Neevia Pdf Compress

4dots Free PDF Compress 2.0 4dots Software 

With 4dots Free PDF Compress you can batch compress PDF documents and reduce their file size drastically.

It is absolutely free, very easy to use and also multilingual.

Easily, you can select and batch compress whole folders and their subfolders with PDF documents.

The application is integrated into Windows. Freeware download of 4dots Free PDF Compress 2.0, size 15.12 Mb.


Neevia PDFcompress 3 4 

Neevia PDFcompress comes with compression capabilities that helps you reduce the size of your PDF documents making sure at the same time that the original quality is preseved. It can also remove bookmarks, text annotations, PDF forms, page labes, PDF layers and article threads. This allows you to obtain important savings in bandwidth costs, digital. Free download of Neevia PDFcompress 3 4, size 4.76 Mb.

FILEminimizer PDF 7.0 balesio AG 

Compress your existing PDF files and documents by 40-75% and preserve their original visual quality. FILEminimizer PDF does not create any zip or rar archive, no unzipping is necessary. Optimized PDF files are much smaller, ideal for sharing online and via e-mail. The batch process allows you to compress many PDF files at once. With FILEminimizer. Free download of FILEminimizer PDF 7.0, size 5.43 Mb.

PDF Compressor V3 3.1.1 PDF Converters 

PDF Compressor V3 is a quick and reliable application with rather powerful compression features. Simple and easy-to-use to compress and reduce the size of your PDF files, regardless of any previous experience. PDF Compressor has efficient algorithm to adjust the quality and DPI level of the images within PDF files. It also enables users to delete. Free download of PDF Compressor V3 3.1.1, size 20.04 Mb.

Neevia PDFtoolbox 3 4 

Neevia PDFtoolbox is a powerful set of tools combined into one installer. This, without having any Adobe software, enables anyone with a need to manipulate PDF files to easily stamp, split, merge, compress, digitally sign, encrypt and resize PDF documents. If you are a developer PDFtoolbox contains practically everything you need to create a robust. Free download of Neevia PDFtoolbox 3 4, size 14.97 Mb.

NXPowerLite Desktop 7.1.5 Neuxpower Solutions Ltd 

Compress PDF, JPEG, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations with NXPowerLite Desktop. Files remain in their original format, with no discernible loss of quality. Files remain in their original format, with no discernible loss of quality - and there's no need to unzip before using them. It's incredibly easy to use. Simply. Free download of NXPowerLite Desktop 7.1.5, size 24.46 Mb.

NXPowerLite Desktop Mac 7.1.1 Neuxpower Solutions Ltd 

NXPowerLite will compress PDF, JPEG, Microsoft PowerPoint & Word files simply and effectively, making them easy to email as attachments. It is especially effective on files that don't zip well. Optimized files stay in the same format - a PDF remains a PDF. It will look and feel identical to the original, just much smaller. You can optimize and. Free download of NXPowerLite Desktop Mac 7.1.1, size 42.95 Mb.

Enolsoft PDF Compressor for Mac 2.0.0 Enolsoft 

Enolsoft PDF Compressor for Mac compresses and reduces PDF file size by optimizing the resolution and compression method of images, removing unused thumbnails and metadata, stripping dead-object and compressing other parts of PDF files. Supports drag-n-drop to batch compress multiple PDFs instantly at a time.

Key Features of Enolsoft PDF. Free download of Enolsoft PDF Compressor for Mac 2.0.0, size 1.60 Mb.

PDF to PDF/A-1b Converter 2.0 Inc 

PDF to PDF/A-1b Converter does convert PDF files to PDF/A-1b files, PDF to PDF/A-1b Converter allows you to convert your existing PDF documents (normal or scanned) into ISO 19005-1 PDF/A-compliant archivable documents. Using PDF to PDF/A-1b Converter to convert your PDF files to PDF/A-1b helps to ensure that your documents will be archivable and. Free download of PDF to PDF/A-1b Converter 2.0, size 8.12 Mb.

Soda PDF LULU Software 

Soda PDF Anywhere is a reliable, intuitive and portable PDF software you can use at home and on the go. It is the first full-featured PDF solution available both as a desktop and a web-based app. Switching between Soda PDF Desktop and Soda PDF Online is done seamlessly, so work is never interrupted. All you need to do is save your PDF files to a. Free download of Soda PDF, size 84.99 Kb.

