Naughty Dice

Love Dice aPanaSoft 

Looking for naughty ways to spice up your love life? Look no further. Get the good times rolling and break the ice with these Love dices. After a few rolls, you're guaranteed to get lucky. There are no losers in this game!

One dice describes a body part: Lips, Ears, Neck, Toes, Chest, your choice … by default 12 different body. Free download of Love Dice, size 2.10 Mb.


IP Electronic Dice 1.02 Information Packaging 

IP Electronic Dice is a personal Electronic Dice for windows. Play games using electronic dice. From 1 to 3 dice. From 1 to 20 sided dice. (d1, d2, d3, d4, d5, d6, d7, d8, d9, d10, d11, d12, d13, d14, d15, d16, d17, d18, d19, d20.) Ideal for any kind of board game or even Dungeons and Dragons. . Free download of IP Electronic Dice 1.02, size 975.87 Kb.

Ten Thousand Dice 2.4 ENW Software 

Ten Thousand Dice - A Game of Temptation and Chance for up to 6 human or computer players. The game is played with six dice, and is a race to score at least 10,000 points. You can play with any combination of human or computer players, and with the registered version, remote network players. To win you will need equal parts strategy, luck, and. Free download of Ten Thousand Dice 2.4, size 1.14 Mb.

Ultimate Dice Collection 1.4 Funesse Games 

The Ultimate Dice Collection is a set of six original, exciting dice games all integrated into one. Each title uses different sets of colored dice to add to the challenge. Strategy and a bit of luck are key! Four of the games involve rolling dice, while the other two are puzzle-based. They are easy to learn, but offer more depth than other dice. Free download of Ultimate Dice Collection 1.4, size 8.36 Mb.

Nice Dice 2.5 NiceDice Games 

Nice Dice is a dice game of strategy and luck in the style of the famous classic game Yahtzee. The game requires you to get dice rolls comparable to poker hands, such as four of a kind, full house, and straight. Click a button to roll your dice, save the ones you want to keep, and roll again. Nice Dice lets you roll them bones and tally the results. Free download of Nice Dice 2.5, size 5.01 Mb.

ZC Dice 1 Zeta Centauri, Inc. 

ZC Dice generates random dice rolls for use with pen-and-paper RPGs, wargames, and other tabletop games. It can also be used for anything that requires random numbers. It is small and compact, taking up very little screen space.. Freeware download of ZC Dice 1, size 299.98 Kb.

Liar's Dice 1.0 Fast Eddie's Software 

Liar's dice is a classic dice game that is all about luck and bluffing. It is a one player game with a computer AI opponent. Can you outwit, outbluff, and outroll the computer? You'll need to if you want to win this game.. Freeware download of Liar's Dice 1.0, size 886.78 Kb.

Dolphin Dice XP 8 15 johannorberg 

Dolphin Dice XP is a dice game. The object of the game is to get as high score as possible. You can compete with Dolphin Dice players around the world with the global highscore table, where you can upload your highscore at any time. In the beginning you have 60 rolls. You have to use these rolls wisely, or else you have no rolls to use in the end.. Free download of Dolphin Dice XP 8 15, size 2.93 Mb.

Craps Dice Game 1.0 Free Casino 

Craps is a casino dice game of chance where the player can make many bets on a variety of dice rolls and combinations of dice rolls.. Freeware download of Craps Dice Game 1.0, size 3.77 Mb.

Random Dice Roller Software 7.0 Sobolsoft 

This software offers a solution for users who want to create custom random dice to roll. You can create any type of dice, coin or even random event. Some examples are classic 6-sided dice, a 20-sided dice, a coin, even rock-paper-scissors or pulling a name from a hat. You can input the number of times to roll and how many dice to hold in your hand. Free download of Random Dice Roller Software 7.0, size 1.85 Mb.

Five Dice 1.2.2001 Novel Games Limited 

In this game there is a grid of dice. You need to remove them by picking up 5 dice each time. The pattern formed by the five dice will determine your score awarded. Examples of patterns include straight, full house, five of a kind, etc. The 5 dice must be connected. Use the mouse to click the dice and select them.. Freeware download of Five Dice 1.2.2001, size 267.26 Kb.

Dice LED decoder 0.98f University of Hamburg 

Developed as a simple simulation software, Dice LED decoder allows you to see the circuit you need to use to decode a 3-bit input value.

This simple circuit decodes a three-bit input value to control a set of 7 LEDs. Dice LED decoder is developed with the help of the Java programming language.

. Free download of Dice LED decoder 0.98f, size 0 b.

dice roller c++ New philipvim 

dice roller c++ was developed as a simple and accessible application that rolls a dice 36000 times and tells you the stats.

Now, you can make use of this simple application to see what are the numbers that have the biggest change in showing you when you roll the dice.

. Freeware download of dice roller c++ New, size 0 b.

MB Dice Divination 1.15 

MB Dice Divination is a divination software based on the method of divination by dice also known as Cleromancy. Dice Divination is a simple divining tool that helps you find solutions to your day-today problems. Dominoes and dice have been used as divining tool since the ancient ages. This is a Chinese form of divination that has become popular in. Free download of MB Dice Divination 1.15, size 692.06 Kb.

Online Game Dice 1.05 

Online Game Dice is a free program that allows you to add random dynamic, stylish dice to your web page. You choose how many dice and what size you want them to be. The dice display as a single download-optimized image that is perfect for online game web sites. The instructions to install Online Game Dice are easy: 1. Download and unzip the Online. Freeware download of Online Game Dice 1.05, size 104.86 Kb.

PsiDiCE VTT Dice Roller 2.4 PsiFire, Inc. 

Fling about metallic and gemlike gaming dice! See [2D] and hear them bounce randomly on dozens of wood, stone and glass surfaces! Run networked instances with friends online!

In role-playing games, there is often a need to roll multiple many-sided dice and potentially add modifiers to each die and/or the total. Also, the total may need. Freeware download of PsiDiCE VTT Dice Roller 2.4, size 66.57 Mb.

Roll the Dice 1.0 Antonia's Apps 

This fun application can render from 1 up to 12 dice on your screen. Each dice can display numbers from 1 to 9. You can choose the number of dice rendered on the screen, the displayed numbers which a dice can show (1 through 9), the background color of the dice and the dice face. There is also a text box showing the sum of all numbers for each. Free download of Roll the Dice 1.0, size 2.18 Mb.

Dice Trip 1 

Dice Trip - funny dice game.Your task is to move your chip to the finish first.You play against your computer.Player starts first.To throw dice - just click on any of die.Your chip will move automatically.There are 4 special marks:blue - throw dice again,yelow - move on 10 marks forwardred - move on 10 marks backwardblack - start from the. Free download of Dice Trip 1, size 1.85 Mb.

3D Yahtzee Unlimited 1 TLK Games 

Invoke Lady Luck and roll the dice in this exciting 3D Yahtzee game, a new version of this classical game, probably originating from China. You can play three times the five dices, saving at each time the dices you want to keep to form some advantageous or obligatory figures, you look at them while they are in the air and listen as they roll on the. Free download of 3D Yahtzee Unlimited 1, size 2.97 Mb.

Colorado Dice 1.1 Bob Matura 

Colorado Dice for Windows presents a game of chance and addictive entertainment. This game is played much like the popular game 10,000 and offers an easy to use interface that people of all ages can enjoy. Don't be worried about the performance of your computer, Colorado Dice is very small and efficient, and can be played on almost any computer. Free download of Colorado Dice 1.1, size 555.01 Kb.