Obml File Open

Vanga Rengi Mangaro 1.1 3delite 

A utility to replace Windows's default file open, save and folder selector dialogs, which are exported functions from comdlg32.dll with the enhanced Filesystem Dialogs.Filesystem Dialogs's purpose is to provide the most powerful user-friendly file and folder selection options and simple file managament tools for the session.In the unregistered. Free download of Vanga Rengi Mangaro 1.1, size 2.62 Mb.


Soxy 1.6.4 Rorohiko Ltd 

Soxy automatically determines the type of each file you open and then directs it to the most appropriate application.

ThereOCOs a problem when a computer has multiple versions of applications installed (like AdobeT« InDesignT«, QuarkXPressT«, Adobe IllustratorT«, Adobe PhotoshopT«, etcOCZ). Opening a file will often cause the. Free download of Soxy 1.6.4, size 19.50 Mb.

Edit Buddy 2.0 Decisoft 

Small Windows add-on, which converts regular edit fields into drop-down combo boxes, where it remembers the history of user input. It also enhances File Open and File Save dialog boxes with the list of most recently used folders.. Free download of Edit Buddy 2.0, size 667.65 Kb.

RAR File Open Knife - Free Opener 2 40 Philipp Winterberg 

With this program you can decompress RAR archives. The installer will automatically register RAR File Open Knife as the default application to open files with the RAR extension. Then, you will launch this program if you double-click on a RAR file. You can also drag a file into the program´s window, or open the program and then browse to. Freeware download of RAR File Open Knife - Free Opener 2 40, size 1.45 Mb.

Dirkey 2.0 Dirk T. Manders 

Dirkey is a small utility that enables you to define bookmarks for folders and go back to these bookmarked folders from within File Open/Save dialogs and Windows Explorer. You can set and go to these bookmarks using your keyboard or your mouse. When Dirkey is active you can press Ctrl Alt 0..9 in e.g. an Open/Save File dialog and a bookmark will be. Freeware download of Dirkey 2.0, size 14.84 Mb.

QB Manager DocsCorp Pty Ltd 

With QBManager simply double-click on any Quickbooks data file to open it in the correct version of Quickbooks.

- Double-click on any QBW, QBA, QBB or QBX file to open in the correct version of Quickbooks
- See all the key information such as company name and version before opening the file
- Open Quickbooks files direct. Free download of QB Manager, size 10.42 Mb.

Fast Task Scheduler 1.2 TRH software, Inc. 

Fast Task Scheduler is an application which allows you to schedule a variety of tasks, like run an application, play a movie file, open a web page, and even set an alarm clock or a memo to yourself. These tasks can be set to occur once or repeatedly, each day or week or even on certain days of the week. You have full control of when and how these. Free download of Fast Task Scheduler 1.2, size 1.28 Mb.

HostsMan 2.1 abelhadigital.com 

HostsMan is a freeware application that lets you manage your Hosts file with ease. Main features: online update of hosts file ; enable/disable usage of hosts file; open Hosts file with one click; merge two hosts files; built-in hosts editor; prevent other programs of writing to the hosts; scan hosts for errors, duplicates and possible hijacks; find. Freeware download of HostsMan 2.1, size 1.07 Mb.

Avi Previewer DEMO 2 31 FDRLab Data Recovery Centre 

With Avi Previewer Demo 2.3 you can fix any kind of AVI files this is one of the best program to recover your corrupted files because it can make that the file can open most of the times.
The program count with three windows they are: Simple or Advanced, Files and Status.
In the Simple window you can add a file, fix the file or go to. Free download of Avi Previewer DEMO 2 31, size 75.08 Mb.

QPcalibration 0.9 QPCard 

QPcalibration software accepts raw files from almost any camera that Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop ACR can open.
The workflow in the calibration software is very straight-forward. Press "Open file..." to open your raw file. The software will then automatically load the raw file, find the color-patches, and run the color calibration. Freeware download of QPcalibration 0.9, size 6.96 Mb.

Whohasit Whohasit 

WhoHasIt lets the administrator quickly check who is using a file on the server. The easy to use Windows interface is far simpler than trying to do the same job using Rconsole/Monitor. The program displays a list of all the users with that file open. The option to send the user a message or clear the connection is provided. WhoHasIt also displays. Free download of Whohasit, size 0 b.

vswg 1.0 vswg.sourceforge.net 

VSWG (Very Simple Webalbum Generator) is a fully automated web gallery creator, in ONE php file! Just upload the index.php file, and open page in a browser. Thats It!. Freeware download of vswg 1.0, size 45.10 Kb.

