Mixing Sound Freeware

Comic Sound Pack 2 1 Screaming Bee 

Comic Sound Pack is a pack of sound effects to be used with MorpHVOX.

MorpVOX is a program from Screaming Bee that allows you to modify your sound´s output, through different voice packs, and play different sound effects while you´re connected with your favorite Instant Messenger or playing an online game.


Sci-Fi Sound Pack 1 1 Screaming Bee 

This package makes voice transformation easy and takes it to a new level.Morph with Sci-Fi Sound Effects. The sound pack integrates perfectly with MorphVOX Voice Morphing Software and is FREE. Try it today!
Some of the sounds include: power up and alarm.. Freeware download of Sci-Fi Sound Pack 1 1, size 61.73 Mb.

Mega Sound Recorder 1 8 Global Software 

Mega Sound Recorder is a full-featured universal sound recording system for both home users and Pros. It is a flexible and inexpensive solution for those who want to record any digital sound from PC.
Mega Sound Recorder enables you to record music from CD and DVD Players, record voice using microphone to make audio notes, capture sound from. Freeware download of Mega Sound Recorder 1 8, size 0 b.

SoundCopy 1 1 M.A.C Software 

SoundCopy is a free audio recorder and converter that can capture, save, and re-encode any sound coming in through your soundcard (CD, Internet streaming, external microphone, etc.). Any recording made through this tool is by default saved in WAV format, thus offering you the maximum audio quality. However, there is also the possibility of opening. Freeware download of SoundCopy 1 1, size 0 b.

ModPlug Player 1 46 Olivier Lapicque/MODPlug Central 

A freeware 32-bit digital sound player that supports well over a dozen digital sound formats. Besides the .mod format you'd expect by the program's name, you can open and play the .669, .far, .it, .med, .mdl, .mol, .mtm, .nst, .s3m, .stm, .ult, .wow, .xm, and .wav formats along with all flavors of zipped .mod files. ModPlug Player's. Freeware download of ModPlug Player 1 46, size 0 b.

Audio Convert Magic AudioEditMagic Soft Development Team 

Audio Record Magic enables you to record sound from any input source on your computer, including anything that is played back via your sound card, external microphone or any other audio input source. The recording can be saved directly WAV/MP3/WMA format. It also helps you to transfer tapes, LPs, live performances, Internet radio, TV, DVD, or any. Freeware download of Audio Convert Magic, size 7.96 Mb.

ZIMO Sound Programmer 1 9 ZIMO Elektronik 

ZIMO Sound Programmer is a software for generating of sound projects.
It is an alternative to ZIRC, but is also used for the decoder software update.
First you have to define the basic parameters, then you can add new samples ( .wav files) to the project, define the loop points of a sample and then you can preview steam or diesel sets.. Freeware download of ZIMO Sound Programmer 1 9, size 16.61 Mb.

Sound Clavier Kirill Braulov 

The program allows to sound pressing of buttons (almost all) in any application. Different keyboard layouts sound in different ways. The program is represented by the icon on the task bar (near to the clocks). You can turn on/off sounding for all the applications by double click on the icon. With the help of the icon popup menu, it is possible to. Freeware download of Sound Clavier, size 0 b.

Midicode Synthesizer Peter Frazer Consultancy 

A fresh approach to software synthesis

Main Features:

- Powerful sound generation with combined harmonic and dual FM / AM synthesis engine
- Stereo instruments including ones that move in the stereo image
- 16 voices with up to 4 oscillators per voice
- Separate harmonic and envelope control for each. Freeware download of Midicode Synthesizer, size 1.99 Mb.

Triton Sound Editor 1.0 Peter Voise 

This program uses TSF files - Triton Sound Format files - a filetype special for this program.

The program comes with File, Edit, Randomize and Clean Up Sound functions that I hope will ease, make soundediting more innovative and fun.

There are some things you should know when using this program.

