Milk Entry Software

Cable Player Trinity Technologies 

Cable Player is a Entry Level digital video player for cable TV operators. With Cable Player you need not worry about faulty VCRs’, VHS tapes, VCD Players or even the staff running your Cable Channel. All you have got to do is load movies, songs, ads, promos for days on the computer, set the sequence and let Cable Player do the rest.. Freeware download of Cable Player, size 4.31 Mb.


5Spice Analysis 1 65 Andresen Software 

5Spice provides Spice specific schematic entry, the ability to define and save an unlimited number of analyses, and integrated graphing of simulation results. Plus easy inclusion of Spice/PSpice® models from a user expandable library. The focus is on analog circuit analysis and design at the component level.. Free download of 5Spice Analysis 1 65, size 0 b.

EpiData Analysis 3.1.1201.2006 EpiData Association 

EpiData Analysis is based on the same principles as EpiData Entry. If you properly define, document and verify data with EpiData Entry, the definitions are also available in EpiData Analysis. E.g. specified legal values with attached text labels(1 = No 2= Yes) or definitions of missing values.

When reading data EpiData Analysis will. Freeware download of EpiData Analysis 3.1.1201.2006, size 1.97 Mb.

SIMUL8 16.0 SIMUL8 Corporation 

SIMUL8 Standard is the most powerful entry level simulation software package available. Fast, Flexible and Easy-to-Use so anyone can start building simulations instantly.

Start building simulations straight away with the drag&drop interface and get instant help from SIMUL8's Getting Started mode.

SIMUL8 has been. Free download of SIMUL8 16.0, size 32.61 Mb.

TimeVue 1.0.34 Icon Time Systems 

TimeVue Lite is entry-level PC-based software for Icon Time Systems' automated Time and Attendance Solutions, and hand punch biometric readers. Perfect for small business, TimeVue Lite installs quickly and is easy-to-learn, yet is robust enough handle your basic time and attendance needs.
If needs change, you can upgrade at any time to. Freeware download of TimeVue 1.0.34, size 0 b.

QPSMR Companion 9 2 NetMR Ltd 

With QPSMR Companion The Data Export (data list) now allows filters to be applied on information output and has new settings for – Empty single-coded entries, Empty multi-coded entries and an Option to use 0 or 1 for a multi-coded entry when each response has its own column. Questionnaires can now be generated as HTML files in a variety. Free download of QPSMR Companion 9 2, size 0 b.

NiceLabel Express Euro Plus d.o.o. 

This entry-level software includes many design elements from the professional edition with the emphasis on simplified user interaction.

NiceLabel Express is the most accomplished low-cost labeling software available.

Design work within NiceLabel Express is based entirely on user-friendly Wizards, representing true. Free download of NiceLabel Express, size 24.12 Mb.

HLSW Timo Stripf 

For any gamer, it is important to find a game entry. Somehow, for some reason the games don't have all the necessary capabilities for that, and here comes the need for such programs as HLSW.

HLSW is entirely free. It is very similar to “The All-Seeing Eye”, but very friendly. It allows you to manage servers. Freeware download of HLSW, size 11.62 Mb.

Alien Racer 1.0 robinsgames 

Alien Racer was made as an entry for the Dark Basic competition in 2003, in which entrants were supplied with an alien model, and were allowed to create anything they wanted, so long as the alien featured in the game.

The game has three different game modes: normal race against three opponents, time trial, in which you try and achieve. Freeware download of Alien Racer 1.0, size 12.92 Mb.

My Exotic Farm Bigfish Games 

My Exotic Farm is a 3D farm simulation with 5 categories of animals that produce eggs, meat and milk. To expand and develop your farm, you have to build new elements: fences, berry bush, drinking trough, etc. Buy new animals at the Great Market! Take on the challenge and build the richest and most beautiful farm in the country!. Free download of My Exotic Farm, size 34.22 Mb.

Wee Ninja 1.0 Hamumu Software 

This is another 48-hour contest entry. The theme this time was 'Swarms', which will be apparent in the game.
Nantucko Entertainment made a mistake. No, it wasn't naming their new game console "The Wee." It was offering 2 free Wee controllers with every preorder. Only shipping 4 consoles on launch day might be a close. Freeware download of Wee Ninja 1.0, size 2.52 Mb.

SilverFast CanonSDK-SE 6.6.2r2 LaserSoft Imaging, Inc. 

SilverFast SE is specially designed for entry-level users. Images will benefit from SilverFast's intelligent automatic functions which help to make the image editing process much easier. Predictable color from the SilverFast SE preview, even for all kinds of negatives, gives imaging and color reproduction a new dimension while securing the. Free download of SilverFast CanonSDK-SE 6.6.2r2, size 13.27 Mb.

MyScript Stylus Vision Objects 

MyScript Stylus is a powerful and interactive input method which replaces the keyboard in all application requiring text entry such as web browsers, emails, calendars, spreadsheets, word processors, and many more.

With MyScript Stylus, you can convert your natural handwriting into digital text in real time and benefit from the highest. Free download of MyScript Stylus, size 26.19 Mb.

SKY Index Professional 6.0.0050 Sky Software 

You can now arrange the Data Entry Grid and Preview Pane side-by-side, so that they both display more entries.

You can now define custom alphabet separators and can also define what characters will appear in each section of the index.

You can now specify indents in inches, millimeters, centimeters, points, ems and ens.

mentalMAX 6.0 Mental Automation, Inc. 

MentalMAX is electronic design package which includes the following software:

-Schematic Entry Software- mentalMAX includes the easy-to-use, powerful SuperCAD schematic entry software. SuperCAD comes with nearly 2000 parts including most TTL and CMOS logic, opamps, discrete symbols, and others--plus you can easily add custom. Free download of mentalMAX 6.0, size 2.40 Mb.

PICMO Chelico Entertainment Inc. 

PICMO Paint is a paint software and this is an entry application of PICMO family. Patented drawing tools like "Good Boy Pen" help you to make fine pictures.
PICMO can import images taken by a digital camera and BMP files created by other software. Your work may be exported in JPG or PNG format. (With PICMO Animation, You can export. Free download of PICMO, size 22.75 Mb.

Genbox Family History 3. 7. 2001 Thoughtful Creations 

Genbox Family History is a full set of genealogy tools that every professional genealogist could want, it is easy to use and offers a complete entry system for adding individuals and their information to the family tree. With Genbox Family History you can collect, organize and review your family history information.

With Genbox Family. Free download of Genbox Family History 3. 7. 2001, size 0 b.

projectBPT BPT 

BPT has developed ProjectBPT, a software programme that you can download and install on your PC and use to design a wide variety of audio and video entry systems.

The programme guides the user in laying out the installation, generates a list of the required components, an estimate, the specifications, a lay-out of the system, a list of. Freeware download of projectBPT, size 96.33 Mb.

ProVia Studio 3. 7. 4009 ProVia Door 

ProVia Studio Basic is a standalone door configurator that allows homeowners to design entry doors, storm doors, and patio doors, without the power of Renoworks.

With this software, homeowners have the ability to choose the following: Door style,Glass style,Color and Hardware options.. Free download of ProVia Studio 3. 7. 4009, size 5.13 Mb.

CROSS REF 2.0 Andrew Gilmartin 

CROSS REF software - WordPress and Moveable Type plugins that allows blog entry authors to search CrossRef's metadata using full or partial citations and then insert the formatted and DOI-linked citation into their blog posting along with COINs metadata.. Freeware download of CROSS REF 2.0, size 0 b.