Ordinary Calculator

B.A.C. Calculator 1.0.0 SDS-Engineering Ltd 

This app is intended for entertainment purposes only and does not provide true blood alcohol content functionality.

Number one app to calculate the content of alcohol in your blood.
This software is much more, than an ordinary calculator, which works from a database, since You can create your own drink list from the drinks You. Freeware download of B.A.C. Calculator 1.0.0, size 629.14 Kb.


Hide Calculator -Best way to hide file 2.2.3 LiuPeigen 

The Best APP for Hide Files........
No need to worry about people accidentally stumbling across your 'special' movies or files any more.

What every one sees is just an ordinary calculator, but after you enter the password, you can get access to your secret files.

It is a Safety-Box. It can keep your files safety.
It. Free download of Hide Calculator -Best way to hide file 2.2.3, size 8.18 Mb.

Numerian GuMiner 

Numerian is a visual mathematics vector calculator with 2D graphing; vector and matrix; and trigonometry and algebra support.

Unlike a ordinary calculator, Numerian uses a graphical, node-based input format. Simply drag the math nodes onto the screen, hold a node to access the wire screen, and then wire up the connections from one node. Freeware download of Numerian, size 1.05 Mb.

xevicalc Yagshi 

XEVICALC is a calculator app. You can intuitively switch ordinary calculator 10 key pad and scientific one by using panorama UI. You can also switch normal input mode and RPN input mode. In RPN mode, XEVICALC works as an RPN calculator for calculator enthusiasts. Just enjoy happy calculating!

The reason why this app is called XEVICALC is. Freeware download of xevicalc, size 1.05 Mb.

LibMaster.com Extendable Calculator 1.2 LibMaster.com 

Usually software calculators imitate hardware calculators. It allows Users the ability to quickly start their work with a new program, since the user already knows how to use their hardware calculator. But with this approach, in regards to the design of software calculators, it inherits all of the defects of hardware calculators. For example:. Free download of LibMaster.com Extendable Calculator 1.2, size 698.37 Kb.

Hide Calculator Lite-Best way to hide file 2.3.1 LiuPeigen 

The Newest HideCalculator has been release, please search hide calculator 2.

The Best APP for Hide Files........
No need to worry about people accidentally stumbling across your 'special' movies or files any more.

What every one sees is just an ordinary calculator, but after you enter the password, you can get access to. Freeware download of Hide Calculator Lite-Best way to hide file 2.3.1, size 11.64 Mb.

Income Ladder Calculator 1.00 IncomeLadders.com 

Use this calculator to create a reliable stream of investment income with ordinary bank CDs, bonds, or other fixed-rate investments.. Freeware download of Income Ladder Calculator 1.00, size 7.17 Kb.

ODEcalc 6.10 Optimal Designs Enterprise 

ODEcalc for Windows: An Ordinary Differential Equation (ODE) Calculator! State your equation and boundary or initial value conditions and it solves your problem. Plots solution y and derivative ydot versus x.

Solves most Boundary Value Problems (BVP) and Initial Value Problems (IVP) for Nth order ODE. ODE may be nonlinear,. Freeware download of ODEcalc 6.10, size 4.00 Mb.

Biromsoft Calculator 2.1 Biromsoft 

Biromsoft Calculator is a handy program for standard calculations and operations with numbers. It's as easy to use as an ordinary handheld calculator, but it has quite a few advantages. For example, copying and pasting results of calculation to a clipboard, changeable transparency and more. Calculator has skinnable interface and many cool skins.. Free download of Biromsoft Calculator 2.1, size 394.24 Kb.

Download Calculator DownloadSoftwareForWindows.com 

Download Calculator is a handy program for standard calculations and operations with numbers. It's as easy to use as an ordinary handheld calculator, but has quite a few advantages. For example, calculator has an advanced log file, which you can save. Log window you can activate by space key. Features: - Support detailed log of all operations -. Free download of Download Calculator, size 1.68 Mb.