PDF Compress 1 BureauSoft Corporation 

Reduce the actual size of PDF files by compressing text and graphics. Compressed PDF files can be opened and viewed normally by Adobe Acrobat Reader all versions. For more information, visit . Freeware download of PDF Compress 1, size 935.94 Kb.

BCL easyPDF Printer Driver 5. 1. 1954 BCL Technologies 

BCL's easy PDF Printer is an affordable PDF creator that lets you make PDFs from Word or any other document on your PC.

BCL's easy PDF Printer has many advanced PDF creation features that are usually found in much more expensive software.

Once BCL easy PDF Printer is installed in your PC, you can run virtually. Free download of BCL easyPDF Printer Driver 5. 1. 1954, size 10.11 Mb.

Nice PDF Compressor NicePDF Software, Inc. 

Nice PDF Compressor can compress PDF file and reduce the actual size of PDF document with this high quality. The program removes duplicate PDF objects, optionally takes advantage of new compression features of latest PDF specifications that for many classes of documents compresses 30 - 60%. Nice PDF Compressor allows you to shrink PDF file by using. Free download of Nice PDF Compressor, size 1.32 Mb.

Advanced PDF Compressor 2012 WinSoftMagic Inc 

Advanced PDF Compressor is an easy to use application that allows you to compress and resize PDF documents.

This easy to use program enables you to reduce PDF file dimensions with just a few clicks. Advanced PDF Compressor can considerably reduce PDF file sizes (without quality loss) to speed up up/downloading documents or to take less. Free download of Advanced PDF Compressor 2012, size 0 b.

Neevia PDFsign/encrypt suite 3 4 Neevia Technology, Inc. 

Neevia PDFsign/encrypt is a cost effective application that allows you to digitally sign, timestamp and/or encrypt PDF files. By applying a digital signature on your PDF documents you will be able to guarantee the integrity of the content and also provide an additional level of trust in any business transaction you conduct. If you are a developer. Free download of Neevia PDFsign/encrypt suite 3 4, size 5.66 Mb.

Ovis pdf-DocPro 7 2 UNIVERSE Software GmbH 

Set presentation properties to PDF files, compress PDFs up to 90 %, split, merge and add PDFs, digitally sign your PDF documents or remove master password! pdf-DocPro allows to set all PDF document and presentation properties on user´s computer with some few clicks. Define settings, security permissions, encryption levels and printing. Free download of Ovis pdf-DocPro 7 2, size 32.55 Mb.

Neevia Docuprinter Pro 4.0 Neevia Technology 

Neevia docuPrinter Pro can enable even the novice computer operator to generate high-quality, searchable PDF or Image files without high costs.

This product is used by more than 350.000 clients worldwide including print shops, publishers, government agencies, Fortune 500 companies who need to create PDF, EPS, PostScript, TEXT, JPEG,. Free download of Neevia Docuprinter Pro 4.0, size 9.68 Mb.

VeryPDF PDF Compressor for Mac 2.0 Inc 

With VeryPDF PDF Compressor for Mac, you can optimize PDF structures and compresses PDF pictures, graphics and objects while preserving the original file format and quality. When compress your PDF files, you can reduce size of image in PDF, reduce PDF font data size, and edit PDF description. In addition, it can also act as a safe guard to encrypt. Free download of VeryPDF PDF Compressor for Mac 2.0, size 17.38 Mb.

VeryPDF PDF Compressor 2.0 Inc 

With VeryPDF PDF Compressor, you can choose the different way to compress you files. First, you can downsample and compress image in your PDF files. The other way is compress and subset fonts in PDF files. Moreover, you can save your PDF as a new one; this software also supports user password and owner password to protect the PDF.

VeryPDF PDF Optimizer Command Line 2.0 Inc 

With VeryPDF PDF Optimizer Command Line, you can compress stream objects of a PDF to reduce the storage size of the PDF files in Mac OS. Then you can easily share the PDF online or send to your friends. PDF Optimizer Command Line can regroup the elements of a PDF file, and make all the information for displaying the first page located at the. Free download of VeryPDF PDF Optimizer Command Line 2.0, size 18.02 Mb.