Organic Spectroscopy By William Kemp

wintorg 4 4 Dr AJ Blackman 

WinTorg is a Windows program that shows how to identify organic compounds using spectroscopy and other data.

Main features:
-contains 6 spectroscopic calculators
-students can use spectroscopy alone, traditional qualitative tests and derivatives alone or a combination of these
-identification can be by choosing a name. Freeware download of wintorg 4 4, size 3.18 Mb.


SENECA 2.0 Seneca 

SENECA is a program package for Computer Assisted Structure Elucidation (CASE) of organic molecules. While it currently uses
mainly 1D and 2D NMR spectroscopy for the CASE process it is open to all types of spectroscopic data.

SENECA 2.0 License - Artistic License. Freeware download of SENECA 2.0, size 21.08 Mb.

Organic Organizations Software Analysis 2.0 

Organic Organization Software Analysis Tool (Strategic Analysis, Management), Theory of Mechanistic and Organic Systems - Burns, Stalker. Free download of Organic Organizations Software Analysis 2.0, size 1.68 Mb.

About William Hill Bingo 1.0 Online Bingo Lines 

About William Hill BingoWilliam Hill is a Public Company that has been around in the UK since the 30's. There isn't a High Street in the UK that doesn't have a William Hill on it, much the same with Starbucks in the States (...and the UK for that matter). All in all, it means that William Hill has a presence and a resonance in the UK mindset, even. Free download of About William Hill Bingo 1.0, size 157.29 Kb.

CHEMIX School 4.00 Arne Standnes 

CHEMIX School is an educational tool for learning chemistry. It is geared toward college-level chemistry, but is also appropriate for high-school students, chemists, and teachers. It is equipped with a periodic table containing history, 19 physical properties + number of stable isotopes, abundance, atomic mass, spin, resonance frequencies,. Free download of CHEMIX School 4.00, size 1.30 Mb.

Ivy Lane Email Stationery 1.0a Cloudeight Internet 

Ivy Lane Email stationery based on paintings by William Whitaker. This stationery features a wonderful variety from portraits and landscapes, to flowers and classical imagery. Stationery is scrolling and musical. Choices include Chiefs, Thinking, White Rose, Virginia City, Ivy White and many others. Self installing files make Cloudeight stationery. Freeware download of Ivy Lane Email Stationery 1.0a, size 514.05 Kb.

Organic Studio 1 1 Ketara Software 

Organic Studio is a procedural vector editor which uses powerful envelopes put around simple shapes to produce complex-looking shapes that are still easy to edit. In addition, Organic Studio provides a unique and powerful along-the-path instancing tool, which takes one or several shapes and places them along the outline of any object in the. Freeware download of Organic Studio 1 1, size 3.16 Mb.

Acropora 1.20.0121 Voxelogic 

Acropora is a procedural voxel modeler for creating complex, organic mesh topologies that are useful for all types of 3D modeling applications. Acropora incorporates some of the latest advances in voxel modeling technology.

- A variety of base shapes and compound shapes as primary surfaces
- User-defined. Free download of Acropora 1.20.0121, size 76.15 Mb.

MultiVapor 2. 1. 2003 NIOSH 

MultiVapor™ is a computer tool for estimating breakthrough times and service lives of air-purifying respirator cartridges manufactured to remove toxic organic vapors from breathed air. It can also be used for larger filters and for carbon beds of any size prepared for laboratory studies. A breakthrough time is the time following the first. Freeware download of MultiVapor 2. 1. 2003, size 69.48 Mb.

XPS MultiQuant 7.00 M. Mohai 

XPS MultiQuant is a quantitative evaluation program for X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy, serving as a practical and universal tool for the surface analyst. It applies the ‘classic’ methods of the quantitative calculations using the integrated intensity of the measured XPS lines.

-Built-in library. Free download of XPS MultiQuant 7.00, size 6.70 Mb.

Poker Club William Hill 2.1 PC William Hill 

William Hill Poker Club provides one of the top poker rooms available to players. It is one of the most dominating brands in online gaming today and the new player on the ipoker network. People can harness the drawing power of the William Hill brand to attract new players and gain from a name that has been in the gaming business for many a decade.. Freeware download of Poker Club William Hill 2.1, size 1.44 Mb.

Green Mattress 1.0 Green Mattress 

Buy your Natural & Organic Green Mattress. Learn how Organic Latex mattresses can positivly affect your sleep as well as your health. 10 Things to know before buying a Latex Mattress. Free download of Green Mattress 1.0, size 433.15 Kb.

Algorithms in Spectroscopy rc 

The aim of the project is to provide open source collection of algorithms in the field of spectroscopy: data handling and processing, modeling and artificial intelligence tools.. Freeware download of Algorithms in Spectroscopy rc, size 42.90 Kb.

WACRG Impedance Spectroscopy rc 

wacrgEIS is software developed for the West Australian CorrosionResearch Group (wacrg) for analysis of Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS) data.. Freeware download of WACRG Impedance Spectroscopy rc, size 41.88 Kb.

JamDeck 1.1.8 Oscillicious 

Turn your PC or Mac into an instant jamming, live looping, musical brainstorming studio. JamDeck is organic music production software for capturing brilliant ideas quickly. Taking a new approach to music creation that lets you sit down and jam just like you would with a real instrument. With nearly zero setup and an easy to use live looper, JamDeck. Free download of JamDeck 1.1.8, size 65.01 Mb.

Shakespeare In Bits - Romeo and Juliet 1.0.9 Mindconnex Learning Limited 

Shakespeare In Bits is proud to bring you its unabridged, fully multimedia rendition of William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. One of Shakespeare's most popular and enduring plays, this timeless story of love, vengeance, and tragedy still resonates with audiences of all ages.

In the Italian city-state of Verona, a blood feud is raging. Free download of Shakespeare In Bits - Romeo and Juliet 1.0.9, size 0 b.

Shakespeare In Bits - Macbeth 1.0.9 Mindconnex Learning Limited 

Shakespeare In Bits is proud to bring you its unabridged, fully multimedia rendition of William Shakespeare's Macbeth. One of Shakespeare's and widely-studied plays, this story of murder and tragedy remains popular with audiences of all types.

In Medieval Scotland, the forces of King Duncan have valiantly put down a deadly revolt,. Free download of Shakespeare In Bits - Macbeth 1.0.9, size 0 b.

William Tell Sideshow 1.0 Lunchbox Games 

Join a down-on-his-luck William Tell as he tries to make ends meet by shooting apples off his son's head at the local carnival. Aim carefully because you have a limited number of arrows and your son has a limited amount of blood and patience for missed shots. Hit your son and you many have to endure one of his wise-crack comments. Getting shot with. Free download of William Tell Sideshow 1.0, size 7.55 Mb.

300+ Organic Drink Recipes 1.0 Rocking iApps 

Are you fond of Organic Drinks?
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Recipes from more than 25. Free download of 300+ Organic Drink Recipes 1.0, size 1.89 Mb.

3Strike The Bard - Learn the quotes and plays of William Shakespeare 1.0.1 MmpApps Corp. 

Given a famous quote of William Shakespeare you have to select the play from whence it came. Get as many right as you can but get three wrong and the game is over.. Freeware download of 3Strike The Bard - Learn the quotes and plays of William Shakespeare 1.0.1, size 27.47 Mb.