Online Musicmovie Store In Aspnet

Online Synchronization 1.0 spider logics 

Let us show you an example of how our script would handle the following situation:

Imagine a company with a primary database. The database is located on an in house server. The company also has three web sites hosted on three web servers. The main server is the collective backup site for all servers in the group. The company's data. Free download of Online Synchronization 1.0, size 285.00 Kb.


Super Maildisk 1.0 

Super Maildisk is designed to combine the spaces provided by your email boxes to create an online harddisk.Give you an unlimited network space to store your computer files. It has the similar user interface with Windows Explorer, enabling you to run the online hard disk like running the hard disk on your computer .At the same time, with Super. Free download of Super Maildisk 1.0, size 1.12 Mb.

Shopping Cart X 2.0 Applications Network Inc. 

Shopping Cart X is a complete e-commerce solution that provides all you need to create, operate, and maintain an online store. It consists of a number of ASP pages and an Access database.aThe system allows a customer to browse through an inventory items and add these products to their virtual shopping cart. The customer can then submit their order. Free download of Shopping Cart X 2.0, size 9.06 Mb.

eStore - Ecommerce Store Software 2.2 TLI Software Development India 

Features of e-Store
* Provides categories and sub-categories for products,
* Provides a shopping cart,
* Allows registration of users,
* Enables users to search and find products,
* Gives shipping and payment options,
* Provides complete admin control,
* Attracts more customers by. Free download of eStore - Ecommerce Store Software 2.2, size 240.00 Kb.

Webshop Builder 1.7 QuSmart 

QuSmart webshop builder is easy to use software program which provides you possibility to build a webshop by yourself. QuSmart offers advanced e-commerce software solution to build online store and sell products from your online store.
More about QuSmart webshop builder:
(no programming skills required, using a range of styles , over 20. Free download of Webshop Builder 1.7, size 12.82 Mb.

Online Card Designer 2.1 Products Designer 

Products Designer Online custom Business card design tools is the ultimate solution for starting your custom Promotional cards, signs, flayer, posters, or any type of printing design solution website. Our software gives your user a guaranteed, easy way to design own cards. Online Sign designer satisfies the exact needs of the customers which allow. Free download of Online Card Designer 2.1, size 173.07 Kb.

Online DVD rental system and video rental software 2.3 W3Rent Inc. 

Our online rental system is the best way to get more customers and provide better service. Using an online rental system, you will be able to provide your rental service at any time of the day, 365 days per year. The online rental system allows your customers to rent DVDs and games, purchase them new, or buy their current rental copy of the. Free download of Online DVD rental system and video rental software 2.3, size 29.70 Kb.

Baby Ace 1.00 AcroVista Software 

Baby Ace allows parents to store their favorite memories of their children and to create online baby books. Baby Ace features an easy-to-use interface with an embedded web browser, so linking to related parenting web sites is easy.

With Baby Ace, parents can store records of their children from pregnancy through high school. At the. Free download of Baby Ace 1.00, size 2.40 Mb.

steekR DriveDrive steek 

Store online your music, your photos, videos and other files. You no longer have to "take" them with you, they are already available everywhere.
Listen and View your media files in a browser, streamed anywhere and anytime.
Swap, Share and Download your files among friends.. Freeware download of steekR DriveDrive, size 4.61 Mb.

NomaDesk Aventiv 

Nomadesk is a business-targeted application for online data sharing, backup, and synchronization. It offers multiple computers syncronization, strong data security, and online collaborative space to store all the files.

The setup is simple. After installing the application, the user is required to sign in and confirm the mail account.. Free download of NomaDesk, size 0 b.

Psi Tek Toolbar 6 5 Psi Tek 

With Psi Tek Toolbar you can listen radio, watch TV online, get your shops done with digital store feature, you have an easy access menu to search latest books release. Get the freshest content delivered directly to your browser, no matter where you are on the Web. Search the Web and get a wide choice of useful search engines. Add your favorite. Freeware download of Psi Tek Toolbar 6 5, size 2.16 Mb.

BlueMoonEstore Toolbar 5 7 BlueMoonEstore 

This useful toolbar has plenty of good features for your browser such as: Powerful Search, Search the Web and get a wide choice of useful search engines, Notifications to Your Desktop, Online games connection, App marketplace store, Video chat button, Radio channels, Movies and arts links.... Freeware download of BlueMoonEstore Toolbar 5 7, size 1.10 Mb.

CM Password Manager WIBU-SYSTEMS AG 

The CM Password Manager allows you to store convenient but secure passwords, PINs and TANs in the CmStick. With CM Password Manager you can carry your online access as easily as your house key.
Of course you can easily transfer the data from the CodeMeter Password Manager Lite into the CodeMeter Stick, if you decide to buy one.. Freeware download of CM Password Manager, size 0 b.

Game Creator Store The Game Creators Software Ltd 

The user has to log in the Game Creator Store and can search through the thousands of game ready media assets.

Professional artists have teamed up with The Game Creators to provide a massive online game media database.

All the user needs to to is:

- Download the Game Creator Store application
- Register. Freeware download of Game Creator Store, size 13.64 Mb.

A-PDF Thumbnailer 2 6 

Do you have a lot of eBooks (in PDF format) you want to share with your friends and family? Are you a professional PDF eBook writer and want to sell your PDF eBook from your website? Maybe you need a eBook thumbnails gallery for your online store? Then we have a perfect tool for you! A-PDF Thumbnailer provides a quick way to creating online PDF. Free download of A-PDF Thumbnailer 2 6, size 2.47 Mb.

Free Online Greeting Cards Free online greeting cards 

Free online greeting cards maker software is time saving and inexpensive solution for you that help you to avoid buying costly greeting cards available in market. High quality card creator application is able to develop large number of nice looking cards and labels from your computer machine. Free online greeting cards maker software empowers you. Free download of Free Online Greeting Cards, size 10.59 Mb.

Fortune3 2010 Rev 7.4.327 Fortune3 Corporation 

Fortune3 is the most popular E-Commerce Web site builder to create a professional online store: Total Ecommerce solutions - design a user friendly Website storefront for online sales / order processing - both retail (B2C) and wholesale (B2B) at-once.
Fortune3 will help you build an E-Commerce Website solution with online shopping carts for. Free download of Fortune3 2010 Rev 7.4.327, size 31.46 Mb.

Store Manager for Zen Cart MagneticOne 

Store Manager for Zen Cart is a Windows application to quickly and effectively manage your Zen Cart online store. Manage Zen Cart products, Zen Cart product attributes, categories, manufacturers, orders and other things. ... You can export Zen Cart products into Excel file, edit it and then import products into Zen Cart store - batch updates are so. Free download of Store Manager for Zen Cart, size 20.59 Mb.

Shopping Cart Software, Online Ecommerce 2010 FORTUNE3 Ecommerce Shopping Cart Online 

The Fortune3 online shopping cart software offers the most advanced Ecommerce solution to sell your products and services from your own online store and Ecommerce Website. You can even sell your digital products: Pictures, software, music, etc. It includes a professional HTML editor and unlimited functions to fully design your E-Commerce Website. Free download of Shopping Cart Software, Online Ecommerce 2010, size 30.72 Mb.

Apellicon easyTrader Online Shop 1.0 Apellicon - intelligent solutions 

This program enables the you to create and maintain your own online store or shopping cart on your web site. It allows you to add text and bullet points to describe your products together with a suitable pricing structure and a photograph for each item. This information is entered into an application on your personal computer, and then the created. Free download of Apellicon easyTrader Online Shop 1.0, size 6.21 Mb.

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