Parcheesi Board Game Template

Hide and Seek 1.1 Labgames 

Play the game of Hide and Seek, a brand new version of the board game “Stratego”. Setup your army wisely before you go into battle against the unknown pieces of the enemy. The object of the game is to find the enemy flag before your own flag is discovered and captured by the opponent. Hide and Seek enables you to construct your own set. Free download of Hide and Seek 1.1, size 3.23 Mb.


Aros Magic Reversi 1.5 Aros Magic 

Stunningly beautiful 3D graphics are combined with ease of use in this classic board game of Reversi. The better your display system, the prettier it looks. Play against the computer or another human. 15 Day Money Back Guarantee. Includes support for ???????, ??, Dansk, Deutsch, Espanol, Francais, ?????,??????, Italiano, ???, ???, Nederlands,. Free download of Aros Magic Reversi 1.5, size 165.89 Kb.

Aros Magic Renju 1 Aros Magic 

Stunningly beautiful 3D graphics are combined with ease of use in this classic japanese board game of Renju. The better your display system, the prettier it looks. Play against the computer or another human. 15 Day Money Back Guarantee. Includes support for ???????, ??, Dansk, Deutsch, Espanol, Francais, ?????,??????, Italiano, ???, ???,. Free download of Aros Magic Renju 1, size 158.72 Kb.

Box Man Xmas Edition 3.03 MagicSeven Studio 

Box Man Xmas is a fun logic and strategy puzzle board game to memorialize the foundation of MagicSeven Studio for two years, it's a brain teaser featuring the clever porter Box Man, it has beautiful sceneries, orphean background music and sound, more and more difficult levels with no solutions seemingly, but yes actually there are. This game is. Free download of Box Man Xmas Edition 3.03, size 1.19 Mb.

Easy St. Tycoon 1.0 MindToy Games 

Easy St. Tycoon is the board game with a unique blend of familiar mechanics from Monopoly, Life, PayDay and other classic games, with a flavor all its own! It's designed to be simple, easy to learn, and yet have many decisions for the player to make to influence the outcome.Features include:
- A unique board "generation" system where. Free download of Easy St. Tycoon 1.0, size 9.26 Mb.

Lux Delux 5.7 Sillysoft Games 

Lux is an awesome game of strategy and domination. Based on the time tested gameplay of the board game Risk, Lux adds everything you could ask for in a computer version.Easy Network Play: Joining an online game is as easy as 2 clicks. No need to muck about with IP addresses. Hosting an internet-wide game is just as simple. Now is the perfect time. Free download of Lux Delux 5.7, size 38.25 Mb.

Wordigo 1.0 PlayActive (a LavaMind Company) 

Wordigo is the popular board game that's now in stores across the country. It's a combination of a spelling game and a crossword puzzle. If you like word games, you'll love Wordigo. You can replay the same puzzle over and over with new words each time or pick from a variety of different puzzles to play. You can also select from three levels of. Free download of Wordigo 1.0, size 8.30 Mb.

Stratavon 1.0 Hulett Soft 

Stratavon is a fun family board game, similar to Wheel Of Fortune.Where 2 to 6 (Human or computer) players solve word puzzles, earning money along the way. If you like playing Wheel Of Fortune, then you will almostcertainly like playing the game stratavon. The play is similar to Wheel Of Fortune,but in stratavon you have much more control over your. Free download of Stratavon 1.0, size 3.27 Mb.

FlyingDrops 1.0 FlyingBird Software 

Flying Drops is an awesome logic board game. Place figures on a board in order to configure a specified shape in the same color and burst them from the board.
* Amazing graphics
* Relaxing music
* Two game modes
* More than 100 different figures
Try to find the only combination that leads to success!. Free download of FlyingDrops 1.0, size 54.02 Kb.

UFO Mahjongg Tiles 1 Mahjongg Tiles 

Blast off with UFO Mahjongg Tiles board game! UFO Mahjongg Tiles strategy game is fun to play and easy to learn. Just click on matching pairs of mahjongg tiles to eliminate them from the board. Once all the tiles have been eliminated, you win this online mahjongg puzzle game. UFO Mahjongg tiles is free to download and play online. Every time you. Freeware download of UFO Mahjongg Tiles 1, size 2.75 Mb.

