Mineski Hotkey

PractiSearch Pro 1.44 Practiline Software 

The main task of PractiSearch is to start a web search of a selected text with a hotkey or a mouse click, thus providing you with the quickest way of searching. If you do not want to spend a lot of time copying the text, opening Internet Explorer (or other browser) and pasting the text in the Google Toolbar, or even opening a search engine website. Free download of PractiSearch Pro 1.44, size 1.22 Mb.


PractiSearch 1.44 Practiline Software 

The main task of PractiSearch is to start a web search of a selected text with a hotkey or a mouse click, thus providing you with the quickest way of searching. If you do not want to spend a lot of time copying the text, opening Internet Explorer (or other browser) and pasting the text in the Google Toolbar, or even opening a search engine website. Freeware download of PractiSearch 1.44, size 1.01 Mb.

Heated Keyboard 1 VS CompuLab Ltd 

Heated Keyboard is hotkey manager for Windows. It allows the user to define hotkeys to menu commands of any application that is using standard Windows menu. No need to save keyboard macros or mouse moving path and replay them, just enter way to menu item (e.g. File\Open), press desired key combination and your hot key is working! . Free download of Heated Keyboard 1, size 479.23 Kb.

Hotkey Commander 1.0 anyMania.com 

Explore, manage, disable or override hotkeys in your system. Find out what hotkey combination is in use by which program. Create hotkeys of innovative new style (*Key Combinations* and *Key Sequences*) for various tasks (open documents, run programs, play media, shut down computer, etc) and keyboard/mouse macros. Simulate extra func-keys on. Free download of Hotkey Commander 1.0, size 279.33 Kb.

Hide Any Window 3.2 Hide Any Window.com 

Hide Any Window is the best solution if you don't want others to see what you are doing in your browser, what programs you are running, what games you are playing. Just press hotkeys to immediately hide unwanted windows, programs and games. Protect your privacy and hide sensitive information from prying eyes. Hide Any Window lets you hide windows. Free download of Hide Any Window 3.2, size 4.63 Mb.

OneFinger ToGet ACQSOFT 

Launch, text insert, hotkey reminder.., all by one finger on your keyboard. With OneFinger ToGet, you can use Microsoft Windows and any program by just one finger on keyboard, with the help of your eyes instead of your memory. Have you ever calculated how many times you move the mouse back and forth then clicking to open/close/move/switch the. Free download of OneFinger ToGet, size 2.04 Mb.

myhotkey 3.50 VX-Team 

myhotkey is a hotkey tool. It allows you to set hotkeys to do common tasks like opening files, ejecting your cdrom drives, restarting your computer. It is very convenient, because for start of the program it is not necessary even to touch the mouse. You can adjust combinations of keyboard keys to launch the programsand opens files which are used. Free download of myhotkey 3.50, size 770.05 Kb.

Instant Sleep 1.21 Svet-Soft 

Either click on the Instant Sleep system tray icon, or right click on it then select Sleep on the popup menu appeared, or press a predefined hotkey on your keyboard to immediately hide your display of the unwanted eyes. Instant Sleep saves your time and protects your privacy. Move your mouse or press any key to turn the sleep mode off.. Free download of Instant Sleep 1.21, size 584.70 Kb.

Windows Hider Pro 1.51 KMiNT21 Software 

Windows Hider will allow you to hide specified groups of windows just by pressing a single Hotkey (or a combination of Hotkeys). You have the options to specify desired Hotkeys, windows to be hidden or closed and to have the program started every time Windows starts up. Most of the time, program works in the hidden mode, not making anyone know that. Free download of Windows Hider Pro 1.51, size 61.44 Kb.

SQL Pretty Printer 2.8.7 Gudu Software 

SQL Pretty printer is a tool to beautify sql code in any editors with a hotkey, make it more readable. Support Query Analyzer, SQL Server Management Studio(SSMS),VS2003 / 2005, Toad and common editors such as UltraEdit. Besides beautify the SQL, it can also translate the SQL into C#,Java, Php and other program languages that is ready to use in your. Free download of SQL Pretty Printer 2.8.7, size 2.78 Mb.

