Mrp Format Gamesmrp Format Games

PGN Viewer 1.1 

PGN Viewer is a free ,open source application which allows to view PGN format chess games and visualizes moves from its notation. Developed in C#.. Freeware download of PGN Viewer 1.1, size 329.17 Kb.


PalmPGN 1.0 

A PGN-format chess game viewer for the PalmOS. Displays PGN format chess games and (will display) FEN format positions, and allow the entry of new games.. Freeware download of PalmPGN 1.0, size 83.97 Kb.

Font Bitmapper 1.0 Cyberphaze Productions 

Font Bitmapper is a utility designed to convert fonts into a matrix of bitmap characters. Fonts are usually required in this format for games, demos, web counters and similar applications. Using bitmapped fonts in programs has its advantages. It is often faster in terms of CPU speed, you don't need any special libraries to use, and there are no. Freeware download of Font Bitmapper 1.0, size 1.26 Mb.

Children's Bible Games & Activities Premium for your Family and School ( Kids over 7 ) 2.2 Barcelona Multimedia 

Engage your kids and family with the Bible with funny and faithful Games & Activities.
300 Games & Activities on 60 Bible Stories narrated with comic strips.
Help kids learn the stories better, get the point and remember forever in an enjoyable way.
Premium version with no In-App purchases and completely Kids Safe!

Splashtop Streamer for Mac Splashtop Inc. 

By installing the Splashtop Streamer on your PC, and a Splashtop Remote Desktop app on your iPad, iPhone, or Android tablet/phone, you can remotely connect to and control your PC from the mobile device. With Splashtop Remote, you can use your tablet or phone to watch videos and play music stored on your PC, whether in iTunes, Windows Media Player,. Freeware download of Splashtop Streamer for Mac, size 10.23 Mb.

Chess Genius 3.2.00 Lang Software Limited 

ChessGenius, award winning chess program. Superb playing strength. The author's chess programs have won ten World Championships. Packed with features for beginners and experts:

* 33 playing levels including easy and blitz. Network connection not required

* Displays thinking. Who is winning, by how much and the moves that. Free download of Chess Genius 3.2.00, size 314.57 Kb.

Games::SGF::Tournament 1.0.0 

SGF is acronym for Smart Game File and is a file format used to store game records of two player board games. This module used to collect game information from a set of SGF files and produce HTML tables for creating WWW tournament pages.. Freeware download of Games::SGF::Tournament 1.0.0, size 12.10 Kb.

NIF File Format Library and Tools 1.0.22 

NifTools aims to enable users to create and edit 3D models stored in the NetImmerse File Format, which is used in many popular games based on the NetImmerse/Gamebryo game engine such as Morrowind, DAoC, Freedom Force, Civ4, Oblivion, Fallout 3, .... Freeware download of NIF File Format Library and Tools 1.0.22, size 862.88 Kb.

Compact-Mac's PPT Games and Movies 1.0 Cmpptmov 

This project is to create some simple games and Movies in a PowerPoint format. Using graphics which are free and in the Public domain. They are created in MS PowerPoint/OpenOffice.

Compact-Mac's PPT Games and Movies 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of Compact-Mac's PPT Games and Movies 1.0, size 0 b.

ABC. Play and Learn (English and French Learning Games) 1.3 Marcin Siwiec 

Play and learn. Learn and play.

ABC, one of the most popular poems by Julian Tuwim, comes in a new, interactive version with letter games, jigsaw puzzles and letter learning.

Your child will discover the world of letters. The multimedia format changes learning to trace letters into fun!

The application consists of. Free download of ABC. Play and Learn (English and French Learning Games) 1.3, size 24.64 Mb.

JagoClient 5 1 Rene Grothmann 

JagoClient is a SGF (Smart Go Format) and XML go game viewer to edit and store Go games, an IGS client to play on any IGS compatible Go server, a point to point go player to play against other players without any server, and a GMP (Go Modem Protocol) client to play against computer Go programs.
The program has been written in Java, which. Freeware download of JagoClient 5 1, size 2.75 Mb.

ChessTool PGN Guillermo Gajate 

ChessTool PGN is a freeware application, reads and writes chesss games in the format Portable Game Notation (PGN).

Manages the files of database of chess games stored in the PGN. The application has been designed on the basis of the Portable Game Notation Specification and Implementation Guide. Allows the administration of the files. Freeware download of ChessTool PGN, size 1.05 Mb.

PSP Games Downloads 1.0 PSP Games Downloads 

PSP Games Downloads Advertising Wizard. PSP Sale store offers you a chance to get the world's leading games console at a great low price. The PlayStation Portable, officially abbreviated PSP is a handheld game console manufactured and marketed by Sony Computer Entertainment. Development of the console was first announced during E3 2003, and it was. Freeware download of PSP Games Downloads 1.0, size 688.13 Kb.

Adago 0.2.4 

Adago is a program to play the game of Go on the internet, and to edit games in the SGF format.. Freeware download of Adago 0.2.4, size 4.30 Mb.

Chess Editor 1.0 

Chess Editor is a pure Java tool to create, edit and view chess games in the Portable Game Notation (PGN) format. The tool integrates with externally specified chess engine programs to provide analysis of board positions.. Freeware download of Chess Editor 1.0, size 465.28 Kb.

FreeD modeller 2 

A free 3D modeller designed for games, supporting file format plugins.. Freeware download of FreeD modeller 2, size 217.43 Kb.

KOTOR ToolSet 32 

The KOTOR ToolSet project aims to develop a set of GUI tools for modding the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic series video games, based on open file format specifications by BioWare.. Freeware download of KOTOR ToolSet 32, size 389.79 Kb.


MediaWiki extension to display a chessboard from chess games in PGN format. See for more details and downloads.. Freeware download of MediaWiki-EmbedChessboard, size 1.13 Mb.

Pgn2ltx rc 

Pgn2ltx is a simple converter that reads chess games in PGN format andoutputs them to a LaTeX input file.. Freeware download of Pgn2ltx rc, size 91.03 Kb.

Point And Click 0.21 

A game engine for display of point-and-click games (images and click areas) and an easy-to-use format for developers of these games (i.e. just add images and click areas).. Freeware download of Point And Click 0.21, size 84.60 Kb.