Phan Mem Nghe Len Dtdd

ETS Learn Vocabulary By Pictures 1 6 Epangsoft 

ETS Learn Vocabulary By Pictures is a program to learn new words with the help of images. The student must identify, which of the four images displayed matches to the provided word. The program will ask for animals, appliances, body parts, clothing apparels, colors, garden items, music instruments, numbers, school items, sport items, tools,. Freeware download of ETS Learn Vocabulary By Pictures 1 6, size 0 b.


MEM Calculator 0.1.41 Pavel Smirnov 

MEM Calculator is a small, easy to use calculator. It's available arithmetic, algebraic, trigonometrical and geometrical formulas and calculations.. Freeware download of MEM Calculator 0.1.41, size 335.87 Kb.

Mem Reduct 2.0 Henry++ 

Mem Reduct is a small application that allows you to monitor and clean your computers' memory. Exempt system cache, modified, and idle memory pages. As a result of the program, the memory usage is reduced by ~ 25%. Features: - Displays information about memory usage - Displays information about memory in the system tray in real time - Comparing. Freeware download of Mem Reduct 2.0, size 0 b.

MEM Net 081204 

MEM Net - Mote EMulator Network.This project will focus on:1) MEM - Wireless Sensor Node (mote) emulator 2) MEM Net - network of emulated motesSo far, the only released package is visual-sim-slides.More comming next !. Freeware download of MEM Net 081204, size 44.24 Mb.

Mem-Multilingual support for Aleph/LaTeX 20060220 

Mem provides an experimental environment for multilingual and multiscript typesetting with LaTeX in the Aleph typesetting system. With Mem you should be able to typeset Unicode documents mixing several languages and several scripts.. Freeware download of Mem-Multilingual support for Aleph/LaTeX 20060220, size 547.60 Kb.

SimpleTable a in mem db 1.0 Simpletabledb 

A in mem DB implemented in java with a main class called "Table" that supports (left,right,full)joins,union,sort,groupby and behaves like a set.

Currently only primarykey contstraint is supported. This will change if there is intrest in the projcet.

SimpleTable a in mem db 1.0 License - BSD License. Freeware download of SimpleTable a in mem db 1.0, size 0 b.

Ivan Valle's Tien Len (Thirteen) 1.0 Ivanstienlen 

Tien Len (Thirteen) is a card game where the goal is to get rid of your cards by creating ladders of cards against your opponents. Written in C# for Microsoft's .NET Framework version 4.

Ivan Valle's Tien Len (Thirteen) 1.0 License - GNU General Public License version 3.0 (GPLv3). Freeware download of Ivan Valle's Tien Len (Thirteen) 1.0, size 1.03 Mb.

Mem Reduct Portable 2.3 Henry++ 

Mem Reduct is an intuitive application that can help users cut down the memory usage on their computer without making it unstable. The program for the liberation of memory pages the system. Exempt system cache, modified, and idle memory pages. As a result of the program, the memory usage is reduced by ~ 25%. For the full program requires. Free download of Mem Reduct Portable 2.3, size 0 b.

AP Text Patch Mem 1.0 Homegrown Sounds 

This module briefly changes a text patch mems value to work around the startup text_patch_mem bug. To Use simply connect GUI pin to the SE Text Patch Mem Gui Text Pin, then use the DSP out on this module instead of the Patch mems. This ensures that the correct path will always be output at both startup and patch changes even when it is the same. Free download of AP Text Patch Mem 1.0, size 20.97 Kb.

Class based linux Kernel Resource Mgmt 2617.rc3 

A framework for allocation of system resources (such as CPU, mem, I/O and network) based on user defined classification of work within the system.. Freeware download of Class based linux Kernel Resource Mgmt 2617.rc3, size 19.36 Kb.

NOC-TicKer 1.0 

A system to diplay the status of the critical parameters of Network equipment status like CPU load, MEM Utilizatoin,FW Hits and many more using SNMP. Information will be displayed like the stock ticker application. Freeware download of NOC-TicKer 1.0, size 850.93 Kb.

SmART's tray utilities 2007.02.17 

This is a small C-library to create an maintain the tray icons in your own programs and a set of tiny lightning-fast trayicon utilities to show the cpu-load, mem-load, xkb-layout & mixer-volumes.. Freeware download of SmART's tray utilities 2007.02.17, size 126.75 Kb.

Viet Card 1.0 Vietcard 

Viet Card (VC) is (will be) a fully-configurable Tien Len playing card game written using the Anaxor Game Framework.

Viet Card 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of Viet Card 1.0, size 0 b.


The websites are to be hosted separately in the WML/HTML formats to suite mobile/PC users, with the former having optimized to have small mem foot print. The goal of this project is to formulate a gateway to convert the HTML to WML pages on the fly.

WAP <=> HTTP REVERSE CONVERSION GATEWAY 1.0 License - GNU General Public License. Freeware download of WAP <=> HTTP REVERSE CONVERSION GATEWAY 1.0, size 0 b.

Dracis Tien Len Client 6.0 Dracis 

Dracis is a free online card/board game community. The general goal is to provide an environment in which you can play card games with your friends or people from all over the world. Hopefully, the number of games added over time will grow steadily, including also less well-known and less popular games than those you find online today.

Mem Viewer Gene6 

An analysis utility that shows the amount of real memory free or used. It places an icon in the taskbar tray and gives a small bar that display your memory usage.You can put the bar at the horizontal or at the vertical and you can stick it onthe screen border.There are already 7 skins and you can also make your owns to make your mem viewer looks. Freeware download of Mem Viewer, size 0 b.

4-in-a-row AfterStep applet 4.2.10 

This is an implementation of the 4-in-a-row game. You can play vs a human player (via net yet:), or against an AI player. In the few moments in which you don't play you can load one of its cool plugin;) (clock, cpu/mem/swap monitor, mailchk etc.). Freeware download of 4-in-a-row AfterStep applet 4.2.10, size 100.63 Kb.

Alliciga's Process Partner Project 1.0.1 

It is a Process Monitoring Toolkit with the ability of Extend.E.g. You can use it to monitor a specified process.And set a triger like (over 50MB mem use) then do something like (report to DB).. Freeware download of Alliciga's Process Partner Project 1.0.1, size 61.45 Kb.

RTF to HTML Lite Converter 1.0 

RTF2HTML is a name for a cross-platform C++ library (DLL, OCX) and command-line utility, which is intended to convert documents from Rich Text Format (e.g. Word, OO Writer) to HTML. Its features are tiny size, speed, low mem usage and compact output.. Freeware download of RTF to HTML Lite Converter 1.0, size 17.02 Kb.

vtienlen 1.0 

This is a Vietnamese popular card game. It is called "tien len".. Freeware download of vtienlen 1.0, size 1.70 Mb.