Net Protector Update Files

PunkBuster for Battlefield 1942 0.986 Pb Bans 

PunkBuster for Battlefield 1942 is a free application that allows you to update files with an automated installer.The installer copy the files to the Battlefield folder and then launchs the PBSV from EvenBalance wich install the punkbuster service and tests it .. Freeware download of PunkBuster for Battlefield 1942 0.986, size 4.16 Mb.


Updater Studio CatenaLogic 

With Updater Studio, it is possible to create an update solution and build and upload update files automatically. All tools currently available for Updater are combined into this new tool called Updater Studio.
Why use Updater Studio?

See the list below why you should use Updater Studio:

* No separate tools, one tool. Freeware download of Updater Studio, size 8.79 Mb.

SWB-FTP Software With Brains, Inc. 

SWB-FTP is an FTP client which allows you to maintain and update the files on multiple FTP Web sites.SWB-FTP lets you display an intuitive, Explorer-like side-by-side view of your local and remote folders. You can sort any given directory listing by file name, size, or date, as well as upload and download files by dragging and dropping them from. Free download of SWB-FTP, size 1.30 Mb.

Folder Synchronize 2.8 Funduc Software 

A command-line utility, Folder Synchronize is a path comparison and synchronize utility to compare/update files on a 'target' path with those on a 'source'. Folder Synchronize has 9+ built-in synch functions (synch, augment, refresh, update, prune, remove duplicates, recreate structure, delete empty dirs, Custom). The Custom operation can do. Free download of Folder Synchronize 2.8, size 736.26 Kb.

MxUpdate 1.0 Mxupdate 

MxUpdate is a deployment tool for the Matrix PLM platform to handle administration objects as single update files.

MxUpdate 1.0 License - Apache License V2.0; Eclipse Public License. Freeware download of MxUpdate 1.0, size 0 b.

Urlin.Net Client Urlin, Ltd 

Urlin.Net is the new standard for delivering high-quality content over the Internet. Urlin.Net allow you to download files quickly by allowing people downloading the file to upload (distribute) parts of it at the same time. Urlin.Net can be used for distribution of very large files, very popular files and files available for free, as it is a lot. Freeware download of Urlin.Net Client, size 5.89 Mb.

BuduSynchro 1.0.0 Mytikus 

BuduSynchro software can synchronize files between two folders. Suitable for those who travel around or used to bring home their work. You can now easily update files at different location to get the most up-to-date information.

File Synchronize Software

BuduSynchro software has been designed and developed to synchronize files. Free download of BuduSynchro 1.0.0, size 933.23 Kb.

EasyXLS Professional for .NET 8.0 EU Outsourcing 

EasyXLS Professional for .NET has all the features needed to professionally export data from your .NET applications to Excel files or read and import data into your .NET applications from Excel files.

EasyXLS Professional for .NET is the .NET component that can help you read and write Microsoft Excel 97-2010 files.

. Free download of EasyXLS Professional for .NET 8.0, size 0 b.

VSdocman .NET 5.3 Helixoft 

VSdocman is a useful tool for commenting and the quick automatic generation of class documentation from your C# and VB .NET source code files. It is ideal tool for you if you create .NET component, control, application, smart device or web site (ASP .NET) projects.

VSdocman parses the Visual Basic .NET and C# projects and automatically. Free download of VSdocman .NET 5.3, size 0 b.

XBundler 1 Oreans 

XBundler is a special plug-in for Themida and WinLicense that allows Dynamic Link Libraries (Win32 DLLs and .NET DLLs) and data files to be embedded inside a protected application, simplifying the distribution of your application to your customers. This also has the benefit of keeping your DLLs and data files from being used by third- party. Free download of XBundler 1, size 178.26 Kb.

CoffeeCup PC TuneUp Pro 2 CoffeeCup Software 

CoffeeCup PC TuneUp Pro contains some of the hottest programs on the Net. Remove junk files to save valuable disk space; a Registry Cleaner, to prevent application crashes; a Startup Manager, to prevent spyware applications from running behind your back and even a program to speed up your Internet connection by up to 300% plus much much more...... Free download of CoffeeCup PC TuneUp Pro 2, size 6.02 Mb.

RSP Encrypt .Net 1.0.0 RSP Software 

.Net library to encrypt files with a very fast
implementation of AES 256 bits and standard RC4 ,
the AES ( Advanced Encryption Standard ) is
adopted by NIST as an encryption standard to be
used when very strong encryption is required , the
RC4 is the standard RC4 encryption developed by
RSA , the control. Free download of RSP Encrypt .Net 1.0.0, size 58.37 Kb.

TiVo.Net 1.0 PipKin Technologies 

TiVo.Net is a windows service that will automatically trans code files on the fly to your TiVo. TiVo.Net accepts any files that ffmpeg can trans code. TiVo.Net is easy to use with a friendly interface helping you decode files, and is free to download and use.. Freeware download of TiVo.Net 1.0, size 3.27 Mb.

VBdocman .NET 2 3 Helixoft 

VBdocman .NET is a program for the quick automatic generation of technical documentation from your Visual Basic .NET source code files.
VBdocman parses the Visual Basic .NET and ASP .NET (only VB files) projects and automatically creates the table of contents, index, topics, cross-references, and context sensitive help.
The format of. Free download of VBdocman .NET 2 3, size 0 b.

BuildSys 0.3.1 

BuildSys exists to help multi-platform projects keep all their various build files in sync. It uses a single '.build' file to generate autoconf/automake .ac/.am files, visual studio 6 .dsp/.dsw files, .vcproj/.sln files, Dev-C++ .dev files, etc.. Freeware download of BuildSys 0.3.1, size 446.40 Kb.

Cloud Toolkit.Net 6 

Cloud Toolkit .Net provides many useful and good-looking .Net controls for use with .Net applications (VC++, VC#, VB.Net etc). Update (September 2011): The project has been inactive for a few years and will remain so. No support provided!. Freeware download of Cloud Toolkit.Net 6, size 527.01 Kb.

ImmDoc .NET 0.94 

ImmDoc .NET is a command-line utility for generating HTML documentation from a set of .NET assemblies and XML files created by the compiler.. Freeware download of ImmDoc .NET 0.94, size 84.92 Kb.

NtfsReader .NET Library 1.0 

This project aims at providing an API in .NET to gather directory/files information of an NTFS volume very efficiently. (in contrast to the classic approach like FindFirst/FindNext which is really slow on large directories.). Freeware download of NtfsReader .NET Library 1.0, size 42.77 Kb.

SharpDevelop VS.Net Importer/Exporter 1.0 

This project provides a plug-in for the SharpDevelop IDE for importing and exporting VisualStudio.Net solution and project files. *** Note that this project does not continue to support the latest versions of SharpDevelop (v0.95+) ***. Freeware download of SharpDevelop VS.Net Importer/Exporter 1.0, size 22.43 Kb.

PCBooster Free Disk Cleaner 7.2.7 PCBooster, Inc. 

Whether you have decreasing space because they've been taken by old, unused and huge size files on your harddisk, or you just want to make the best use of every byte of your space, PCBooster Free Disk Cleaner is a highlight to help regain them. It can find out all space hogging files, old update files, temporary files and other junk files generated. Freeware download of PCBooster Free Disk Cleaner 7.2.7, size 1.18 Mb.

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