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Quoovie - The Original Movie Quiz 1.03 Codivo GmbH 

For a limited time only: Download Quoovie for free during the holiday season and challenge your friends with the two new categories X-Mas and Western.

The Multiplayer Quiz App for Movie Lovers!

So you think you know your movies? Quoovie is a multiplayer trivia quiz for movie lovers - challenge your friends and see who. Freeware download of Quoovie - The Original Movie Quiz 1.03, size 18.77 Mb.


Rabbit+ Free 1.0 Pet-Tonic 

Rabbit+ Free
If youre looking for a great way to care for your pet rabbit, or thinking in getting one, this app will help you.
Divided in two main section the information side will give you articles, videos, facts, forum access. On the games side you will find, slide puzzles, wallpapers, a Quiz with random questions, memory match games. Freeware download of Rabbit+ Free 1.0, size 26.95 Mb.

Dog Care Tips Moon Softwares 

Dog care tips are the ones that all canine lovers should be aware of. Dog known for the attributes like loyalty and faithfulness is almost every man's first choice for pet. Pet dogs should be treated with great care and affection just like any other individual in your family. Unlike other pets, dogs can perform an additional function by taking up. Freeware download of Dog Care Tips, size 1.05 Mb.

DoggieDex Caffinc 

DoggieDex is a dictionary of common dog breeds with small descriptions about individual breeds and their peculiarities and specialties.
It is useful for pet owners and dog lovers alike, and can act as a guide for potential pet owners. You can search for dogs by their breed, size, exercise level, type and country of origin.
The upcoming. Freeware download of DoggieDex, size 2.10 Mb.

English Video Theater Linchpin Technologies Pvt Ltd 

A regularly updated catalogue for the English movies, videos and songs lovers! Watch High Definition English videos, movies and songs on your Windows Phone through 3G or Wi-Fi!!!

Top classic English movies are on your smart phone now. Watch any time anywhere free of cost with FULL HD. Turn your windows mobile Phone into a mobile box. Freeware download of English Video Theater, size 3.15 Mb.

Filmwave Neuralnet, LLC 

Be your own movie critic with Filmwave, the next-generation free Windows Phone app that is garnering hundreds of daily downloads from movie lovers across the globe.

Designed to showcase current and upcoming movies, Filmwave delivers a detailed rundown of showtimes and nearby theater locations, in-depth synopses, film trailers, current. Freeware download of Filmwave, size 3.15 Mb.

Movie Reminder Valentin Tyrode 

Movie Reminder is the perfect companion for movie lovers.
The app will help you remember the movies you want to see by keeping a watch list of movies coming out, movies that will come out or already released movies.
Movie Reminder alerts you when a movie goes out. Do not miss a movie you want to see!

##### 1.1.1 #####
-. Freeware download of Movie Reminder, size 4.19 Mb.

TnT Movie Guide Signature Coding Ltd. 

TnT Movie Guide provides movie and theater information services to movie lovers in Trinidad and Tobago.

Features Include:

• Track and post ratings for now showing movies locally (T&T).
• Real-time theater location tracking.
• Bing™ a movie for more info from the web.
•. Freeware download of TnT Movie Guide, size 2.10 Mb.

Movies Extractor Scout 2.2 ByteScout 

Handy utility that allow you to view flash (SWF, FLV, EXE, Shockwave Director)movies, video movies (WMV, MPG) and games extracted from Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Opera browsers. Can save and store favorite flash movies, extract images and text. Features: extract and save cached movies ; capture flash movie frames into JPG, PNG, PDF; can. Free download of Movies Extractor Scout 2.2, size 2.41 Mb.

Anonymous Forum Buddy 2.7 

Anonymous Forum Buddy toolbar masks the IP address by routing your traffic through foreign anonymous proxies. This way you can surf, read mail, news, participate in newsgroups without revealing your real IP address. More, Anonymous Forum Buddy has posting possibilities, meaning that you will be able to interact with web pages, post messages on. Free download of Anonymous Forum Buddy 2.7, size 444.42 Kb.