1. The Korg. Freeware download of Triton Sound Editor 1.0, size 65.45 Mb.

WaveAgent 1 15 Sound Devices LLC 

Designed for Production Sound Mixers and Post Production Editors, Wave Agent provides a comprehensive and indispensable range of tools for preparing audio files for problem-free passage through complex production workflows.
Wave Agent is an essential, time-saving tool for anyone working in Production Sound.. Freeware download of WaveAgent 1 15, size 15.90 Mb.

AudioEnhance Sound Router 3.0 AudioEnhance 

Soundrouter enables you to route the output of any sound card on your system to the input of any other, through a variety of audio plugins, which you can use for effects, such as compression, limiting , equalization or full-blown audio processing.

You need more than one sound card in your computer for this to be really useful. Results. Freeware download of AudioEnhance Sound Router 3.0, size 4.18 Mb.

Wavelet Sound Explorer 0.50 Steve Hanov 

Wavelet Sound Explorer is a freeware program for Windows that lets you view sound files in the frequency/time domain. It should be of interest to students in the areas of acoustics, phonetics, and anyone interested in sound.
The aim of this project is to create an audio editor based on the continuous wavelet transform. The CWT is. Freeware download of Wavelet Sound Explorer 0.50, size 89.71 Mb.

Combined Color Mixing Brown University 

This applet helps the user combine concepts in additive and subtractive color mixing through a scenario that includes lights, paints and filters. Users can directly observe how various colored lights, paints, and filters contribute additively as well as subtractively to produce a single color to be viewed by the applet's virtual eye.. Freeware download of Combined Color Mixing, size 10.49 Mb.

Sound.Works 1 2 AMC Bridge LLC 

Sound.Works adds audio accompaniment to several key SW operations. These include, but are not limited to the following actions: Start and Exit SolidWorks, Open and Close Document, Rollback, Document Rebuild, Edit Feature, Copy, Paste, Drag, or Drop. You can either use the standard sound package that comes with the tool, or incorporate sounds of. Freeware download of Sound.Works 1 2, size 2.65 Mb.

SereneSound SereneSound 

SereneSound is a free, intuitive and efficient application that enables your computer's sound system to create an ambiance of pleasant and relaxing sounds. With SereneSound, you can obscure and mask unwanted and distracting environmental noise such as traffic, conversations or even your neighbor's unwanted music.. Freeware download of SereneSound, size 3.12 Mb.

Sound Choice Toolbar 6 5 Sound Choice 

Sound Choice Toolbar along with your browser helps you to stay up-to-date with the freshest news and announcements from Sound Choice Community. Additionally to this, the toolbar will notify you about the community right to your desktop.

Also with the help of Sound Choice Toolbar you can search the web from several and useful search. Freeware download of Sound Choice Toolbar 6 5, size 0 b.

Default Sound Selector (DSS 1 3 Simpuhl 

Default Sound Selector (DSS) is a small application for Microsoft Windows 7. It will load an icon into your system tray and enable you to simply right click it and choose which sound device you would like to set as your Default Sound Device, it will also let you choose which Recording Device to use. It is very useful for anybody that has multiple. Freeware download of Default Sound Selector (DSS 1 3, size 857.09 Kb.

Easy HR Sound Toggle 7 9 Easy HR Pty Ltd 

Easy HR Sound Toggle is a simple application to turn the sound ON and OFF. With this application you can create shortcuts on your desktop for one-click sound toggling. It does the same thing as the Windows Sound dialog box, but its easier to use, as it has bigger buttons, requires less clicking and does not require you to remember Windows keyboard. Freeware download of Easy HR Sound Toggle 7 9, size 1.16 Mb.

High Definition Stereo (HDS) 1.0 HD SoundLab 

High Definition Stereo (HDS) is a technology in software that opens up for a more exact and natural sound than traditional stereo. Sonic improvements are most often audible as a general refinement. While stereo tends to limit the soundstage in between the 60o loudspeaker angle, HDS is stepping past this boundary, literally filling the room with a. Freeware download of High Definition Stereo (HDS) 1.0, size 0 b.