Notes On Keyboard For Songs Freeware

Esoteric Delights Hebrew Keyboard 1.0 Esoteric Delights 

Allows to peck out Hebrew letters on a keyboard for English-speaking areas and automatically generate gematria, Temur and notarikon. Can also paste in Hebrew found in other sources and / or enter the analysis in Hebrew and English, Hebrew transliteration. For best results, use an Internet connection to the additional functionality to search for. Freeware download of Esoteric Delights Hebrew Keyboard 1.0, size 4.68 Mb.


Prompt Sticky Notes 1.5 AppZilla Software Inc 

Prompt Sticky Notes is perfect for quick reminders on your computer desktop so you never miss a meeting, event, or thought. With this free version, you can create your own notes with pictures and hyperlinks, stick notes on your computer desktop. Prompt Sticky Notes eliminates the clutter and confusion of keeping up with the reminders and phone. Freeware download of Prompt Sticky Notes 1.5, size 335.54 Kb.

Two Notes 1.5 Softjournal 

Two Notes is a handy and easy to use desktop sticky notes program for home and office. It has user-friendly interface. Stick notes on your computer desktop as a visual reminder. The notes stick to the desktop and doesn't prevent your working. With Two Notes program you can change the color of your notes, font, size, signature, style and more. You. Freeware download of Two Notes 1.5, size 229.38 Kb.

Unicode Phonetic Keyboard (UCL) - 1 10 University College London 

The Unicode Phonetic Keyboard is an installable keyboard for Windows PCs that provides a convenient keyboard layout for the word-processing of phonetic transcription using Unicode fonts. The installation package comes complete with two Unicode fonts: Doulos and Charis that have been developed by SIL.. Freeware download of Unicode Phonetic Keyboard (UCL) - 1 10, size 2.29 Mb.


beKEY is a complete replacement for an ordinary keyboard, for all persons who don't use or are not able to use a standard keyboard.

Main features:

- intelligent word prediction, already trained using more than 1000 letters, emails and speeches ... and it keeps learning as you type
- Word prediction dictionaries. Freeware download of beKEY, size 31.94 Mb.

Dvorak Keyboard Layout 1.0 

Layouts for a German Dvorak Type II keyboard for the FreeBSD operating system.. Freeware download of Dvorak Keyboard Layout 1.0, size 3.11 Kb.

euro keyboard rc 

Multilanguage on-screen keyboard for PocketPC (Windows Mobile). Freeware download of euro keyboard rc, size 66.93 Kb.

Indic Keyboard 1.0.1 

A simple, intuitive Javascript keyboard for Indic Languages such as Hindi, Sanskrit and Gujarati, based on Unicode characters.. Freeware download of Indic Keyboard 1.0.1, size 43.91 Kb.

Snotes - Secure Notes 1.0 Snotes 

Secure notes application for mobile devices (e.g. Palm).. Freeware download of Snotes - Secure Notes 1.0, size 0 b.

NohBoard 0.3b Beta ThoNohT 

NohBoard provides you with a simple virtual keyboard for your desktop that enables you to view the pressed keys.

The keyboard layout, the background, font and the keys colors are fully customizable. NohBoard comes in handy for displaying the currently pressed keys during live streaming.

. Freeware download of NohBoard 0.3b Beta, size 0 b.

Logitech Touch Mouse Server Logitech 

Touch Mouse is an application that turns your iPhone or iPod touch into a wireless trackpad and keyboard for your computer.

There are two parts to Touch Mouse:

1. The Touch Mouse app for your iPhone or iPod touch.
2. The Touch Mouse Server for your Mac or PC. Click the Download button below to download the. Freeware download of Logitech Touch Mouse Server, size 2.28 Mb.

U-key Brain U-key Brain 

The U-key Brain software is used with the CME U-KEY MIDI Keyboard for data transfer and program update. With this software you can customize the keyboard function, transfer MIDI files to the keyboard, even more, you can update the internal program of the Keyboard.. Freeware download of U-key Brain, size 53.80 Mb.

Mood Mouse 1.0 Black Box Development 

Mood Mouse is a program Remote Mouse and Keyboard for PC and MAC.
Mood Mouse morphs your iPhone/iPod Touch into a groovy wireless keyboard and mouse. Mood Mouse can use your iPhone or iPod Touch as a trackpad or it can utilize the onboard accelerometer to control your mouse by tilting your iPhone left, right, up and down. Additionally, Mood. Freeware download of Mood Mouse 1.0, size 1.99 Mb.

Persian (Phonetic) jahanshiri 

Persian phonetic keyboard is for those interested to profit from their skill in typing with the English keyboard (or similar keyboards such as French and German) to type in Persian much faster.Regarding sounds having several characters in the Persian script (e.g. S's, Z's), the most frequent character is available on the normal state of. Freeware download of Persian (Phonetic), size 24.89 Mb.

Cadence BPM Tapper 1.0.0 Rehab Technologies 

This free little buddy is used to get BPM’s for your songs into iTunes. Just tap the big button along to the beat of the music and a precise BPM will be given to you. Just tap and all will be revealed. This is your start into a world of perfect BPM playlists.. Freeware download of Cadence BPM Tapper 1.0.0, size 9.26 Mb.

EzerKb rc.0.1 

EzerKb is a virtual keyboard for Windows. It emulates a keyboard with, for example, Russian, Greek, or Hebrew characters without actually installing a keyboard driver for that language. EzerKb works with most (but not all) Windows programs.. Freeware download of EzerKb rc.0.1, size 52.99 Kb.

LilyComp 1.0.2 

LilyComp provides a graphical means of entering musical notes suitable for use with the LilyPond music typesetting program.. Freeware download of LilyComp 1.0.2, size 17.00 Kb.

Remote Touchpad 

Remote Touchpad is a software, what gives your touch-screen mobile phone ability to act as wireless touchpad and keyboard for your computer. In addition it is possible to run in presentation remote control mode. Everything you need is a bluetooth module.. Freeware download of Remote Touchpad, size 634.37 Kb.

Spiano 04 

Spiano is a set of MIDI applications for LInux: spiano (virtual keyboard for X), ssynth (piano synth for tuning practise) and splaymid (.mid player).. Freeware download of Spiano 04, size 45.43 Kb.

VirtualTones 32 

MIDI keyboard for Linux and Windows. Allows you to play any MIDI sound with a keyboard or stringed instrument interface. The sound can be recorded to a MIDI file for later playback, or to open in a notation editor.. Freeware download of VirtualTones 32, size 2.17 Mb.

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