Mahjongg Arrow 1.0 Mahjongg 

Our Mahjongg Arrow is aimed straight at your heart and is sure to make you fall in love with this one of a kind board game.

Get those ma jongg tiles outta there by clicking them in matching pairs. Use the hints if you are having trouble finding any of the matches, but don't misstep, because you may choose the wrong mah jongg path and. Freeware download of Mahjongg Arrow 1.0, size 2.57 Mb.

Free Mahjongg Blade 1.0 Free Mahjongg 

Free Mahjongg Blade tile matching board game is fun, free, and easy to play. In this free mahjongg puzzle game, your goal is to eliminate all the mahjongg tiles by matching them in pairs. Free Mahjongg Blade is very difficult, so every move counts. Eliminate all mahjongg tiles on top, first, starting with those that cover more than 2 or more other. Freeware download of Free Mahjongg Blade 1.0, size 2.98 Mb.

Smart Mahjongg 1.44 Christian Morawietz 

Smart Mahjongg is the adaptation of a popular old Chinese board game especially for Pocket PCs. Other names are Mah Jong, Taipei, Taipeh or Shanghai. The objective of the Solitaire version for single player, which is implemented in Smart Mahjongg, is to remove all 144 tiles from the board. Features: different tile sets and layouts, autoplay, undo,. Freeware download of Smart Mahjongg 1.44, size 1.14 Mb.

PocketLines 0.1 RifcoMobile 

Pocket Lines is a Pocket PC remake of the famous Color Lines puzzle board game.

The game field is a square 10I10, where balls in different colors appears frequently. The goal is to clean maximum numbers of lines of arranged balls of same color (five or more). The player can move every ball, if there is a path (linked set of vertical. Freeware download of PocketLines 0.1, size 106.50 Kb.

xLoa for PALM 9.0 Setup Group 

Lines of Action is a two-player abstract strategy board game.
The object of the game is to turn your pieces into one connected unit. The connections within the group may be either orthogonal or diagonal.
xLoa supports database of game, has full color graphics and more.... Free download of xLoa for PALM 9.0, size 53.25 Kb.

4 In 1 Row (Treo 600, Zire, Tungsten) 1.0 VilleMobile 

4 In 1 Row, also known as Connect Four, is well-know classic board game. The rules for the game are simple, while the game very fascinating. In the game, you compete with AI technique at three difficulty levels. At the expert level, the game is rather challenging.. Free download of 4 In 1 Row (Treo 600, Zire, Tungsten) 1.0, size 59.39 Kb.

The Game of Life - SpongeBob 5.0 viViacom International Inc. 

Join SpongeBob and friends in the 3D spongified version of the classic LIFE board game!
Enjoy hilarious micro-games as you find your dream job, collect your paychecks, buy your dream home, and more!

Game Features

* Let the wheel of LIFE decide your destiny!
* Play as SpongeBob, Patrick, Sandy, or Squidward!

Blobs Peg Solitaire 2.052 NetCent Communications 

Blobs Peg Solitaire is a computer based version of a the classic Peg Solitaire board game that dates back to the late 1600's and the court of Louis XIV.

Similar in concept to Chinese Checkers, the objective of the game is to jump pieces over each other - in this case, Blobs - to relocate them to an open space. The Blob that you. Freeware download of Blobs Peg Solitaire 2.052, size 2.00 Mb.

Tick5 1.0 xmartin yao 

Tick5 is a board game known as gomoku, omok, piskvorky or wuziqi. Tick5 has a built-in AI and also allows users to build their own AI with script language Lua. Tick5 runs cross-platform and has both GUI and textual version.
It is a fun and entertaining game that will offer you great moments of fun.. Freeware download of Tick5 1.0, size 1.15 Mb.

NumZum 1.0 Soleau Software, Inc. 

NUMZUM is a pure strategy logic board game where the objective is to remove game pieces with values ranging from 15 to -9.

You can only select a game piece that is in the high-lighted row or column.

Careful planning and strategy is required to have the most points at the end of the game.

There are 4. Free download of NumZum 1.0, size 1.92 Mb.

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