Paypal Cheater

LeoGuard 1.0 LeoKrut 

Anti piracy solution in VC++ and PHP codes with IPN via PayPal. Protection features include antidebuging time limitations, hiding password from end user and third parties processing payments , ability to modify algorithms at will. Trial users access is registered at MySQL database. Main features of the solution: Registration of legitimately sold. Free download of LeoGuard 1.0, size 335.54 Kb.


Bay Accountant 1.0.2 Direct Logic Systems 

Do you know how much Ebay fees are cutting into the profits of the items you sell? There are numerous fees on Ebay and Paypal that it is often difficult to determine if you are making a profit at all!Bay Accountant enables you to calculate exactly how much money you are paying to Ebay and Paypal with every item you sell. Knowing this information. Free download of Bay Accountant 1.0.2, size 1.61 Mb.

Advertise With Pleasure, AWP v PRO 4.0 GuruPerl 

Accepts deposits from advertisers using Paypal,, or Advertiser accounts. Advertiser can upload banners and manage ad campaigns. Payment forms. Advertiser payment status monitoring system. It can notify the advertiser when ad campaigns are about to expire. Available payment methods are CPC (cost per click),. Free download of Advertise With Pleasure, AWP v PRO 4.0, size 989.18 Kb.

ArtMoney 7.34 System SoftLab 

ArtMoney is a cheating program you can use for all games. ArtMoney can make a troublesome game easier to win by helping you find the memory address where a desired quantity (like amount of money) is located so you can change that quantity. In spite of its title, ArtMoney actually allows you to change any quantity specified in a game, whether it be. Freeware download of ArtMoney 7.34, size 1.48 Mb.

PayBook Chrysobery Geffrotin 

PayPal, e-commerce, Free, send money home, payment gateway, merchant, Trader, payment, pay online, free money online, free money, money, merchant account, API, auction escrow service, payment solutions, billing solution, Investor, send money, money transfer, send money, overseas money transfer, Online Trading. Freeware download of PayBook Chrysobery , size 20.00 Mb.

PHP Express Checkout Wizard 1.0 Stratabase 

PHP Express Checkout allows you to use PayPal's Express Checkout functionality in your PHP script or application with minimal configuration. Manage orders and distribution. Accept orders in minutes with our simple, web-based installer and configuration wizard. Customizable templates for direct integration with your web site. Use PayPal Express. Free download of PHP Express Checkout Wizard 1.0, size 4.59 Mb.

Sell videos online via Paypal Button Creator 1.2 Sell Downloads 

Sell videos online via paypal button creator provides buy now buttons to let you sell videos on your website. Sell downloads online via paypal button creator is a free PHP script for Sell videos online and the button for increase traffic and online sales can put on your website. Sell videos online via paypal button creator is 100 percent free.. Freeware download of Sell videos online via Paypal Button Creator 1.2, size 32.77 Kb.

Mars Pro 3.0.0 Marsoft, LLC. 

Mars Pro is an intuitive software that supports PayPal Payment Pro/Virtual Terminal and magnetic card readers. Use Mars Pro with your PayPal account and convert it to a real Point Of Sale. Complete help and 24/7 support. Works with PayPal Payment Pro/Virtual Terminal . ID Check helps you to swipe customer's ID (or DL) and add it to your database.. Free download of Mars Pro 3.0.0, size 630.78 Kb.

Reasonable Anti-phishing Software 2. 1. 2000 Reasonable Anti-phishing Software 

Unlike typical anti-phishing software using phishing report mechanism, Reasonable Anti-phishing proactively detect possible fake web sites to protect your bank account, credit card information and online account like PayPal, eBay, Citibank and HSBC. Reasonable Anti-phishing also detects fraud web site in emails and web pages. Features: * Visual. Freeware download of Reasonable Anti-phishing Software 2. 1. 2000, size 952.32 Kb.

Jmillion 1. 1. 2002 Jaslabs, inc. 

