Paranormal Detection Software Freeware

Rise Sun 1.2 Reohix 

Rise Sun is a complete motion detection software that allows you to turn any Windows compatible webcam into a powerful surveillance tool. Equipped with an intelligent motion detection algorithm it is the perfect software solution to turn your home / office webcam into a sophisticated monitoring and surveillance system allowing you to detect any. Freeware download of Rise Sun 1.2, size 2.08 Mb.


Webcam Watchdog 5.0 Webcam Corp. 

Free motion detection software with remote storage.
A brief list of product features:
. Clean and easy to use interface.
. Motion Detection.
. Remote Records alarm video on CamNebula cloud storage.
. View alarm videos on your smartphone, tablet and desktop computer.
.. Freeware download of Webcam Watchdog 5.0, size 13.26 Mb.

SGS HomeGuard Free VMD software 1. 4. 2000 Security Guard Systems 

SGS HomeGuard Free is the professional multi-purpose video motion detection software used to capture and store snapshots from webcam of your PC. It was designed for individuals, small and mid-sized businesses uses including video monitoring of their offices, buildings or logging of in-store cameras. SGS HomeGuard has a broad range of possible. Freeware download of SGS HomeGuard Free VMD software 1. 4. 2000, size 12.80 Mb.

Audio Zone Trigger Omega Unfold 

Audio Zone Trigger is a sound detection software. It takes live audio from any input source and enables the computer to react to it in a user-specified manner. The sound-detection system lets you set any number of Triggers that perform any number of user-defined responses (record sound, run a file, execute a hotkey, etc.). The triggers can also. Freeware download of Audio Zone Trigger, size 2.85 Mb.

CallerID Monitor 2.0 ST-Tools 

CallerID Monitor is a powerful full-featured Caller ID detection software that will turn your PC into advanced Caller ID device. Identify callers using CallerID Monitor before you answer to call. It uses your modem or ISDN adapter and Caller ID service provided by your local phone company in order to identify who's calling. You can use. Freeware download of CallerID Monitor 2.0, size 0 b.

CHIP Spatial/Temporal Cluster Generator 1.0 

The CHIP Cluster Generator attempts to create spatio-temporal cluster data in an automated fashion to help evaluate epidemic detection software. The spatio-temporal data will then be used to determine robustness of spatial detection algorithms.. Freeware download of CHIP Spatial/Temporal Cluster Generator 1.0, size 1.05 Mb.

Plagiasi 1.0 

Plagiasi is a plagiarism detection software, deployed as a web application. It can detect plagiarism in a text, which will be compared to local documents and/or online documents (automatically seleted using web search engines).. Freeware download of Plagiasi 1.0, size 201.66 Kb.

TopoWatch 1.0 

A multi-platform freezing detection software for automated fear conditioning.. Freeware download of TopoWatch 1.0, size 28.66 Mb.

SmartDog - Firewall 1.0 Smartdog 

SmartDog is anti-spam,intrution detection software for windows/linux. And, it contains many features that are all requried by a normal user to network administrator.Visit to the home page for more clarity.

SmartDog - Firewall 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL); GNU Library or Lesser General Public License (LGPL). Freeware download of SmartDog - Firewall 1.0, size 0 b.

ParaDB -- Paranormal Reporting Database b.0.2.0 

ParaDB is a web-based (PHP/MySQL) application designed for use by ghost hunters and paranormal researchers. The software consists of a web-based interface for case management, client relations and investigative reporting.. Freeware download of ParaDB -- Paranormal Reporting Database b.0.2.0, size 306.99 Kb.

Bytehero 1.5 ByteHero Information Security Technology Team 

ByteHero Unknown-Virus Detection Software(BDV) developed by ByteHero Team is the first one with the technology of dynamic code heuristic analyzer, static code heuristic analyzer in domestic market and with the world first-class level for the above technology field.. Freeware download of Bytehero 1.5, size 2.44 Mb.

Sax2 Intrusion detection system(Free) 4.6 Ax3soft 

Ax3soft Sax2 is a professional intrusion detection and prevention software (NIDS) used to detect intrusion and attacks, analyze and manage your network which excels at real-time packet capture, 24/7 network monitor, advanced protocol analysis and automatic expert detection.With insight into all operations in your network, Sax2 makes it easy to. Freeware download of Sax2 Intrusion detection system(Free) 4.6, size 7.22 Mb.

