Peta Asia Tenggara

FlexDB Engine 1.0 Flexdbengine 

FlexDB is a flexible database engine for peta-scale data processing

Scale to thousands of nodes, Efficient parallel query optimizer, MapReduce job execution within queries, Easy writting of data mining/analysis jobs on top of FlexDB engine , High availability and fault tolerance , SQL query language -- easy to learn. Freeware download of FlexDB Engine 1.0, size 0 b.


Clean Asia! 1.0 Cactus Software 

The eyes of mankind has decided to leave their hosts and take over the earth. Their first move was to escape to the moon, where they developed their hostile weapon technology. Ten years later they return and forcefully take over some prominent countries in Asia. Thailand and New Korea has both succumb to the hostile threat, while China insists on. Freeware download of Clean Asia! 1.0, size 5.90 Mb.

Artillery Chess v3.01 Etiumsoft 

Artillery Chess is an interesting thinking game. It is derived from an old but popular game in the Asia. Although it appears fairly basic at first, you will rapidly find yourself immersed in the strategic thought process of trying to eliminate your enemy. Artillery Chess will challenge your intelligence. Your objective is to defeat your rival by. Free download of Artillery Chess v3.01, size 1.47 Mb.

World Geography Tutor 1.2.4 AHA! Software Inc. 

As modern communications technology shrinks the world year by year, the nightly news brings the names of once-exotic places into our lives - places like Azerbaijan, Djibouti, Turkmenistan and Sierra Leone. Unfortunately, years of schooling have left many of us with only a hazy knowledge of the nations of the world.Enter World Geography Tutor. Now. Free download of World Geography Tutor 1.2.4, size 1.98 Mb.

Mancala 3000 1.8 AGCrump Software 

Mancala is one of the oldest two-player strategy games in the world. It has been played throughout Asia and Africa for over 7, 000 years. Download the free shareware version today and play against a computer opponent.. Free download of Mancala 3000 1.8, size 1.15 Mb.

CoolMessenger 2008 Jiransoft Co.,Ltd. 

Best-known as No.1 business messenger in Korea and other countries in Asia, CoolMessenger 2008 is now set to serve the world with even better technology that guarantees security and efficiency at workplace. With distinctive functions, such as Organization Chart which can give you easy-overview in terms of managing employees, and remote control that. Free download of CoolMessenger 2008, size 1.78 Mb.

History Of Horse Racing 1.0 Horse Betting Tactics 

Learn about the history of horse betting and horse racing from its beginnings in the time when the first horses were domesticated around 4500 BC by tribes located in Central Asia in this eBook. You will also learn about the introduction of horse racing to the countries of Britain and the United States of America.

All of the sections in. Freeware download of History Of Horse Racing 1.0, size 1.85 Mb.

LAS TerraRover Rambler LogicAll Solutions, LLC 

Have a GPS and a laptop? Use this to find your way. Make patterns or a trail to share with others. When the application starts, you may pick your area of operations - be it North America, South America, Europe and Asia, or Australia. Your quadrant is determined by where you are in relation to the Equator and the Prime Meridian. Tracking of your. Freeware download of LAS TerraRover Rambler, size 4.78 Mb.

Oswald V. 1.0 CIRAD-CA 

Oswald V.1.0 project aims to develop and sustain a long-term cooperation between Europe and least developed countries of South East Asia for bringing IT&C to rural sector.It has an easy-to-use graphic interface (an identikit system) on which the identification software will be available in local languages (Lao and Khmer).. Freeware download of Oswald V. 1.0, size 13.27 Mb.

Bandwidth Usage Monitor 1.0 Gaurav Dhup 

Bandwidth Usage Monitor is the latest offering, which keeps track of your broadband data usage.


- Simple Interface
- Calculates usage upto Peta Bytes i.e 1 PB = 1,000,000,000,000,000 bytes (more than you will ever need)
- Monthly/Yearly Reports
- Small Display Bar, which can be turned on to. Free download of Bandwidth Usage Monitor 1.0, size 24.12 Mb.

