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PDFill FREE PDF Tools 10.0 PlotSoft L.L.C. 

Free PDF Tools to Merge, Split, Reorder, Encrypt, Decrypt, Rotate, Crop, Reformat, Header, Footer, Watermark, Images to PDF, PDF to Images, Form Fields Delete/Flatten/List, PostScript to PDF, PDF Information, Scan to PDF, and Create Transparent Image. Merge two or more PDF files into a single PDF file; Extract or Reorder pages from a PDF file into. Free download of PDFill FREE PDF Tools 10.0, size 7.82 Mb.


Solid PDF Tools 7.3 Build 2038 VoyagerSoft, LLC 

Solid PDF Tools includes a collection of PDF utilities that allow you to create, edit, watermark and convert documents. It allows you to scan paper documents and save them as PDF files in an archivable format.

Solid PDF Tools also provides the possibility to join several PDF files into a single one and to convert to various formats,. Free download of Solid PDF Tools 7.3 Build 2038, size 0 b.

Advanced Smart Tag Tools 1 Microsoft 

This package demonstrates three advanced smart tag development tools for the Microsoft Office Smart Tag List Tool (MOSTL):
· the Smart Tag MOSTL Generator tool, which allows you to build smart tag XML list files;
· the Smart Tag List Builder tool, which allows you to build smart tag XML list files and list update. Free download of Advanced Smart Tag Tools 1, size 0 b.

Office Resource Kit Tools 1 Microsoft 

Office Resource Kit Tools is a handy toolkit that contains several applications you can use to enhance the functionality of Microsoft Office XP.

The self-extracting executable (EXE) file that installs the core Office XP Resource Kit tools on your computer through a single Setup program.

. Free download of Office Resource Kit Tools 1, size 0 b.

Tools for Excel Tables 4.0.4 Model Advisor 

Tools for Excel Tables includes a collection of Excel addins designed to manage data bases and huge tables in your spreadsheets.

Tools for Excel Tables is an addin that combines the functionalities of Microsoft Excel in order to create more robust functionalities which let you extracting multiple conditional data, splitting tables,. Free download of Tools for Excel Tables 4.0.4, size 0 b.

Quick PDF Tools Debenu Pty Ltd. 

Quick PDF Tools (also known as QuickPDF Tools or Quick-PDF Tools) is a mighty box of PDF tools designed specifically to work from within Windows Explorer.

It provides a PDF utility that allows you to interact directly with PDF files using a simple right-click context menu. Designed with efficiency in mind, this handy PDF program lets you. Free download of Quick PDF Tools, size 0 b.

Dashboard Tools for Excel 2.3.0 Jabsoft 

Dashboard Tools for Excel will help you use Sparklines, Heatmaps, MiniCharts, Bump charts and other special charts, getting dramatically improved data visualization for fast and effective parallel comparisons.

Dashboard Tools for Excel is designed for model analysis and auditing. Cell's reference tracker - Panel, Model Navigator -. Free download of Dashboard Tools for Excel 2.3.0, size 0 b.

Quick PDF Tools Pro Debenu Pty. Ltd. 

Quick PDF Tools Pro is a mighty box of professional PDF tools designed specifically to work from within Windows Explorer.

Simple to use, Quick PDF Tools Pro lets you preview PDF files, merge and split PDF files, edit document properties and initial view settings, add and edit custom metadata, convert images to PDF, convert PDF to text,. Free download of Quick PDF Tools Pro, size 2.31 Mb.

Mailbox Tools for Eudora Brana Bujenovic 

Mailbox Tools is a handy and reliable software designed to help users recover and fix email messages or to update the contents of the mailbox.

The application can clean orphaned attachments, delete duplicate nick names, delete email headers, recover messages, etc. It also features an efficient URL harvester.

. Free download of Mailbox Tools for Eudora, size 0 b.

PST Tools 1.0 Brett Bartholomew 

PST Tools is a handy and reliable application designed to enable users to organize mail items. PSTTools contains two utilities: PST Merger and PST Duplicate Removal.