Abridge Insert 1.2 John Security 

Abridge Insert is a very useful keyboard and clipboard extender. Using Hotkey combinations, it allows you to easily insert commonly-used text into any application, such as a word processors, email programs, tables, IDEs, etc. Abridge Insert can also add up to 10 extra clipboard entries for the exchange of text and graphics among applications.

ACA Capture Pro 5.60 ACA Systems 

Getting started is as easy as pressing a hotkey. In addition, you can apply capture masks, including circular, rectangle and other shapes, Captures can optionally include the mouse cursor, or can be automatically sent to MS Office applications, such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint. ACA Capture Pro has many enhanced features: capture all flash file. Free download of ACA Capture Pro 5.60, size 1.94 Mb.

Koperfield ][ 2 PukyWare 

Koperfield ][ allows you to hide active and specified groups of windows by pressing a single Hotkey. One of thing make it very usefull - it works everywhere - even in fullscreen games. Another - you can set (only Pro version) mouse hot-key combination! This allow you to hide everithing extremly fast.. Free download of Koperfield ][ 2, size 69.63 Kb.

JetPaste 1.0 UpClock Software 

JetPaste is an utility for pasting commonly used text phrases or formatted text into the applications. You just have to press hotkey or click button 'Insert' and any text you define before will be automatically pasted. You can for example bind your e-mail address on Control+Shift+E, and every time you press Control+Shift+E, JetPaste will. Free download of JetPaste 1.0, size 885.76 Kb.

HotKeyManager 1.0 SoftwareMage 

HotKey Manager is a Windows application for shortcuts creation and customisation. HotKey Manager assumes all your repetitive work on the computer. With the help of this program you can greatly speed up your rate of work. Pressing hot keys you can paste frequently used text, launch applications, open folders, favourite web-pages, dial-up. Free download of HotKeyManager 1.0, size 1.90 Mb.

CintaNotes Free Personal Notes Manager BetaM7 Cinta Software 

A free, lightweight and user-friendly personal notes manager.
Its features include:
- Easy text clipping. Just select any text in any application and press the hotkey! If it works with clipboard, it works with CintaNotes.
- Exteremely lean and fast- Fast as-you-type searching- Saves your screen space: No sticky notes clutter-. Freeware download of CintaNotes Free Personal Notes Manager BetaM7, size 640.61 Kb.

BlindBossKey-Lite 1.2.0 LifeSniffer 

Blind-BossKey will hide and restore the windows (programs) on your screen with the press of a hotkey or a mouse shortcut. It will cover all the tracks of the running programs by hiding them also from the task bar. In addition to that Boss Key will not close the applications but keep them hidden in the background thus preserving your data at the. Freeware download of BlindBossKey-Lite 1.2.0, size 436.80 Kb.

Topalt Hotkeys for Outlook 2.5 Topalt.com 

Create hotkeys for Outlook with Topalt Hotkeys. Insert predefined text with a hotkey (can be used as canned responses tool). Quickly navigate (switch) between Outlook folders using hotkeys. Send a desktop screenshot with one click. And it's FREE!. Freeware download of Topalt Hotkeys for Outlook 2.5, size 3.03 Mb.

MultiWave TRIPLEX 3.9 fellz.com 

MultiWave plays Sound samples via Hotkey. Open some sound files and have fun!. Freeware download of MultiWave TRIPLEX 3.9, size 484.35 Kb.

SnagIMG 2 5 Bluelight Dev 

SnagIMG is a printscreen(PrtScr) utility that increases your options when taking a screenshot using the PrintScreen hotkey. When you press PrtScr or ALT PrtScr on your keyboard you are presented with a selection of choices of what to do with the screenshot you just took. The choices available include, edit, view, upload and save. SnagIMG sits in. Freeware download of SnagIMG 2 5, size 30.64 Mb.