WSSS Singapore FSX 1.0 Imagine Simulation 

Singapore Changi Airport (IATA: SIN, ICAO: WSSS), Changi International Airport, or simply Changi Airport, is the main airport in Singapore. A major aviation hub in Southeast Asia, it is about 17 km (10.7 m) north-east from the commercial centre in Changi, on a 13 sq km (5 sq m) site. The airport, operated by the Changi Airport Group, is the home. Free download of WSSS Singapore FSX 1.0, size 109.28 Mb.

Rovedin News Network App 1.0 Rovedin 

Rovedin news network is a portal for news networks to get their news out and drive traffic.
Rovedin News Network brings you the news headlines around the world in one click. It let you choose from any news headline which is updated every 30 minutes.
You can publish your own news items or articles by creating an account or login. It is. Freeware download of Rovedin News Network App 1.0, size 46.84 Mb.

Get Software to Sort Files 3.16 Sorter Co., Ltd. 

Sort Files - Get Software to Sort Files, Sort Photos, Sort Misic, Sort Videos. How to Get software to sort files, sort music files, sort audio files, organize MP3 music, sort videos and docs? How to sort files on my camera? How to sort videos on camcorder? How do I sort pictures in my photo collection? What to I need to get files sorted? All file. Free download of Get Software to Sort Files 3.16, size 15.14 Mb.

How to Sort Files 8.21 Sorter Co., Ltd. 

How to Sort Files? Best way to Sort Files - Download file Sorter. Automatic file sorter can sort files, sort music, sort pictures, sort videos, sort documents and sort files of Other types. How to sort files? How to sort music? How to sort photos? How to sort MP3 music? How to sort videos? How can I sort documents? All can be sorted with the file. Free download of How to Sort Files 8.21, size 20.10 Mb.

Woody Woodpecker screensaver 2 4 

Woodpeckers gained their name because of their habit of pecking noisily on tree trunks with their beaks. They just love it and could make it again and again and again. If a woodpecker is not pecking obviously he is slepping. Woody Woodpecker screensaver brings you colorful photos of Black-rumped Flameback (Dinopium benghalense) also known as the. Freeware download of Woody Woodpecker screensaver 2 4, size 2.50 Mb.

Lions Free Screensaver 1.0.2 SAVERS4FREE.COM 

Lion, "king of the jungle" or "king of the beasts", is well-known exotic animal. The lion has been an icon for humanity for thousands of years, appearing in cultures across Europe, Asia, and Africa. Lions have enjoyed a positive depiction in culture as strong but noble. Also, lion has been a popular symbol of royalty and. Freeware download of Lions Free Screensaver 1.0.2, size 4.55 Mb.

GM Lu Sheng Yen at Lake Sammanish 2.0 

Master Lu Sheng Yen is a prominent religious figure throughout Southeast Asia. As of 1995, over 4 million people have taken refuge in his True Buddha School. With over 300 chapters worldwide, the True Buddha School is recognized as a major component in Buddhism today.. Freeware download of GM Lu Sheng Yen at Lake Sammanish 2.0, size 2.35 Mb.

Goat Screen saver 1.0 

Goat Free Screensaver. Photos slideshow. Goat screensaver. This free screensaver contains many pictures of Goat. The domestic goat is a domesticated subspecies of the wild goat of southwest Asia and Eastern Europe. The goat is a member of the Bovidae family and is closely related to the sheep, both being in the goat antelope subfamily Caprinae.. Freeware download of Goat Screen saver 1.0, size 4.74 Mb.

Portable Antivirus 1 6 Nur Mohammad Kamil 

Portable Antivirus 1.6 is another upgraded new version from the previous one 1.5. A small, fast and advanced scanning engine making this antivirus the most people choice from around Asia.
The new version have many features such as repairing registry with advanced features, heuristics technologies, real-time scanning, can be updated from. Freeware download of Portable Antivirus 1 6, size 1.47 Mb.

Flickering World Map 1 FlashComponents 

Stylish vector world map with flickering dots. It could be used for corporate websites, presentations. Continents: North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia. FEATURES: * 100% scalable vector; * One movieclip contains all graphic elements and actionscript. Simply drag and drop; * Included 7 worldmap presets (as seen in the. Free download of Flickering World Map 1, size 102.40 Kb.