Westec Remote Westec Intelligent Surveillance 

The Westec Remote Client is a locally-installed Windows® software application that provides access to live and recorded video and audio at your sites, in addition to providing access to Digital Video Recorder management and configuration tools.
The Remote Client allows you to search and review recorded video from your sites based on. Freeware download of Westec Remote, size 45.94 Mb.

CTSSystemManager 1. 2. 2003 CameraTunerSoft 

The program is absolutely free, reliable and possesses the simple and clear user interface. Free webcam software!
First of all you should click on button and select a capture device. Next you should click button and set main preferences. After that you can use buttons for starting and stopping the detector respectively.It's used for. Freeware download of CTSSystemManager 1. 2. 2003, size 1.24 Mb.

DWG Repair Free 1.0 DWG Repair Free co. 

Recover DWG Free is a very powerful dwg recovery download and AutoCad drawing recovery tool. It needs no prior file recovery expertise or specialist computer knowledge and the simple 1-2-3 process is so simple, even a child can do it! Now you never have to worry about whether there is a backup of the AutoCad files when your PC suffers a hardware. Freeware download of DWG Repair Free 1.0, size 1.34 Mb.

DNA BASER Sequence Assembler 3.5 Heracle BioSoft SRL 

Visit us for updated info:

DNA Baser Assembler is easy to use software for simple and batch DNA sequence assembly, DNA sequence analysis, contig editing, metadata integration and mutation detection. It also offers a powerful chromatogram viewer/editor. The truly user-friendly interface makes DNA Baser the best choice for DNA contig. Freeware download of DNA BASER Sequence Assembler 3.5, size 1.36 Mb.

EZ-R Stats for Windows 1 43 EZ-R Stats, LLC 

EZ-R Stats for Windows is an audit software tool for the auditor which can be
used for fraud detection Some of the key tools include testing conformity
with Benford's law in order to identify unusual data distributions, procedures
for quantifying population characteristics such as univariate statistics as well
as. Freeware download of EZ-R Stats for Windows 1 43, size 0 b.

MutationDetector 1.0 Applied Biosystems 

Applied Biosystems Mutation Detector™ Software is an automated data analysis tool that performs mutation detection analysis of real-time PCR quantitation data from
TaqMan® Mutation Detection Assay research experiments. View and analyze data for multiple experiments simultaneously.. Freeware download of MutationDetector 1.0, size 36.66 Mb.

MSA Link 1. 2. 2018 MSA 

New MSA Link Software can transfer your portable gas detection instrument records and other stored information to a connected PC.
MSA Link Software functions include:
- Intuitive icon-driven menu
- Downloading periodic or session log
- Graphing and tabular data available
for exporting
- Changing alarm setpoints. Freeware download of MSA Link 1. 2. 2018, size 21.86 Mb.

Software Upgrades 4 3 TOSHIBA 

Software upgrade program is an utility that brings Toshiba, for the detection of any updates in their software’s, firmwares and drivers of their systems. Is very easy to install providing options for self checking, auto installation and also with a manually selection of the necessary updates. Also provides an option to be notified by. Freeware download of Software Upgrades 4 3, size 4.23 Mb.

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Provides intrusion detection software for both computers and servers.

Psynapse Technologies

Offers the checkmate intrusion detection software and network security consulting.

Dingbat's Warehouse

Information about viruses, intrusion detection software, personal firewalls, and privacy. Hosts a streaming webcast called The Byte Show on security-related topics; CD-ROMs of interviews and...

Clearview Systems

Suppliers of firewalls, authentication, and intrusion detection software.

EICAR test file

Provides a standardized test file for signature based virus detection software. This file can be used to verify the correct operation of antivirus software without unnecessary exposure to viruses.

Hauri, Inc

Offer virus detection software (ViRobot) for servers (Windows/Unix), mail gateways (Domino/Exchange) and desktop (Windows) environments.

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Plagiarism detection software isn't just for academic papers any more.