With PST Merger, select multiple non-password protected PST files as input and one PST file as output. Mail items from all input PSTs will be copied to the root folder of. Free download of PST Tools 1.0, size 0 b.

wf Phone Tools 0.2.2 Alpha cortiandrea 

wf Phone Tools is a handy and reliable utility designed to manage application installed on developer-unlocked Windows Phone 7 devices.

It allows to:
· Install new application on device
· Update existing application on device
· Show the list of installed applications (only developer. Free download of wf Phone Tools 0.2.2 Alpha, size 0 b.

PDF-Tools SDK 4.0.211 Tracker Software Products Ltd 

PDF-Tools SDK will provide developers with libraries and API for the creation and manipulation of fully native, Adobe Compatible PDF files.

PDF-Tools SDK can convert directly from any of the supported Image format files (BMP, DCX, GIF, JBIG, JBIG2, JPEG, JNG, PCX, PNG, TIFF & AMF/WMF/EMF - please check the docs for latest list) to. Free download of PDF-Tools SDK 4.0.211, size 0 b.

Cross UI Tools 0.1 CrossUI.com 

Cross UI Tools is a handy and reliable software especially designed for developers and enables them to develop and package the same code into web or native desktop applications for Windows on both system architectures.

With its intuitive interface, you have the possibility to view all the opened and compiled packages and insert snippets. Free download of Cross UI Tools 0.1, size 0 b.

Amazon Mechanical Turk Command Line Tools 1.3.1 Amazon.com, Inc. 

Amazon Mechanical Turk Command Line Tools is a powerful package that was created in order to provide you with the necessary utilities for application development that involves Mechanical Turk.

The package contains the information you need about how to deploy and properly use the tools bundled by Amazon Mechanical Turk Command Line Tools.. Free download of Amazon Mechanical Turk Command Line Tools 1.3.1, size 0 b.

JMT - Java Modelling Tools 0.8.0 Politecnico di Milano 

JMT - Java Modelling Tools provides users with a useful collection of Java application designed for modelling, performance evaluation and capacity planning.

The current stable version of the suite encompasses six Java applications:
· JSIMgraph - Queueing network models simulator with graphical user interface

AWS CloudFormation Command Line Tools 1.0.12 Amazon.com, Inc. 

AWS CloudFormation Command Line Tools is a useful package that is especially aimed at those interested in managing stacks for Amazon Web Services CloudFormation.

Included in the toolkit are the needed command-line utilities, as well as detailed documentation on how to deploy and use the tools that make up the package.

. Free download of AWS CloudFormation Command Line Tools 1.0.12, size 0 b.

Relational Data Service Command Line Tools 1.13.002 Amazon.com, Inc. 

Relational Data Service Command Line Tools is a useful package that includes the utilities that are necessary for running Amazon Relational Data Service (RDS) APIs.

The web service that facilitated relational database cloud management and if you are looking for detailed information on how to use the command-line applications that are. Free download of Relational Data Service Command Line Tools 1.13.002, size 0 b.

Amazon EC2 API Tools Amazon.com, Inc. 

Amazon EC2 API Tools is an impressive collection of command-line utilities that are designed to facilitate the communication and interaction with Amazon EC2 services.

All the command-line tools included in the download package are written in the Java programming language and act as wrappers for API actions.

Details about. Free download of Amazon EC2 API Tools, size 0 b.

Havok Content Tools 2012.1.0 Intel 

Havok Content Tools is a powerful toolset that comes with all the needed utilities and components to help developers create and export characters and assets compatible with 3ds Max, Maya and Softimage.

The package contains Havok Physics and Havok Animation technologies, SDK libraries as well as the needed documentations and samples.

Visual Studio 2010 Tools for Office Runtime 4.0 Microsoft 

The Visual Studio 2010 Tools for Office Runtime packahge installs the Visual Studio 2010 Tools for Office Runtime, which is required to run Microsoft Office based solutions built using Microsoft Visual Studio 2010.

The VSTOR package installs the Visual Studio Tools for the Office system 3.0 Runtime, which is required to run VSTO. Free download of Visual Studio 2010 Tools for Office Runtime 4.0, size 0 b.

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