Office 2003 Equation Editor

FX PhysEquate 3.103.1 Efofex Software 

FX PhysEquate is NOT just another equation editor - it is something different and MUCH faster.

FX PhysEquate takes the original FX PhysEquate paradigm and removes its restrictions. A secondary science teacher can now use FX PhysEquate to quickly produce all of the equations they need.

To use FX PhysEquate, you just type. Free download of FX PhysEquate 3.103.1, size 0 b.


Docx Docm to Doc Converter 3000 7 7 Head Document Tool Software, Inc. 

If you computer is compatible Office 2003, but you want to make use of the Office 2000/2007 Word. Now, Docx Docm to Doc Converter 3000 can help you free batch convert docx,docm to doc with professional quality and fast speed. User-friendly interface allows you to use very easily without any learning curve. Merely need a few clicks. Add the. Free download of Docx Docm to Doc Converter 3000 7 7, size 41.08 Mb.


- Metro / Office 2010 / Office 2007 / Office 2003 color styles - Vertical or horizontal oriented tabs on left / right - Page close button on active tab or fixed close button - Page list button - Tab scroll buttons - Closed page list button - Support to be. Free download of TAdvOfficePager, size 3.37 Mb.


* Easy replacement for the standard Borland TMainMenu and TPopupMenu components * Highly configurable appearance for MainMenu and PopupMenu * Can emulate Office XP, Office 2003 menu appearance * Automatic XP theme color adaption for Office 2003 menu styler * Menus with background images, gradients, iconbar, sidebar * Customizable colors for every. Free download of TAdvMenus, size 1.61 Mb.


* Calendar with sophisticated opacity and fill * Includes month selector, year selector views * Support for background images, texture fill, gradients, hatch * Built-in color settings for Office 2003 / 2007 / 2010 styles * Optional animation between next/prev month, month selector, year selector * Optional ISO calculated week number indication *. Free download of TAdvSmoothDatePicker, size 8.45 Mb.


* Smoothly animated gauge with complex gradients * Animated needle pointer * Digit value led display * Informative dialtext * Minimum and maximum with division and subdivisions * Office 2007 / Office 2003 / Office 2010 style This product is also available in TMS Component Pack.. Free download of TAdvSmoothGauge, size 8.63 Mb.


* statusbar with Office 2003 Blue, Olive, Silver styles, Office 2007 Luna, Obsidian styles, Whidbey, Windows XP style * support for mini HTML formatted text in panels, including capability to add hyperlinks, images and blinking text in the statusbar panel. * panel with time, date, NUMLock, CAPSLock, SCROLLLock, image, imagelist, animated image,. Free download of TAdvOfficeStatusBar, size 2.18 Mb.


- On / Off state with separate appearance and font - Built-in Office 2003/2007/2010 styles as well as Windows Vista & Windows 7 style - Complex gradients with full opacity control - Keyboard and mouse handling This product is also available in TMS Compone. Free download of TAdvSmoothSlider, size 5.08 Mb.

DragMath 0.7.9 

DragMath is a drag and drop equation editor in the form of a Java applet. Once an expression is created the user can convert it into a variety of different linear syntax for mathematics, including MathML, LaTeX, Maple, Maxima or any user defined style.. Freeware download of DragMath 0.7.9, size 657.81 Kb.

OfficeXSL 1.0 Officexsl 

OfficeXSL allows for filling templates represented by MS Office 2003 documents using XML data and receiving office documents as a result of this process. Useful for generating any type of MS Office formatted reports from XML data.

OfficeXSL 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of OfficeXSL 1.0, size 0 b.

DocTranslate Philippe Chapuy 

The DocTranslate is an application that was designed to be a translation tool for Microsoft Office (2003, 2007 & 2010) and OpenOffice Word and Powerpoint files.

It allows to automatically translate (via google translate) in one click your documents without losing the layout. After the translation is completed, you will have the. Free download of DocTranslate, size 0 b.

TAdvSplitter TMS Software 

TAdvSplitter is a component which will help developers design different applications with grip styles and Office 2003 / 2007 style color.

Not only does the component support various built-in grip styles, it is also compatible with TMS AdvFormStyler / AdvAppStyler.

. Free download of TAdvSplitter, size 0 b.

Xtreme ShortcutBar 15.2.1 Codejock Software 

Xtreme ShortcutBar is an application that comes with an Office 2003, 2007 and 2010 ShortcutBar similar to what is seen in Microsoft Outlook 2003, 2007 and 2010.

You will be able to easily manage your application shortcuts and have a unique way of displaying information to the end user. Define your own categories and shortcuts to match. Free download of Xtreme ShortcutBar 15.2.1, size 0 b.


* Calendar with sophisticated opacity and fill * Includes month selector, year selector views * Single date select or date range selection * Support for background images, texture fill, gradients, hatch * Built-in color settings for Office 2003 /2007 / 2010 styles * Optional status indicator with sophisticated fill for each day of the month *. Free download of TAdvSmoothCalendar, size 8.45 Mb.


* A listbox with HTML formatting capabilities * Supports a subset of the HTML formatting tags * Standard, Office 2003, Office 2007 selection colors * HTML aware lookup and sorting and access of text without HTML tags * Supports the PictureContainer for adding GIF, JPEG, BMP, ICO or WMF files to the listbox * Supports animated GIFs * Direct text. Free download of THTMListbox, size 2.39 Mb.


* Built-in Office 2007 / Office 2003 styles / Office 2010 styles * Support for top, left, right, bottom tabs with left, right, center alignment * Page appearance fill style * Tab appearance button fill style * Tab button with picture and caption * Optional tab status indicator * Optional tab reordering supported * This product is also available in. Free download of TAdvSmoothTabPager, size 8.63 Mb.

Classic Menu for Office 2007 5.01 Addintools 

No Training: The suite includes classic menus and toolbars for Word, Excel, Access, Outlook and PowerPoint 2007. Download and install this software to bring back the classic style menus and toolbars to Microsoft Office 2007. You don't need any training or tutorials if you use Office 2003, XP or 2000 before. The software is developed by Addintools. Free download of Classic Menu for Office 2007 5.01, size 2.68 Mb.

Classic Menu for Office Professional Plus 2010 2.20 Addintools 

Show Classic Toolbars and Menus on ribbon of Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010.If you have spent a lot of time adjusting yourself to the Ribbon interface of Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010, or being frustrated by searches for new features on the Ribbon interface, Classic Menu for Office Professional Plus 2010 will help to solve your. Free download of Classic Menu for Office Professional Plus 2010 2.20, size 2.97 Mb.

Office Tab 7.5 Detong Technology Ltd. 

Unlike web browsers -- Internet Explorer 8, Firefox or Chrome, Microsoft Office does not use a single window to hold multiple files for viewing and editing. The product lines of Office Tab improve the ability of MS Office, and bring the tabbed user interface to Microsoft Office 2003, 2007 and 2010 (include Word, Excel and PowerPoint).
1. Open,. Free download of Office Tab 7.5, size 3.50 Mb.

Classic Menu for Office Professional Plus 2010 64-bit 4.00 Addintools 

Office 2010 Toolbar and Menu:
With Classic Menu for Office Professional Plus 2010, you will enjoy the old look of Office 2003, Office XP and Office 2000. It shows classic menus and toolbars on the ribbon of Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010, and brings back the classic view and old interface. It makes Office 2010 look like 2003,. Free download of Classic Menu for Office Professional Plus 2010 64-bit 4.00, size 4.27 Mb.

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