Karen's Calculator 1.2 Karen Kenworthy 

Karen's Calculator is a high-precision calculator. Unlike ordinary calculators, it returns completely accurate results, even with operands containing thousands of Digits. If you're patient, operands and results containing hundreds of thousands of digits are possble too!

Most calculators are only accurate when dealing with numbers. Freeware download of Karen's Calculator 1.2, size 1.25 Mb.

Remote Shutter Release Trigger 1.0 Shuttertrigger 

This program turns an ordinary TI-86 calculator into a shutter release trigger for some Canon (and possibly many other) cameras using nothing more than a data-link cable. Future versions will include self-timer, interval, and long exposure modes.

Remote Shutter Release Trigger 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of Remote Shutter Release Trigger 1.0, size 0 b.

Ninjalator 1.2 Programming Art 

Ninjalator is a calculator utility developed here at Programming Art. It's fully functional and you can also skin it with your own images! What could be better than you own calculator with throwing stars for buttons? Restore honor to your desktop and help support the ninja calculator movement by disposing of your boring calculator today!

PhoneApp8 Efe Umut Selcuk 

The inFamous Calculator, is here for you to make you have a fun time with it's colors, while you are doing your hardest calculations. You will newer get bored like you do in other ordinary calculators, even in your hardest homeworks. Do you have boring calculations? Have you got enough of the gray interface of other calculators. The inFamous. Freeware download of PhoneApp8, size 1.05 Mb.

Ace Currency Calculator 1.3.1 Currencyworld 

Ace Currency Calculator is a convenient and simple software application that uses the power of the Internet to help you get the currency rates for over 150 world’s currencies, both hard and soft, accepted in 219 countries and territories. The currency exchange rates are determined at the close of the trading sessions and are updated daily. Free download of Ace Currency Calculator 1.3.1, size 1.46 Mb.

Atomic WebPage Size Calculator 1.01 Information Packaging 

Atomic WebPage Size Calculator is a Webpage size and download speed calculator. Use it to ensure that visitors to your website are not waiting too long to download your pages. If they are, then they are most likely leaving before they read anything or buy anything from your site. Use it to calculate the size of your webpages and report on the. Free download of Atomic WebPage Size Calculator 1.01, size 966.66 Kb.

Date Calculator 7.1 Leithauser Research 

Date Calculator performs a variety of calendar related functions useful in business. It will display a calendar for any month of any year. It will calculate the number of days between any two dates, optionally not counting certain days of the week, such as Saturday and Sunday. It can also be programmed to skip holidays. It can also calculate the. Free download of Date Calculator 7.1, size 504.83 Kb.

ESBCalc Pro - Scientific Calculator 7.0.0 ESB Consultancy 

ESBCalc Pro is an Enhanced Windows Scientific Calculator with Infix Processing, Exponential Notation, Brackets, Scientific Functions, Memory, Optional Paper Trail, Printing, Result History List, Integrated Help and more. Functions include Trigonometric, Hyperbolic, Logarithmic - Base 10, Base 2, Natural - Random Number and many more. Also includes. Free download of ESBCalc Pro - Scientific Calculator 7.0.0, size 2.06 Mb.

Rent Calculator Plus! 4 Rent Works Plus! 

Rent Calculator Plus is a fast and easy software tool for Property Managers and Leasing Consultants. Rent Calculator Plus easily calculates rent, deposit, lease end dates, end of the month closing ratio, vacancy rate, and leased occupancy rate. Rent Calculator Plus easily calculates rent, deposit, and lease end dates. Now lets you print forms such. Free download of Rent Calculator Plus! 4, size 2.07 Mb.

PG Calculator (Second Edition) 2.2 P.Gridniew 

PG Calculator is a powerfull scientific calculator and an excellent replacement for standard calculator. It ofers full customizable user inteface and looks like real calculator on user desktop.PG Calculator works in Algebraic and RPN modes. It works with integer, real and complex numbers, allows vectors manipulations. There are up to 120 units of. Free download of PG Calculator (Second Edition) 2.2, size 1.83 Mb.