor & Librarian (CMEL) 1.0, size 0 b.

Raging MIDI 1.0 ragingmidi.sf.net 

Qt-based MIDI editor based around ideas from Anvil Studio but is open source and cross-platform.

Raging MIDI 1.0 License - MIT License. Freeware download of Raging MIDI 1.0, size 0 b.

PolyGrid 1.1 AZ Audio 

Polygrid is a vsti midi editor and pattern sequencer for Windows compatibleVST hosts (min. XP). Polygrid features:

* 64 patterns, variable pattern length ( in beats count )
* user-defined grid frequency
* user-defined editor snapping value
* midi recording with optional input event quantizer
* midi channel and. Freeware download of PolyGrid 1.1, size 639.63 Kb.

JDX7 7.beta2 jdx7.sourceforge.net 

JDX7 is a MIDI editor/controller program for YAMAHA DX7 synthesizer written in Java.. Freeware download of JDX7 7.beta2, size 32.96 Kb.

modesto 0.2.4 modesto.sourceforge.net 

Modesto is a professional non-linear video-, audio- and midi editor for GNU/Linux written in C++ with the TOAD GUI Library and featuring the PIAVE render and effect engine.. Freeware download of modesto 0.2.4, size 584.20 Kb.

MidiWorks GM 2.2.2001 TMS 

After starting and opening a midi file the program is showing midi events in the form of the list. Every midi event you can edit, move, remove from the file or add to the midi file. The standard GUI interface is making the program is extremely easy for users. Karaoke and midi files can be opened using drag and drop. The browser and the set of. Free download of MidiWorks GM 2.2.2001, size 4.19 Mb.

MidiWorks PA 2.2.1 MidiSoft 

The software MidiWorks PA is used for processing midi files and karaoke (*.mid, *.kar). MidiWorka PA is working with Korg (PA2x, PA1x, Pa800, PA500, PA50, PA60, PA80) and Roland (GW8, Prelude). MidiWorks has several features and tools to midi file processing according to your preferences. Well suited for mastering, transposition, and change GM. Free download of MidiWorks PA 2.2.1, size 4.19 Mb.

Mobile Music Maker 1.5 MP3TOWAV.ORG 

Mobile Music Polyphonic is a polyphonic ringtone composition and converting software. It can convert your favorite MIDI music to mobile phone ringtone. You can write your own music in Mobile Music Polyphonic and save to polyphonic ringtone format file. It can save your music into standard MIDI, SP midi and SMAF format (*.mmf) file. You can convert. Free download of Mobile Music Maker 1.5, size 2.83 Mb.

MonkeyMIDI rc monkeymidi.sourceforge.net 

MonkeyMIDI is a Mac OS X driver that converts your keyboard to a MIDI controller when capslock is on. MonkeyMIDI creates a virtual MIDI input source that you can select in your favourite MIDI editor. It uses a tracker style key layout.. Freeware download of MonkeyMIDI rc, size 299.33 Kb.

i.Xchange SE-A02 2.0 Channel Enterprises (HK) Ltd. 

Features: 1. Read / draft / save / send SMS via mobile phone 2. MMS composer can create MMS by importing picture & midi then upload to the mobile phone 3. Download / upload Picture files; Movie files; Theme; Sound files 4. Midi editor included 5. Movie Editor included 6. MP3 editor included 7. Image editor included 8. Calendar / Phonebook could. Free download of i.Xchange SE-A02 2.0, size 7.21 Mb.

MIDITOR 1.0 Miditor 

MIDITOR is a command line compiler that takes ASCII edited music which can be in the style of drum or guitar tablature but with accuracy. MIDITOR turns any ASCII editor into a MIDI editor. Any MIDI message can be sent at specific times including patch changes, control changes.... Tracks and channels can be easily rendered in parallel and the. Freeware download of MIDITOR 1.0, size 85.38 Kb.

Aria Maestosa for Mac OS X 1.3 Beta 4 Marianne Gagnon 

Aria Maestosa is an open-source (GPL) midi tracker/editor. It lets you compose, edit and play midi files with a few clicks in a user-friendly interface offering keyboard, guitar, drum and controller views.
* Import and play MIDI files
* Easily compose and edit music
* See and use musical score notation, as well as. Freeware download of Aria Maestosa for Mac OS X 1.3 Beta 4, size 8.81 Mb.

Aria Maestosa 1.3 Beta 4 Marianne Gagnon 

Aria Maestosa is an open-source (GPL) midi tracker/editor. It lets you compose, edit and play midi files with a few clicks in a user-friendly interface offering keyboard, guitar, drum and controller views.
* Import and play MIDI files
* Easily compose and edit music
* See and use musical score notation, as well as. Freeware download of Aria Maestosa 1.3 Beta 4, size 8.81 Mb.

MIDI Maestro 2.28 MP3TOWAV.ORG 

MIDI Maestro is music software designed for use by amateur and professional music directors, conductors, and musical soloists in live musical theater and similar musical accompaniment situations. Dynamic, intuitive performance control and powerful sequencing and editing capabilities combine to make MIDI Maestro the only music software you need.. Free download of MIDI Maestro 2.28, size 8.61 Mb.

Midi to WAV Maker 2.0.1697 DigitByte Studio 

Midi to WAV Maker is an easy-to-use tool for converting MIDI to WAV format with CD quality. Normally MIDI files are not processed directly by other programs such as audio converters, music editors, or CD burners. So after converting MIDI to WAV file, you can burn the output WAV file to CD easily by other tools, or process the WAV file for other. Free download of Midi to WAV Maker 2.0.1697, size 522.24 Kb.

WIDI Recognition System Professional 4.03 WIDISOFT 

WIDI Recognition System is a polyphonic Audio to MIDI converter with an advanced MIDI Editor. The main function of the program is to transcribe Audio files into MIDI, and then to help with quick and efficient rearrangement of the converted file. The program recognizes CD tracks, MP3 and Wave files and automatically produces polyphonic MIDI files in. Free download of WIDI Recognition System Professional 4.03, size 4.45 Mb.

Music Score Editor 2.58 Ringtone4Me 

Music Score Editor is dedicated to music writing, printing and rendering. Easy to use, Music Score Editor offers a user-friendly interface and powerful capabilities. Music Score Editor is the easy and fast way to bring your music to life with professional results. From the music composer, the world's leading music notation software, Music Score. Free download of Music Score Editor 2.58, size 3.19 Mb.