Free Observer Beta sLUGA z5k 

Free Observer was designed as an Open Source line editor application that features text generation capabilities.

You can create a new file, view an existing file or open one for appending directly from the Command Line Interface.

. Freeware download of Free Observer Beta, size 0 b.

launch.it for FileMaker Dacons LLP 

launch.it for FileMaker is a plugin that allows you to create a File - Open dialog in FileMaker in order to store any filename. This way, you will be able to import files into Filemaker easily.

You can link certain fi les on your local computer or your intranet to records of your database. This plugin offers you the possibility to open. Free download of launch.it for FileMaker, size 0 b.

JPEGtoASCII 2.0.0 Gendou Software 

JPEGtoASCII is an appllication that will help you convert any JPEG file into blocks of characters.

To load a picture for interpretation, choose the File->Open menu or File->New then drag a picture file onto the window. The Characters Library is a string of characters that JPEGtoASCII will use to represent your picture. I

ProNew 1.0 Powode 

By default you can create a new Single document of certain file types with Windows' New command menu,with ProNew you can create Projects(more than one file) and open them for you automatically! How to Use it 1.Open Pronew,click "Options" 2.Click the "New Project" button to select a folder "MyProject" 3.if this project. Free download of ProNew 1.0, size 639.63 Kb.

Windows Media Stereo Muxer 1.0 Peter Wimmer 

We use the Windows Media Stereo Muxer command line tool to multiplex left and right file. Open a command line window (Start->Run, enter Cmd) and type WmxMux.exe -i1 "Oldtimers 1080p Left.wmv" -i2 "Oldtimers 1080p Right.wmv" -o "Output.wmv" (adjust the filenames). If WmvMux.exe and your video files are not located in. Freeware download of Windows Media Stereo Muxer 1.0, size 41.94 Kb.

Myword 1.2 lishihai 

1. write article Myword is a useful tool for writing articles,it can open two documents at one time:if you click in the big windows and then selecting "file/open" from the menu,then a document will be opened in the big windows; if you click in the small windows and then selecting "file/open" from the menu,then a document will be. Free download of Myword 1.2, size 2.68 Mb.

Midas Extractor V2.2.0 Surefire Software 

Midas Extractor extracts plain text from Adobe PDF files and creates text files with the extracted content. Select multiple files or folders for text extraction with easy drag and drop or from file open type dialogs. Double click on summary list of extracted text files to view the text. Midas Extractor does not need any other PDF or Adobe tools to. Free download of Midas Extractor V2.2.0, size 512.00 Kb.

csXMultiUpload 1.1 Chestysoft 

ActiveX control to select and upload multiple files to a server as an HTTP post. Files are selected with a standard file open dialog and can be added or removed before uploading. Form variables can be added to the upload. Files can be filtered by extension or limited by file size. All text displayed on the control can be changed to enable language. Free download of csXMultiUpload 1.1, size 1.06 Mb.

Obml File Open Web Results

Open OST In Outlook

Multiple mailboxes data will be recover with OST opener of Recover Data in just a fraction of time. Use this tool on corrupt or inaccessible OST file & open OST data in Outlook PST. By using...

OBOE - Open Business Objects for EDI

Collection of Java programs to process EDI objects using an XML rules based file. [Open Source, BSD-like]

Java Cannery

Utility for packaging Java projects into distributable form. It finds all dependencies and generates a JAR file. [Open Source, GPL]

JFCML - JFC/Swing XML Markup Language

An XML interface to the javax.swing package and it's subpackages that enables programmer to create Java GUI from XML file. [Open source, Academic Free License]


A simple Java API for Windows .ini like configuration file handling. It also provide Java Preferences API functionality on top of .ini file. [Open source]

Octopus Java/XML ETL Tool

A simple Java-based Extraction, Transformation, and Loading (ETL) tool. It may connect to any JDBC data sources and perform transformations defined in an XML file. [Open source, LGPL]

Tray Commander Lite

Multifunctional utility that sits as an icon in the system tray, to execute many different commands, such as: launch program file, open folder, launch screensaver, make screenshot, open or close CD...