Music Video Database Freeware

Personal Video Database Nostradamus 

Personal Video Database is a free cataloging tool with a friendly and intuitive interface, and a lot of very useful features that will help you create your own movie and video collection in an easy and simple way. If you are looking for a useful tool to catalog your hundreds or thousands of videos, then you have to take a glance at this. Freeware download of Personal Video Database, size 10.66 Mb.


Home Video Database 0.2 SourceForge 

Home Video Database is a windows application which lets you enter information about each and every clip of your digital home video collection.

Home Video Database is a handy C# designed to enable you to manage the information about each and every clip of your digital home video collection.. Freeware download of Home Video Database 0.2, size 8.51 Mb.

iPod Video Database Builder 0.5 

iPod Video Database Builder is a program to build the iTunesDB and Photo Database in your iPod Video/Nano. You can add songs, videos and photos to or restore those files back from your iPod without iTunes.. Freeware download of iPod Video Database Builder 0.5, size 1.51 Mb.

Click2Music 1.0 

Converting have never been easier You've got music and video files all over your pc and now you want to play them on your mobile device like your iPhone or your iPad or your Droid or any other device. It seems simple. Your computer has wma, wav, flac, or m4a files, so why couldna€™t they be played on your mobile? Why do they have to take up so. Freeware download of Click2Music 1.0, size 11.02 Mb.

4arabnetwork Toolbar Arabic Music 

Arabic Music and Radio Toolbar for Internet Explorer 6 And Above provide the ability to download Arabic and Rai Music and Video listen to Arabic Music Radio 24 hours watch online TV know the latest news about Arabic movies play online Games get the latest Arabic singer news get notified with latest Arabic albums released on the market know your IP. Freeware download of 4arabnetwork Toolbar, size 1.59 Mb.

iPod Copy Master 3.6.6 

Copy music,video and playlists from iPod to any computer, Syncing iTunes. Easy, fast, totally rist free. Freeware download of iPod Copy Master 3.6.6, size 4.99 Mb.

Celtx 2. 9. 2001 Celtx 

Celtx helps you produce all types of media — film, video, documentary, theatre, novels, machinima, comics, advertising, video games, music video, radio, podcasts, and however else you choose to tell your story.

You can use Celtx for the entire production process — write scripts, storyboard scenes and sequences,. Freeware download of Celtx 2. 9. 2001, size 15.34 Mb.

MegaMindPlayer 1 3 MegaMindTools LLC 

MegaMind Player is a multi-use program that allows easy storing and managing of all your digital media files including music, video, images, and recorded TV. With MegaMind Player accessing any of these types of files is considerably more enjoyable and convenient than with similar apps especially due to its loyalty towards the user-friendliness. Freeware download of MegaMindPlayer 1 3, size 3.65 Mb.

Bear Share Musiclab, LLC 

BearShare is a peer-to-peer file sharing program that not only allows you to download the latest music and video but you can connect with friends and make new ones who are into the same artists. The users can easily access other profiles, pictures and their music libraries.
BearShare has one of the best collections of retro music in various. Freeware download of Bear Share, size 2.36 Mb.

mvCentral tdnemail 

mvCentral is a Music Videos plugin for MediaPortal which scans your Music Video collection and searches the metadata online using Last.FM as the primary data source. The plugin will support a base set of filen ames and folder layouts. The parser is flexible and through the use of custom parsing and replacements it is capable of supporting a wider. Freeware download of mvCentral, size 3.00 Mb.

Webconverter SKS Services 

Webconverter software is a FREE converson of your music, video, images and documents! It is 100% free! No software or addons are required. It offers you a HUGE range of format conversion! You can convert from almost any format to mp3 for your music files and/or from almost any format to avi for your video files. Of course, it is vice-versa, that is. Freeware download of Webconverter, size 199.23 Kb.

Binjet 1.08 Kos Ventures Pty Ltd 

Binjet helps you locate and easily download millions of pictures, music, video, games, software and other files posted to the Usenet. Use Binjet search engine to choose files, then Binjet will get them for you from one or more Usenet servers faster than anything else. Binjet can access multiple servers in parallel and use unlimited number of. Freeware download of Binjet 1.08, size 796.67 Kb.

PC iPod Basic 

PC iPod provides a fast and easy way to transfer music and video files between your computer and iPod / iPhone. Do you need an easier way to move your music and movies from computer to iPod/iPhone ? Do you have no idea how to get music and videos off the iPod back to the computer? PC iPod is an easy solution for you! With just one click, you. Freeware download of PC iPod Basic, size 5.25 Mb.

Haihaisoft Universal Player 1. 5. 2007 Haihaisoft Limited 

Haihaisoft Universal Player offers great new ways to store and enjoy all your music, video, pictures, and recorded TV. It supports playing more than 400 media formats and the media files protected by DRM-X.

Haihaisoft Universal Player has its own online ActiveX Player which supports playing protected or unprotected media files online. Freeware download of Haihaisoft Universal Player 1. 5. 2007, size 18.35 Mb.

DivX Operational Player 1 2 Gromkov's Software 

DivX Operational Player (Vidmex) allows to extract fragments from video and audio files, merge or mix fragments, play music and video with customizable subtitles, adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, invert, color balance, zooming and other video effects in real time. It supports many media formats: ASF, AVI, MKV, MOV, MP4, MPG, MPE, MPEG, OGM,. Freeware download of DivX Operational Player 1 2, size 88.51 Mb.

Play MPE Player Destiny Software Productions Inc. 

The Play MPE Player is a software application which has a web-browser interface allowing industry professionals to gain access to authorized MPE music and video files. This simple and feature-enhanced software provides the ability to quickly stream, download, export, and burn both audio and video tracks. Tracks can be exported as .WAV files for. Freeware download of Play MPE Player, size 8.01 Mb.

JukeItUp! 1 61 JukeItUp! Ltd. 

JukeItUp is a great music and video player and now it's free! No hidden charges, all skins, add-ons and updates are all free.

Now you can play your favourite music with the most user-friendly interface around. Even watch your music videos and enjoy features like marking your favourite spots and jumping back to them.. Freeware download of JukeItUp! 1 61, size 4.31 Mb.

ToneTrend Beyond VR LLC 

ToneTrend is a simple biofeedback application that provides music, video, DVD, and tactile feedback.
ToneTrend provides a way to increase one's awareness of their mind and body's internal state. ToneTrend enables a person to easily perceive increases and decreases in their body’s arousal level by providing visual and. Freeware download of ToneTrend, size 15.64 Mb.

COWON Media Center - jetAudio Basic VX 8.0.16 COWON 

JetAudio plays various music and video files. Features included are: CD Burning, Recording, and File Conversion. You can create Internet Broadcasts with JetCast. JetAudio plays most major file formats and various video or audio tracks. You can even convert audio files to various formats. A special feature is Video conversion which can make video. Freeware download of COWON Media Center - jetAudio Basic VX 8.0.16, size 115.71 Kb.

Windows Media Player for Mac 9.0 Microsoft 

Windows Media Player offers great new ways to store and enjoy all your music, video, pictures, and recorded TV. Play it, view it, and sync it to a portable device for enjoying on the go or even share with devices around your home—all from one place.
Sporting a new brushed steel skin for Apple’s newest operating system, this new. Freeware download of Windows Media Player for Mac 9.0, size 8.07 Mb.

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