Smart Pet Health Professional 1.1 Programming Sunrise Ltd. 

Smart Pet Health Professional keeps as much information about your animals as you wish. You can create an extensive pet profile, including a picture of the animal and owner information. You can record adoption information, to give potential adopters insights into each pet's likes and temperaments. You can record a complete medical history of each. Free download of Smart Pet Health Professional 1.1, size 5.03 Mb.

Pet Sitter 2.5 Binary House Software 

Pet Sitter is an easy-to-use powerful tool, perfect for those who run pet-sitting or dog-walking business and for those who simply want to take care of their animal companions properly. A comprehensive solution, the program allows creating the database of pets and events planned. It is absolutely essential for pet sitters and dog walkers, as it. Free download of Pet Sitter 2.5, size 15.59 Mb.

Pet Sitting 3.0 Software 

If you pet-sit one pet or 4 at once, this software is for you. Now you can keep track of all past pet sitting jobs. You cantell what family hires you the most, or the least to watch their pets.Keep track of telephone numbers, addresses and muchmore info for each family you pet sit for. You can search by times, dates, addresses, names and much more.. Free download of Pet Sitting 3.0, size 1.15 Mb.

Pet Show Craze 1.0 Alawar Entertainment 

A pet is an animal to be enjoyed and loved. So imagine Masha's surprise when a greedy industrialist starts snapping up all the land in Petsville in order to build a factory that produces plastic animals. Without a moment's hesitation, she makes a beeline for the town to show how pet care can rake in more money than selling fake cats and dogs.To. Free download of Pet Show Craze 1.0, size 38.60 Mb.

Pet Set 1.0 Boo Boo Games 

Enjoy a cute and fascinating pet-filled game. Discover hidden items that fall down from trees. Travel through eight different worlds, featuring 40 different levels. Trap the pets into bubbles and fly them away. Fight against the evil viruses that will try to spread the menace all over the board.. Free download of Pet Set 1.0, size 16.87 Mb.

Forum Fortunes 3.0 

Forum Fortunes software saves you time, generates targeted traffic to your websites builds your credibility, and will make you money!Forum Fortunes software speeds up the task of message posting and replies to an unlimited number of forums while managing multiple conversation threads. Automatically track all replies and organize them as you can. Free download of Forum Fortunes 3.0, size 2.89 Mb.

PGrabber Pictures & Movies 6.3.0 HofmannSoft 

PICgrabber is a powerful yet simple to use program that will search and download pictures, movies and mp3's from the internet - fully automatically!Google, yahoo search includet...Looking for Movie Trailers, funny Movie Clips, Wallpaper, great 3D Images, Pictures or cool Backgrounds? PICgrabber will find them on the internet for you...Free!Don't. Free download of PGrabber Pictures & Movies 6.3.0, size 2.85 Mb.

Blaxton Pet Organizer 2.6 Blaxton Computing 

Blaxton Pet Organizer is designed to keep all your pet related information and tasks in one place. Tasks such as booster vaccinations, worming / flea treatments, etc.Files can be linked and / or attached to any record as required; these could include scanned images of certificates, vaccinations, etc.A welcome screen and calendar gives the user an. Free download of Blaxton Pet Organizer 2.6, size 8.56 Mb.

Pet Groomer 1.5 Binary House Software 

Pet Groomer is a modern and extremely easy-in-use software tool for schedule management in companies or for individual use. It offers a number of features for organizing efficient and handy working schedule for groomers, vets, mobile groomers, pet supply shops and pet grooming salons. A comprehensive solution, the program allows creating the. Free download of Pet Groomer 1.5, size 13.46 Mb.

Pet Sitting Service 4.0 Binary House Software 

Booking system and online availability calendar for your website. Pet Sitting Service is an easy-to-use powerful tool, perfect for those who run pet-sitting or dog-walking business and for those who simply want to take care of their animal companions properly. It is absolutely essential for pet sitters and dog walkers, as it provides them with a. Free download of Pet Sitting Service 4.0, size 87.63 Kb.