This script allows you to sell advertising space by selling pixels. Advertisers order and buy pixels in blocks of 100 (10?10). Payment is made through PayPal, 2Checkout, etc. Advertisers upload their own pixels and manage all by themselves. Admin can manage advertiser’s accounts. A great idea for selling advertising space! Check out the. Free download of Jmillion 1. 1. 2002, size 421.89 Kb.

Paypal Member Script 4 2 Paypal Member Script 

PaypalMemberScript (homepage is the most easy and FREE membership software. It helps you create your own membership website in 15 minutes or less and membership fees are deposited in your PayPal account as soon as a new member joins your membership website. Some of the salient features of this free membership software (Paypal Member Script) are as. Freeware download of Paypal Member Script 4 2, size 35.84 Kb.

Exclusive Photo Template - PayPal and Cart - XML Deeplinking 1 Flash Components 

Photo Template's Main Features * Deeplinking * Shopping Cart * Paypal payment * The template is resizable , everything will resize based on the screen resolution, adjusting the size of each piece of the template based on the resolution without distortion. Resize the browser after the template is loaded in order to understand better this feature *. Free download of Exclusive Photo Template - PayPal and Cart - XML Deeplinking 1, size 102.40 Kb.

Wall Photography Template PayPal Shopping Cart 1 Flash Components 

This XML Flash Template is the 2nd version of Wall Photography Template and it comes with an advanced feature of selling photography at multiple resolutions using a PayPal shopping cart. Also this template can be used for presenting and selling other products than photos. This is the ultimate solution for creating, editing and launching your. Free download of Wall Photography Template PayPal Shopping Cart 1, size 102.40 Kb.

Exclusive Photo Template PayPal and Cart XML 1 FlashComponents 

This is an ActionScript 3.0 XML Exclusive Photography Flash Template with Shopping Cart and PayPal support, it can be used as a presentation website or photography website, depending on your target. No Flash knowledge required for setting up this template. Everything can be set from a main .xml file and also each gallery has its own .xml file. Free download of Exclusive Photo Template PayPal and Cart XML 1, size 102.40 Kb.

PayPal Forms 1 FlashComponents 

Includes both ActionScript 3.0 and 2.0 versions. The product and price information for the form is stored in a simple XML file. The package includes a vector PayPal logo in Adobe Illustrator (AI) and Encapsulated PostScript (EPS) formats. It also includes a PSD image of the flare used for the button and a PDF manual with illustrations. The source. Free download of PayPal Forms 1, size 5.12 Mb.

Dosware Payment Gateway ( 2.80 

Dopays is the better software solution to start your own PayPal, StormPay, SolarPay or e-gold type of online business. The Dopays software is a system where members can buy virtual credits to spend at in the different members' sites.. Freeware download of Dosware Payment Gateway ( 2.80, size 371.59 Kb.


PHP / MySQL Integration with PayPal - Displays a Product Database and Links to PayPal. Freeware download of PHPAYPAL 1.0, size 101.70 Kb.

Plimus module for oscommerce 1.0 

The plimus payment module for the famous osCommerce script lets you integarte plimus payment gateway into your existant store and start accepting credit card and paypal. email for update. Freeware download of Plimus module for oscommerce 1.0, size 35.72 Kb.

Sell Downloads Online Button Creator 1.2 Ecommerce Website Development 

Sell downloads online via paypal button creator provides buy now buttons to let you sell downloads and goods on your website. Sell downloads online via paypal button creator is a free PHP script for Sell downloads online and the button for increase traffic and online sales can put on your website. Sell downloads online via paypal button creator is. Freeware download of Sell Downloads Online Button Creator 1.2, size 32.77 Kb.

My simple photo gallery 1.0 Paypalphotoshop 

Very simple image gallery with PayPal shopping cart intergration creates folders and uploads your files, creates thumbnails ,displays with neat java script effects

My simple photo gallery 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL); IBM Public License. Freeware download of My simple photo gallery 1.0, size 0 b.

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