Mobius Chaos Bot Mac Software

Flirt Facebook Friend Adder 1.0.21 Falkor Inc. 

Business \ Vertical Markets

Facebook friend adder bot application for Mac OS X that can send friend requests, messages, wall posts, event invites and more. Manage your pages with Flirt Facebook friend blaster pro. Get more page likes and fans!. Free download of Flirt Facebook Friend Adder 1.0.21, size 5.86 Mb.


Yahoo bot last visit 1.0 Bots Visit 

Web Development

Display the last time Yahoo bot visit your site , click in button and generate the code to put in your site, the image are linked to stats page here display the top pages indexed !. Freeware download of Yahoo bot last visit 1.0, size 1.02 Kb.

Advanced Bot Framework 0.7.0.beta 

Education \ Science

Using this plugin-based framework, you can instantly start working on the *brain* of your bot (irc bot, chatterbot, robot, ...). With support for db, irc, logging and programming-language independent plugins, users can easily enhance the functionality.. Freeware download of Advanced Bot Framework 0.7.0.beta, size 79.81 Kb.

Anti-Bot Form Mailer 1.0 

Internet \ Mail

Anti-Bot Form Mailer is a PHP script that helps webmasters reducing spam received via their contact or support form.. Freeware download of Anti-Bot Form Mailer 1.0, size 17.64 Kb.

Big Brother Bot (B3) b3.1.8.1 

Games \ Misc. Games

BigBrotherBot (B3) is a cross-platform, cross-game game administration bot. Features in-game administration of game servers, multiple user access levels, and database storage. Currently include parsers for: Call of Duty, Urban Terror and more!. Freeware download of Big Brother Bot (B3) b3.1.8.1, size 939.35 Kb.

CellMate Bot 1.0 

Internet \ Mail

CellMate Bot currently allows google queries and aim functions through OSCAR. Made to be used form your cellphone's AIM client, CellMate Bot will be updated to include email, news and map directions in the future. For now, you can use Google SMS.. Freeware download of CellMate Bot 1.0, size 13.16 Kb.

Clanwar managing/broadcasting (IRC-)Bot 20030403 

Games \ Misc. Games

The goal is to develop a bot that sits on irc and manages clanwars in the internal channel of a clan. the bot should also be able to broadcast clanwars to irc-channels. DEVELOPERS AND TESTERS NEEDED!!!. Freeware download of Clanwar managing/broadcasting (IRC-)Bot 20030403, size 27.43 Kb.

Lexy, a Scrabble playing bot beta2 

Games \ Board Games

Lexy is a Scrabble-playing bot written in OCaml. Because it can be compiled to a machine executable, it is wicked fast.. Freeware download of Lexy, a Scrabble playing bot beta2, size 211.51 Kb.

MatchEd - HL / HL2 IRC Match Bot 1.8 

Games \ Misc. Games

A Halflife / Halfelife 2 IRC match bot. Reports for various HL/HL2 game events. Also has Admin features. Simple to use with auto-setup. Written in Java so is suitable for many platforms.. Freeware download of MatchEd - HL / HL2 IRC Match Bot 1.8, size 427.69 Kb.

Mayhem & Chaos Collection 

Multimedia \ Misc. Audio

The Mayhem & Chaos Collection is a collection of semi-related software projects written/maintained by Robert Kaye. This umbrella project allows me to make my various side projects available to the public.. Freeware download of Mayhem & Chaos Collection, size 242.04 Kb.

Prolix - Binary Chat Bot for bnetd 32 

Games \ Strategy

Prolix is a "binary bot" chat interfaceand bot for various likeservices such as bnetd, fsgs, and itself. Prolix offers a modulardesign allowing one to create and usecustom controls, bots and displays.. Freeware download of Prolix - Binary Chat Bot for bnetd 32, size 202.85 Kb.

Realtime Chaos 1.2 

Games \ Strategy

Realtime Chaos is a multi-player realtime strategy game designed for local networks. Each player controls a wizard, and must use their range of spells (such as creating creatures or lightening bolts) to kill each other. Emphasis is on it being fun.. Freeware download of Realtime Chaos 1.2, size 249.32 Kb.

RPG-Bot 1.0 

Games \ Role Playing

This is an IRC-Bot written in Java (based in the PIRC-Bot API) which provides a RPG-Service.. Freeware download of RPG-Bot 1.0, size 545.01 Kb.

Templar Knight Bot 1.0 

Games \ Strategy

The Templar Knight Bot is an open source Java Bot that attempts to be a highly configurable bot base. Each component is meant to be completely modular and replaceable. The GUI and the automatic functions are at the focus of this and allows the bot to fu. Freeware download of Templar Knight Bot 1.0, size 120.63 Kb.

The Cavalier Bot Toolkit Project 1.0 

Games \ Misc. Games

The Cavalier Bot Toolkit is a toolkit for creating automated characters ("bots") for the MMORPG, Eternal Lands. It is based on a series of hooks and handlers, and is designed to be more maintainable, modular, and self-explanatory than the previous program. Freeware download of The Cavalier Bot Toolkit Project 1.0, size 34.47 Kb.

The chaos Operating System 0.0.2 

Utilities \ Misc. Utils.

chaos is a new operating system - written from scratch by a young group of people. Unlike most other systems, we do not try to reimplement something else, but rather tries to do things in our own (hopefully better) way.. Freeware download of The chaos Operating System 0.0.2, size 76.49 Kb.

LSA-Bot 1.0 Lsabot 

Education \ Science

LSA-Bot is a new, powerful kind of Chat-bot incentred on Latent Semantic Analisys. Using LSA it's possible to make relationships among words and vectors, permitting to realize an intelligent chat-bot that can understand human language and answer as

LSA-Bot 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of LSA-Bot 1.0, size 288.15 Kb.

Mayhem & Chaos Collection 1.0 Mayhem-chaos 

Multimedia \ Sound Tools

The Mayhem & Chaos Collection is a collection of semi-related software projects written/maintained by Robert Kaye. This umbrella project allows me to make my various side projects available to the public.

Mayhem & Chaos Collection 1.0 License - BSD License; GNU General Public License (GPL); GNU Library or Lesser General. Freeware download of Mayhem & Chaos Collection 1.0, size 202.37 Kb.

Chaos Central BBS alpha.1 Chaoscentral 

Utilities \ Misc. Utils.

Chaos Central is an open-source Perl BBS, with the goal of providing as many features as possible while maintaing the abilty to customize intensely.

Chaos Central BBS alpha.1 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of Chaos Central BBS alpha.1, size 560.65 Kb.

Java Wiki Bot Framework rc Jwbf 

Development \ Misc. Dev. Tools

Java Wiki Bot Framework helps with wiki (MediaWiki) site management. It allows to build robots to edit and dump information from Wikis. For more information and features see project homepage.

Java Wiki Bot Framework rc License - Apache License V2.0. Freeware download of Java Wiki Bot Framework rc, size 2.49 Mb.